7 Fashion Trends for Women to Try in 2023

With the first leg of the Big Four fashion weeks concluding a few weeks ago, most of this year’s biggest trends are already making the rounds. Whether you want to overhaul your wardrobe or refresh your style, learning about these trends can help you with your fashion goals. 

Fashion Trends

To assist you with this learning curve, here are seven fashion trends for women to try in 2023.

Large Hems

If you thought the era of bell bottoms was over, you need to think again. The classic pants are back but sporting a slightly different look.

The classic pants are back but feature larger hems around your feet. Style them with sneakers or high heels.

If you are looking for fashion blog post ideas, you can easily do a write-up on these large hems and their popularity. 

Clinched Blazers

Combining the sought-after tops and oversized blazers from previous seasons, clinched blazers in 2023 give you a distinct look.

Most popular in neutral colors, they can also be worn with tops ranging from a racerback bra to a cashmere turtleneck.

This makes them a highly versatile and chic accessory for multiple seasons. 

Tailored Clothes

The blazer has also spread through 2023 runways and style columns. Tailored clothes can be a way to establish authority in the workplace, but you can also wear them to formal events in bold colors.

Put a crystal brooch on these tailored outfits and exude a grandeur style. 

Shimmering Outfits

Fashion Trends

Glittering sequins have been big this award season, but they are not limited to glamorous dresses alone. You can find these shimmering clothes in various pieces, from sequin tops to skirts.

This allows you to pair them with other fabrics, such as silk, leather, and cotton, according to your comfort.

For instance, you can look for cute tops for women that you can pair with your sequin pants and finish the outfit with an oversized jacket. 

Metallic Tops

Shining outfits are big in 2023, which is one of the reasons why metallic tops are a hit this year. Inspired by the signature designs of Thierry Mugler, these tops are typically available in corsets.

But you can also get them in other styles, such as a silk blouse with metallic bra accents. You can enhance the appearance of these tops with accessories such as a choker and flaunt your figure with confidence.  

White Shoes

White footwear has been a crowd-pleaser for the past few years. Whether you look at the best activewear clothing brands or the most popular influencers, you can spot white shoes across their media in one form or another.

This year is no different. With options including but not limited to sneakers, stilettos, and espadrilles, you can get these glowing shoes to add elegance to any outfit you wear. 

The versatility of white shoes has made them a staple for many looks and styles throughout the decades.

Leather Goods

In 2023, leather jackets are set to hit just as big as leather bags in any other year. With that, accessories such as a leather cord necklace or braided bracelet can help you get in on this trend.

Depending on your comfort and style preferences, you can make leather goods part of your outfits for work and casual wear.

Invest in premium leather products that look fantastic while lasting a while for the best results. 

By learning about these trends, you can ensure to put your best foot forward with your fashion in 2023. As long as you remain confident, you can rest assured that you wear the trend instead of the trend wearing you. 

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