What Does the Hiring Process at Walmart Looks Like?

Is Walmart around your location open for employment? You should understand the hiring process at Walmart to scale through. After the interview, find out how long you have to wait for their response to your application.

Hiring Process at Walmart

As one of the biggest stores for shopping for multiple items, they will never have enough staff to attend to the multiple people that shop at their stores.

Whenever they’re opened for employment, it’s usually a long queue of applicants which will require much time to properly screen these applicants.

Hiring Process at Walmart

You’ll likely face a series of interviews and have to tackle an assessment test. The whole process, from applying to interviewing, could stretch out over about two to three weeks.

You won’t need to queue up at the Walmart store to apply, everything is done online now. The Walmart hiring process contains 4 core stages, which are;

1. Filling out the Application Form

When you apply online for a job at Walmart, you’ll spend about 15-20 minutes entering your personal info, and work history, and answering a few questions.

It seems simple, but remember, they’re already sizing you up.

2. Submitting a Resume

If you’re applying for a job in a Walmart store like cashier or sales associate, you usually won’t need a resume. But for other positions, it’s a must.

Your resume is important because it’s how Walmart gets to know you. Plus, these days, they’re all scanned.

3. Taking the Assessment

Brace yourself, because this part can be tough. After applying, you’ll be asked to take an online test.

And if you don’t pass, you have to wait for more than 3 months before applying again. There are different tests for different management roles.

4. Interview

Walmart’s recruiters have dropped hints about what they’re looking for, so you have to prepare. They want someone who can chat and bring something unique to the table.

If you make it past the assessment, you’ll chat with some big shots from Walmart.

How to Apply for a Walmart Job

Hiring Process at Walmart

For you to apply for a Walmart job, you need to answer some personal questions and be sure you can accomplish all tasks if given the position. These are some things you should know yourself:

1. Know the Role You are Applying for

You need to make sure you can perform in the office you are applying for and influence or bring a positive change to improve and meet their target.

2. Register for an Applicant Account

If you are applying online, you must create an applicant account. If you have applied for a Walmart job before, you can log in to your existing applicant account.

3. Visit a Walmart

If you’re not applying online go into a Walmart Supercenter, Neighborhood Market, or convenience store. Look around and talk to associates. For hourly roles, you do not need a resume or CV but can share your job history.

4. Do Your Research

Find out what to expect from the behavioral interviews, a style that helps the hiring team understand your thought process, and how you could potentially work on their team.

5. Dress to Impress

Dress like an employee while visiting a Walmart shop for an application or interview. This is because your employment starts by assessing your appearance, a suit is good and bring your resume, a pen, and a notebook.

Is Drug Test Part of Walmart’s Hiring Process?

You will be asked to run a drug test if you are applying for a Walmart job. Unlike any other company Walmart drug screens all their staff to make sure they are psychologically sound.

This is a method to safeguard customers and improve their customer service and experience.

To make it through the whole Walmart hiring ordeal, you’ve got to be ready and understand exactly what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate.

That means getting your resume in top shape, flowing in Walmart’s core values both on paper and in your interview responses, and passing the online assessment.

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