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Are you in Washington and need Free Legal Advice? Are you struggling with a legal issue and desperate in need of free or low-cost legal services? You could get Washington free legal advice to make it easier for you to get help with your issues.

Washington Free Legal Advice

The nation’s capital and the center of all things legislative, Washington is crawling with lawyers and legal services. Also, they are some organizations that offer legal services to income-eligible clients in Washington for free or for a low fee.

However, some full-service organizations will take your case and represent you from start to finish. Some will refer you to a pro-bono attorney who will take on your case.

Others offer clinics and information to help you solve your legal problem on your own. Whatever your legal needs, this guide can point you in the right direction.

Organization That Offer Low Cost Washington Legal Services

The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

The Legal Aid Society of D.C. was founded in 1932 to help low-income people have access to the legal services they need. The organization takes cases in four practice areas: family law, housing, public benefits, and consumer issues.

It also handles appeals in some cases. Intake interviews are conducted at the main office, listed below, and at several other locations


Ayuda provides legal, social, and language services to low-income immigrants in the D.C. area. Even more, they offer legal services in several areas, including domestic violence issues, family law, immigration law, and anti-trafficking issues.

D.C.’s Children’s Law Center

The Children’s Law Center provides advocacy and lawyer referrals for children, parents, and caregivers who are facing legal issues that affect children.

Examples include adoption and foster care issues, education and disability law issues, custody disputes, public benefits applications, and more.

Bread for the City Legal Aid

Bread for the City is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing social services to D.C.’s low-income and homeless residents.

However, through the organization’s many legal clinics, volunteer and staff attorneys assist low-income clients with landlord/tenant disputes, getting social security and other public benefits, family law matters, including domestic violence, and more.

Family Court Self-Help Center

The Family Court Self-Help Center provides free general legal information to unrepresented people dealing with family law issues, including divorce, custody, visitation, and child support.

Legal Counsel for the Elderly (LCE)

LCE provides legal advocacy for D.C. residents who are age 60 and older in most civil law areas, including housing law, public benefits, health care law, and consumer law. LCE does not offer criminal law help. Also, they have a Legal Hotline: (202) 434-2170.

Neighborhood Legal Services Program (NLSP)

NLSP assists low-income D.C. residents with legal problems in a variety of civil (non-criminal) practice areas, including family law, housing law, consumer law, public benefits, employment law, wills, and more.

D.C. Bar Association Programs and Services

The D.C. Bar Association offers several programs that help residents of D.C. with their legal issues. They include educational clinics, advice and referral clinics and resource centers:

  • Immigration Legal Advice Clinic
  • Free Child Custody Clinic
  • Free Divorce Clinic
  • Landlord Tenant Resource Center


Alternative Washington Legal Aid Options

Alternative Washington Legal Aid Options

Northwest Justice Project

The Northwest Justice Project helps people who qualify. If you need Washington free legal advice, you could get help through this program.

They have a variety of programs and options that might make it easy for you to get legal counsel. They also have options that could help you save money on legal services.

The program has help for civil legal help. They also work with the Race Equity and Justice Initiative for people who qualify.

Washington’s Legal Aid Program

Washington’s legal aid program might be able to help you obtain an attorney at no cost or for a low cost. The legal aid program helps people find the options they need to get an attorney even if they can’t afford one.

The legal aid division helps with civil issues. However, you’ll need to get help for criminal issues through the public defender office in your county.

Legal Assistance through Law Schools

You might sometimes be able to get legal assistance through law schools in Washington. While most people in the law schools cannot represent you, they might be able to provide Washington’s free legal advice.

Many law schools also provide a list of resources that can help you obtain free counsel. Remember, too, that many lawyers who are just out of school and just passed the bar might charge lower fees for their services!

Washington Law Help

Washington Law Help has free legal advice you can use for a variety of civil issues! The website has advice you can take right from the site, in addition, to helping find legal counsel for the issues you’re dealing with!

County with Legal Aid Assistance

King County

If you’re in King County and you need Washington free legal advice, you could get it through the county’s bar association.

Even more, the program could help you find an attorney that charges based on your income or one that offers pro bono services. Many attorneys in King County have a waitlist or are simply unable to help based on the type of case you have.

Pierce County

Residents of Pierce County might be able to get help with Washington free legal advice, an attorney who offers their services for a lower price, or free attorney work.

You will need to meet the guidelines some attorneys have in place. While the bar association offers a lawyer referral service, they are unable to provide legal advice. You will need an attorney to give you that advice.

Mason County

Residents of Mason County could get Washington free legal advice. If you’re in the county and you are low-income or you’re unable to pay for an attorney, you could get help through the bar association.

Also, the program has requirements you’ll need to meet and you must find an attorney who works on your type of case. The bar association might be able to help you find an attorney who works with civil matters.

Snohomish County

Need Washington free legal advice in Snohomish County? You might be able to get it through the bar association! While the association does not directly provide advice to clients, they could help you find an attorney who can help you with your legal needs.

If you’re able to meet the qualifications, you could also get help with civil legal matters, attorney advice, and even pro bono lawyer services depending on your needs.

Clark County

The Clark County Referral Service might be able to help you find a low-cost or a pro bono attorney. You will need to meet the requirements including being low or moderate-income to get help through this program.

Furthermore, residents of Clark County can apply for assistance through the Clark County bar association. Not all attorneys will be able to help in all situations.

Spokane County

The Spokane County bar association might be able to help you connect with an attorney who could help you with your case.

Depending on your needs and on what you need the attorney for, you could get Washington free legal advice, assistance paying for your attorney, or even an attorney who offers their services for free.

Some attorneys might have a sliding scale they use depending on your income while others might have set rates for people who are low-income.

Thurston County

If you’re in Thurston County and you’re struggling to get help with a civil legal matter, you might get it through the bar association. They have an attorney referral service even though they cannot give Washington free legal advice.

The attorneys might be able to help you with advice, they might represent you or they could even refer you to another attorney who could help you with pro bono work.



1. Can the Attorney General’s Office give me personal legal advice or represent me in court?

The primary role of the Attorney General’s Office is to provide legal representation to the State of Washington, its agencies, and state officials acting in their official capacities.

The office is not authorized to advise or represent private citizens on personal legal matters. If you need help with a personal legal matter such as filing a lawsuit, creating a will or defending against a criminal charge-you may want to contact a private attorney.

2. Can I obtain an Attorney General’s Opinion on a legal matter?

The Attorney General’s Office provides formal written opinions about constitutional or legal questions when requested by statewide elected officials, members of the Legislature, appointed heads of state agencies, and county prosecuting attorneys.

3. Where can I file a complaint against an attorney?

Grievances against lawyers who are licensed to practice law in Washington should be filed with the Washington State Bar Association.

4. Where can I file a complaint against a judge?

The state Commission on Judicial Conduct considers complaints against judges and court commissioners in Washington.

You might be able to get Washington legal advice if you live in the state. Even more when you’re facing different legal issues, help from a lawyer can be really expensive. With this ways.

You can get free legal help or lower the amount you have to pay for an attorney. 


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