Where to Get Spectacular Thai Cuisine in Columbus

If you’ve ever asked, “What’s the best Thai lunch special near me” check out the city of Columbus, Ohio. This city is without a doubt a well-liked destination for travel and exploration. This town is the hub of the state’s gastronomic sector. Read through to get information on this topic.

thai lunch special near me

Best Thai Restaurants in Columbus

There is a restaurant for anything you’re in the mood for, whether you prefer traditional Thai food or Thai food with a creative twist.

You can choose the right restaurant for every occasion because I’ve listed both more upscale and casual eateries. To find out more about each eatery, keep reading!

1. Chi Thai Restaurant

Chi Thai Restaurant is the perfect location to go if you’re searching for a relaxed setting to eat some delicious food. There is a lot to appreciate at this restaurant, which serves pan-Asian cuisine, including Chinese and Thai delicacies.

You can also have a few beers and watch the game thanks to a full bar and lots of TVs.They fill the menu of Chi Thai Restaurant with delicious dishes, they may make many of which are gluten-free.

 The mala lamb, spicy pot of gold, drunken noodles, Chi Thai combo, and crispy gourmet duck comes highly recommended. Don’t forget to consume a few beverages as well!

2. Nida’s Thai on High

Another excellent place to dine in Columbus is Nida’s Thai on High, which is housed in a charming brick structure. You’ll find everything you’re seeking here, including sushi and Thai food with Japanese and Vietnamese influences.

Nida’s Thai on High has all of your favorite foods on its menu. Try the heart attack roll, sriracha fried rice, pad see ew, and phong karee. For dessert, don’t miss the mango and sticky rice!

3. Bangkok Grocery & Restaurant

Bangkok Grocery & Restaurant is a Google user favorite with over 900 ratings. This restaurant combines Chinese and Thai food, making it the ideal venue to expand your palate and experience new tastes.

At Bangkok Grocery & Restaurant, there are so many delicious meals to try. Try the pho, moo goo gai pan, pad ka nar, and pad kua hung. Be sure to follow it up with some boba, Thai tea, or Thai coffee!

4, Bamboo Thai Kitchen

Bamboo Thai Kitchen is a place you surely won’t want to miss, although it may be simple to overlook buried away in a strip mall. Try the Thai and Vietnamese food at this nearby eatery to believe it.

You won’t want to leave thanks to the friendly ambiance and bamboo-themed design.Many traditional meals may be found on the menu at Bamboo Thai Kitchen. 

We suggest the massaman curry, general tso chicken, bangkok noodles, and nam prik poa. Check out the vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives!

5. Erawan Thai

Erawan Thai serves wonderful food and offers a lively dining environment with distinctive and unusual decor. You can be sure that every dish will be flavorful and authentic because it serves some of the best Thai food in Columbus.

If you’re having trouble choosing something from Erawan Thai’s menu, try the kow piek sen, mee grob lad nar, pla chu chee, or ocean pineapple fried rice. To finish your meal, order some Thai coffee or boba.

6. Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant

Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant is unquestionably a place you must visit with a 4.6 star rating. Everyone will adore this place, which serves traditional Thai and Chinese food. You’ll travel the world in a dining area with an exotic Asian motif.

Bring the entire family since the food at Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant has something for everyone. Try the strawberry chicken, wor barr, the joyful family, or the mood phad prig khing. Don’t forget to order dessert to complete your meal!

7. Jasmine’s Thai & Sushi

Even though it is less well known, Jasmine’s Thai & Sushi is a formidable rival for Thai cuisine. You have a lot of options at this neighborhood eatery because it provides both sushi rolls and traditional Thai dishes.

It has a relaxed atmosphere and is appropriate for any situation.At Jasmine’s Thai & Sushi, you’ll discover everything you’ve been yearning for on the menu. 

We suggest the salmon lover roll, yum talay, peanut curry, and paradise rolls. Drink some cocktails while you dine, of course!

8. Thai Grille

Since everything at Thai Grille is made to order, you can only expect the best. Sample the tofu satay, ginger chicken, pad thai, and shrimp curry.

To relieve your thirst, don’t miss the fresh fruit smoothie or Thai iced tea!

9. Thai Paradise

Since everything at Thai Grille is made to order, you can only expect the best. Sample the tofu satay, ginger chicken, pad thai, and shrimp curry. To relieve your thirst, don’t miss the fresh fruit smoothie or Thai iced tea!

Thai Paradise has a selection of Chinese and Korean meals in addition to Thai food. Try the island chicken, dak bokkeum, drunken noodles, or curry fried rice. Get a cocktail or some Thai tea right now!

10. Jiu Thai Asian Cafe

Jiu Thai Asian Cafe completes our list of Thai eateries in Columbus. This neighborhood cafe offers plenty of bubble teas in addition to Thai food. You’ll feel perfectly at home here thanks to the comfortable surroundings and laid-back ambiance.

Although anything on the menu at Jiu Thai Asian Cafe is a good choice, if you’re having trouble deciding, we suggest the biang biang noodles, liang pi, ox tail noodle soup, or lamb dumplings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Lunch usually includes quick dishes like noodle soups, fried noodles, rice dishes and curries. 

Rice is the anchor of almost every Thai meal. Everything from stir-fried vegetables to grilled pork, curries, and soups is meant to be eaten with either steamed rice or sticky rice

Traditional Thai cuisine loosely falls into four categories: tom (boiled dishes), yam (spicy salads), tam (pounded foods), and gaeng (curries). 

Traditional Thai cuisine is quite healthy and largely based on vegetables, lean proteins, and fresh herbs and spices.

Although sour, sweet, salty and spicy are by far the most common taste elements in Thai cuisine, it wouldn’t be complete without including bitterness.

It Has a Wide Range of Flavors

Thai food is undoubtedly healthier than Chinese, as it contains ingredients that have health benefits

Thai food is perfectly okay to eat every day, without risking your health, it all depends on the choices we make.

Tom Yum Soup

Are you starting to feel peckish? After reading about all of those eateries, I can say with certainty that I am. If anything is certain, it’s that Columbus is among the best cities to eat and drink Thai food.

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