Islamic Friday Messages for Jumma Mubarak (+ Prayers and Wishes)

Islamic Friday messages are quite popular among Muslims, and whether you have Muslim friends or are religious, these messages will go a long way toward making them feel appreciated and making their day memorable.

Islamic Friday Messages for Jumma Mubarak (+Prayers and Wishes)

Every Friday is considered Jumma, a holy day for all Muslims worldwide. On this day, Muslims devote themselves to prayer, charitable giving, memorizing the Quran, and hearing Hadiths.

It is critical to greet fellow Muslims with greetings such as Islamic Friday messages and wishes, as well as sincere duas and blessings because this auspicious day holds great significance for the devoted. Such actions can also be expressed on social media. 

Jummah Wishes for Your Loved Ones

If you need some ideas, look at the examples of Jumma Mubarak’s words, greetings, and messages below!

  • Jumma Mubarak to you! May Allah bless you with infinite happiness.
  • Jumma Mubarak! May Allah shower every Muslim with his unconditional blessings.
  • Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah keep you safe, healthy, hopeful, and happy through your prayers!
  • A blessed Jumma to you. May today’s prayers be answered in full!
  • May Allah bestow his unfailing blessings on every Muslim. Jeez, salutations!
  • I hope you have a nice and enjoyable Jummah. May this special day bring you happiness and fill your life with Allah’s blessings!
  • Happy Ramadan! A happy and blessed Jumma to you and your family.
  • For today is a holy day, may Allah show you kindness! Jeez, salutations!
  • All I want is that each Jummah prayer strengthens your trust in Allah and provides you all peace, pleasure, and forgiveness. Mubarak, Jumma.

How do You Wish Someone a Happy Friday in Islam?

There is no better way to start a Friday as a Muslim than by sending Jumaah Mubarak prayers and wishes to your partners, friends, family, colleagues, and Muslim Ummah.

  • Oh, Allah forgives us all our sins, great and small, the first and the last, those that appear and those that are hidden. Make us among the pious ones and grant us pleasure in this world and hereafter, Jummah Barakah.
  • To Allah belong the unseen (secrets) of the heavens and the earth and to Him goeth back every affair (for decision): then worship Him, and put thy trust in Him: and thy Lord is not unmindful of aught that ye do. Jummah Mubarak.
  • Oh, Allah! Control our Hearts while going astray, divert our thoughts from planning evils against others, assist us to defeat Satan, enrich us with iman, Health & Wealth, make us active in all aspects of Ibaadat (worship), and make our entire life beneficial to Islam & humanity. Ameen. Jumma’at Mufeedah.
  • May Almighty Allah grant you peace, stability, prosperity, goodness, love, kindness, and peace of mind. Juma’at Mufeedah.
  • May Almighty Allah bless you, with whatever you know is the best for you. Watch over your family and keep them safe forever. Amin. Juma’at Mubarakah.
  • Allah’s divine helps a person break all barriers and achieve that height that earlier seemed impossible to overcome. He will see you through. Juma’at Kareem.
  • May Al-Rahman ease your affairs, and may Al-Raheem soften your burden today and beyond. Juma’at Kareem.
  • May Almighty Allah bless you, protect you, guide you, guard you, be with you, stand for you, comfort you, fight for you, and may He never forsake you. Juma’at Mufeed.
  • Only the privileged souls are able to witness today. Ours is not by our power but by the grace of Almighty ALLAH (SWT). Alhamdulillah, Jummah Kareem.

Islamic Friday Messages

  • Isn’t it amazing that we hand over all our worries to Him and in return, Allah gives us blessings! So just keep praying and keep me in your prayers too.
  • When you do the Jumma prayer, the Noor of Jumma shines in your life and your Imaan gets stronger. May Allah acknowledge your Jumma petitions!
  • Again the day of Rahmat- Jumma is here. May Allah bestow His blessings and mercy upon you and your family!
  • Along with the countless blessings and the basket of the mercy of Allah Jumma is again here. May Allah keep our Imaan strong in our hearts and grant us Forgiveness!
  • Making Dua for others without knowing them is one of the exceptional beauties of Islam and in return, the angels would recommend Allah for you. Keep praying.
  • Be happy while helping others, as Allah helps the person through you. May Allah give all of us the ability to help others! Jumma Mubarak.
  • On this auspicious day of Jumma, There is nothing much more precious than Dua to give someone. May Allah acknowledge all your dua in the Jumma petition!
  • Jumma is a valuable day that contains more sawab and brings uncountable blessings. May Allah allow us to do more worship of Him on this precious day!
  • May Allah keep us away from the wrong things that will take us away from Him and let us follow the good things that will take us closer to Him! Jumma Mubarak.

Islamic Friday Quotes and Messages

  • It is to place our trust in Him only. It is to endure illness and calamity with patience, fortitude, and submission; knowing that they are trials for us. Jummah Mubarak!
  • Allah (SWT) is the sole owner of life and death. He is the One who gives life, and who is going to take it when the time comes. Our Lord is going to revive us after we die. He is going to question us for our actions. He is going to give everyone what they exactly deserve. Our task is to stay true to our faith to the very last breath.
  • It is to make our life blessed with righteous deeds. It is to be ready for death and the day of judgment at all times. Jumma Mubarak!
  • Happiness, Prayers, Respect, and Love, All of those come on Fridays, I request you to remember me in your Prayers.
  • Allah the Exalted enjoins: “O you who believe! Fear Allah. And let every soul look to what it has put forth for tomorrow.” Jummah Mubarak!
  • Thank you, Allah, for this blessed Friday.
  • O You who believe! when the call is proclaimed for Jummah (Friday Prayer), come fast to the remembrance of Allah. – Quran 62:9
  • O Allah I call You to witness and You are sufficient a witness and I call to witness all your angels. The inhabitants of your heavens. The bearers of Your throne. That I bear witness that you are Allah: There is no god but You. You Alone.


Send lovely Islamic Friday SMS, wishes, quotes, and greetings to friends, family, and loved ones. On the auspicious day of Friday, which is held in high regard by Muslims.

With the best Islamic Friday messages, status, and quotations in your social circle, you may convey your heartfelt wishes and prayers to your friends, family, and acquaintances.

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