Where to Get Fresh-Baked Cookies in Philly (Best Cookies Near Me)

We can probably all agree that Philadelphia has one of the country’s most interesting restaurant scenes. You’ll never tire of eating in this city, with its diverse cuisines, atmospheres, and experiences. This article answers your questions, what are the best cookies near me?

Best Cookies Near Me

List of the Best Cookies in Philadelphia

So, we’ve compiled a list of my favorite cookie shops in town so you can satisfy your cravings. This list includes everything from delivery cookie shops to old-school Italian bakeries.

Continue reading to learn more about each location!

1. Insomia Cookies

When you have a cookie craving in the middle of the night, there is no better place to go than this one. They deliver it home at midnight or later.

Choose from a variety of cookie boxes containing varying amounts and types. Try the blueberry cobbler cookies, bananas foster, double chocolate mint, or order cookie dough to bake later!

This amazing place recently opened its top-secret CookieLab in East Passyunk. On a secret menu, the lab offers never-before-tasted cookies. However, in order to gain access, you must first follow them on Instagram.

2. The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company

The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company, in Reading Terminal Market, makes some of the best cookies in Philadelphia. This cookie shop specializes in chewy, homemade varieties.

People enjoy the food, service, and location of this restaurant. The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company sells 22 different cookie flavors in quantities ranging from 12 to 50.

Toffee pecan cookies, Ruby Chocolate Cherry, mint chocolate chip cookies, or white chocolate cranberry cookies are our favorites. Don’t forget to get a cup of coffee!

3. The Bakeshop on Twentieth

The Bakeshop on Twentieth is a fan favorite in Philadelphia, with a 4.7-star rating on Google.

In addition to savory baked goods, this cozy bakery serves croissants, cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats.

The cookies at The Bakeshop on Twentieth are soft and chewy, with a variety of flavors.

4. Sweet Box Bakeshop

It’s no surprise that Sweet Box Bakeshop has some amazing cookies as a bakery. This small bakery sells them, and even cupcakes, brownies, and other baked goods.

Sweet Box Bakeshop offers a variety of delectable desserts, but the cookies are the star of the show. There is also edible cookie dough available.

Dark chocolate sea salt cookies, funfetti sugar, birthday cake cookie dough, and campfire cookie dough are all delicious!

5. Termini Bros Bakery

Termini Bros Bakery is a great place to try something different from the typical American bakery. This neighborhood Italian bakery serves cannolis, cakes, cookies, and other treats.

With a history dating back to 1921, you can bet the baked goods are delicious. Termini Bros Bakery has a variety of them on the menu, as well as different sizing options.

6. Isgro Pastries

Isgro Pastries is another excellent Italian bakery in town. This neighborhood bakery offers cannolis, cakes, custards, tarts, and other treats.

With a history dating back to 1904 and many awards, it’s clear that this is a must-try spot. Isgro Pastries has a huge selection of cookies, most of which are $19.95 per pound.

Pasticcini, raspberry-filled butter, chocolate-dipped apricot fingers, almond dreams, rocky road, or ricotta are our favorites!

7. Flying Monkey Bakery

Whoopie pies, brownies, cookies, and extravagant cakes with a pie baked inside can be found here. This shop is within Reading Terminal Market.

Flying Monkey Bakery offers ten different cookie flavors. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options.

Snickerdoodle cookies, ginger molasses, monster cookies, or banana coconut chocolate chips are our favorites!

8. Varallo Brothers Bakery

Varallo Brothers Bakery is the place to go if you like your pastries traditional. For baking Italian pastries, this local bakery takes an old-school approach.

There’s so much to enjoy with cannolis, cookies, bread, and more. Varallo Brothers Bakery specializes in traditional Italian cookies. Try the fig-filled, biscotti, taralli, or three traditional Italian dishes. 

They also have a cookie assortment box in four different sizes!

9. Whipped Bakeshop

This locally owned and operated bakery is up next on our cookie list. Gourmet cupcakes, cookies, and cakes are available at Whipped Bakeshop.

They also accept custom orders, so you can have something made for your next special occasion.

This restaurant is distinct from those at the other locations. Someone individually decorated each cookie with unique designs, patterns, and symbols. Choose from the classic options or create your own!

10. The Sweet Life Bakeshop

Despite its small size, The Sweet Life Bakeshop produces delicious baked goods. Cups of pudding, cakes, pies, cookies, and cupcakes are among the items available. With a 4.7-star rating on Google, it’s clear that people like it.

The Sweet Life Bakeshop has so many delicious desserts to try that you may have to try them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chocolate Chip (40%)
  • Peanut Butter (26%)
  • Sugar Cookies (25%)
  • Gingerbread (21%)
  • Snickerdoodles (20%)
  • Oatmeal Raisin (20%)
  • Shortbread (20%)


A new survey shows that 82% of people say they enjoy baking their own cookies. And also, 35% say the classic chocolate chip cookie is their favorite.

The top cookie to emerge from the trials was America’s classic, chocolate chip, which won 78% of its matchups. 

Americans gave the lowest win records to anise cookies, which only won 29% of its matchups.

The chocolate chip cookie is the United States’ most popular cookie with 53% of Americans naming it their favorite. 

Pizzelles are the oldest known cookie and originated in the mid-section of Italy. 

The first commercial cookie in the U.S. was the Animal Cracker, introduced in 1902.

If there’s one thing Philadelphia is known for, it’s its delicious cookies. So, the next time you crave a warm, gooey cookie, you’ll know not only where to go, but also what to order.

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