18 Unique and Exciting Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

In today’s job market, there are lots of cool jobs you’ve never heard of with unique names and duties. As technology and society change, new opportunities are popping up in unexpected places.

Cool Jobs You've Never Heard Of

These jobs often fly under the radar, so people might not realize they exist or that they offer good pay, low unemployment rates, travel bonuses, or other benefits.

But they’re out there, waiting for dedicated individuals to discover them, keep reading to discover some cool jobs you probably haven’t heard of yet.

Cool Jobs You’ve Never Heard of

These jobs might seem unfamiliar because they’re either new, highly specialized, or involve professionals who mostly work out of the spotlight.

Below are some of the cool jobs you’ve never heard of;

1. Bed Tester

Cool Jobs You've Never Heard Of

This is one of the cool jobs you’ve never heard of. Regardless of who you are or what you do for a living, there are times when you have days when you do nothing but work and stay in bed.

Some people have caught this urge and turned it into a career as bed testers. However, this job consists of getting on the beds to test the comfort.

Also, it may sound cozy, but it’s serious business for professional bed-fitting Natalie Thomas, who works for the Premier Inn chain of hotels in the UK.

You and your team are tasked with testing the hotel chain’s 46,000 beds. In 2011, he reportedly insured his butt for $6.3 million.

2. Cup Keeper

When the hockey season is over, some fans will have to wonder what will happen to the Stanley Cup. Does it go to the MVP of the game or the coach of the winning team for safekeeping?

In fact, it’s for Mike Bolt, a 42-year-old Toronto fan who has been protecting the trophy since 2000. This is one of the cool jobs you’ve never heard of.

While compensation for this position is a closely guarded secret, it is a highly sought-after position. “The fans want this job,” he said in an interview with New York magazine.

“You hear it from the players, and heck, Commissioner Gary Bettman even said, ‘Oh, I think you have one of the best jobs.’ The job even allowed Bolt to work with CNBC’s own Darren Rovell.

3. Waterslide Tester

Knocking down a waterslide at an amusement park is an exciting way to cool off in the summer. But to offer maximum driving pleasure, it has to function properly, that is, it has to be tested for loads and aerodynamics.

For Tommy Lynch, it also means traveling the world and sliding down the waterslides to make sure they are up to the task.

Lynch works for First Choice, a UK travel company that was involved in a $ 12.5 million rebrand in 2011. He calls his job “the best job in the world” and it’s easy to see that.

4. Gold Stacker

The United States bullion deposit, better known as Fort Knox, is not the largest gold deposit in the United States.

This award belongs to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Lower Manhattan, where trapezoidal gold bars valued at approximately $ 194 billion are stored.

Occasionally these bars need to move, and the gold stackers are the people who do.

Each 27-pound bar has to be moved manually, and the repetitive stress is so great that they work in teams so that shifts relieve each other.

5. Face Feeler

This is one of the cool jobs you’ve never heard of. Razorblade companies claim that their products offer the best possible shave.

Also, companies can verify the truth of this claim if someone uses their product, then touches someone else’s freshly shaved face and sees the silky smoothness of it.

Furthermore, the person who performs this task is known as a Face Feeler and also performs this service on people who have used a moisturizer or other skincare product.

6. Mermaid

If you enjoy being underwater more than on land and don’t mind fitting your lower body into a 35-pound sea creature costume, then a career as a mermaid might suit you.

It’s ideal for those who love swimming and can hold their breath for extended periods.

Mermaids in Motion is a Los Angeles company owned by Linden Wolbert, an underwater model, diver, and marine conservationist.

Additionally, the company rents professional mermaid services for theme parks, parties, and promotional campaigns.

7. Biological Science Tech (Bison)

People interested in working outdoors and observing animal behavior should consider a job like Biological Science Tech to monitor bison for the Home Office.

The workplace is in Yellowstone National Park, an impressive place with no job in sight, and the wage is $15 an hour. This is one of the cool jobs you’ve never heard of.

Potential applicants should be aware that the job “requires physical exertion” as they constantly roam the park. The job description also warns that “coyotes are very likely to be found, with the possibility of brown or black bears.”

8. Field Test Analyst for Recreational Equipment

Recreational Equipment Inc. sells sports and recreational equipment in over 100 retail stores in the United States and had 2011 sales of $ 1.66 billion the prior year.

Part of its success is due to in-depth knowledge of the products it sells, gained through extensive testing.

However, as of October 2011, testing was conducted by field testing analyst Adam Hockey. When he wasn’t testing the devices himself, he outsourced the research to the company’s 9,500 employees.

