How do I Check Voicemail Messages?

Voicemail messages are an important part of your communication. So it’s totally okay to ask questions like “How do I check Voicemail Messages?”. Keep reading to find ways on how to check your messages so you don’t miss any relevant information.

How do I Check Voicemail Messages?

Your voicemails are as important as your calls. This is because sometimes you might not be available to pick up some of the calls and it is totally okay for the caller to leave a message.

So it is essential to go through your voicemail messages every now and then to ensure that you have not missed valuable information.

Note that, You can check your voicemails anywhere and anytime, It doesn’t have to be your phone, you can check your messages from another phone if you so wish.

In fact, learning how to check your voicemails from another phone is helpful, as there are times, your phone might not be with you.

How to Check your Voicemail from Another Phone

The process of checking your voicemail messages from another phone is very easy. All you’ll need is the ‘another’ phone, your phone number, a voicemail pin, and a few instructions.

Here’s how:

1. Choose the phone you want to use, then dial your phone number on it. Well, you need to be sure you call the number in full (area code + phone number) and ensure nobody picks up your phone when it rings through.

2. Wait for some seconds to hear the pre-recorded voicemail message/greeting to start playing, then tap the # or * key on the phone’s dial pad.

  • The prompt key depends on your carrier. If the star key (*) didn’t work, try the pound key (#

3. Now, you’ll hear another instruction to input your voicemail pin. Input the pin to verify your voicemail box.

  • Your voicemail PIN is important for security measures. You will not be able to access your voicemail box without it.
  • If you have lost your PIN or never created one before, you can contact your service provider for help.

4. Finally, you’ll hear another instruction on how to listen to your voicemail. Follow the instructions to get the real deal.

How to Check your Voicemail Remotely

This is quite similar to checking it on another phone. The only difference you can access them yourself with the visual voicemail app.

The visual voicemail app helps you read your messages as texts.

Unlike the first method, this app comes with extra features, the idea of carrying your voicemail box anywhere with you remotely is already a plus.

Some of them can even transcript your voice messages to text, let you access them in an organized manner, and even let you do extra stuff like downloading the audio file or sending it to your email.

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