 But in a 2011 interview, he confessed that trying the products was his favorite benefit.

9. Oceanographer 

Cool Jobs You've Never Heard Of

Oceanographers study the oceans. Although, not surprising. However, it can include anything from programming ocean simulations on a computer to analyzing pollutants in seawater.

Even if you’re on the more academic or more industrial side of things, you’re probably moving between a laboratory and the ocean itself – getting out in a boat and wearing scuba gear is an integral part of most oceanographic jobs.

There may even be an occasional research trip, although most of the time you will be working on a much smaller ship.

Most oceanographers have a graduate degree in oceanography after undergraduate studies at MINT. Physics, computer science, mathematics, and biology are useful titles for various forms of oceanography.

10. Ethical Hacker 

This is one of the cool jobs you’ve never heard of. Ethical hackers use hacking techniques to improve website security.

Also, they attempt to hack a company’s website (with that company’s permission) and then notify the company of any security vulnerabilities.

Additionally, the company can use this information to prevent future cyber attacks. The position is also advertised as “Penetration Tester”, “Information Security Consultant” or “Network Security Specialist”.

Ethical hackers are not only an exciting and important job, but they are also in high demand and well paid – they could earn a salary of £ 60,000.

11. UX Designer 

Cool Jobs You've Never Heard Of

Have you ever been frustrated by a difficult-to-use website or poorly designed application? The job of a UX designer (short for “user experience” designer) is to make platforms, websites, and applications easier and more enjoyable.

Engineering, Computing, Design, and Media Funds are all helpful, and there are specialized master’s degrees in UX design (or something similar) available.

Experience and familiarity with the relevant software will greatly improve your employability.

12. Political Analyst

Political analysts are researchers and writers. Also, the research and analysis of political trends and systems.

Additionally, they collect and analyze data, interpret results, and produce articles and reports that predict how political trends will change over time.

This job may be ideal for you if you have a degree in politics, journalism, or the like and enjoy doing research while staying connected to the world around you.

You could win between £ 25,000 and £ 32,000. Salaries are, on average, higher if you move to the United States.

13. Fire Investigator

This is another coolest jobs you’ve ever heard of.

Firefighters fight fires; Fire investigators investigate why they started in the first place by examining the building, the pattern of fire activity, and the rest of the structures and equipment.

Fire investigators generally start out as paid or volunteer firefighters and then complete a fire investigator training program (there are several types of courses, including short courses and a master’s degree).

14. Toxicologist

Toxicologists identify and study the effects of toxic materials, chemicals, radiation, and possibly new drugs on the human body.

There are many areas that toxicologists can work in, some more laboratory-based, some more research-based, and some more industrial.

For example, NHS toxicologists diagnose poisoned people, study the effects of harmful or potentially harmful substances in the body, and suggest treatments.

They can provide advice on how to treat people who have overdosed on drugs or been exposed to lead in the water supply.

15. SFX Makeup Artist

Cool Jobs You've Never Heard Of

Special effects makeup artists focus on theater, comics, and the afterlife.

Also, they range from actors who appear older or sicker to prosthetics and models for ambitious body projects.

Most SFX makeup artists complete a relevant course in theater/media makeup and then hone their skills through volunteering and industrial work, often with less sophisticated makeup jobs (such as bridal makeup) to focus on the bills of Pay.

SFX makeup artists can charge a hefty price to work on set, but they are usually on a contract with a contract.

16. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Expert

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Experts, or EODs, work to identify, locate, and defuse/destroy bombs or other dangerous explosive devices.

This can include improvised explosive devices (IEDs), land mines, and other unexploded military bombs (such as grenades and grenades).

EODs also help ensure civilians in the area have been evacuated, using bomb disposal machines and robots to remotely deactivate devices.

The job is pressurized but powerful, important, and well-paid: deminers earn more than £ 51,000 throughout their careers.

17. Glass Blowing 

Cool Jobs You've Never Heard Of

Glassblowers design, create, and refine creations made of glass from idea to completion. You will work on everything from special art pieces to more functional pieces (mirrors, windows, lab equipment).

Glassblowers melt glass in a furnace, blow it into shape with a sheet, weld, repair, and decorate the pieces.

Stay up-to-date with the industry through lectures, research, and live demos. It is very artistic and very manual work.

There are graduate degrees, NVQs, and other relevant courses for getting started in the industry. But you can also train on the job in glassware.

18. Art Therapist

Cool Jobs You've Never Heard Of

Art Therapists aim to help patients overcome emotional, mental, and behavioral difficulties by expressing themselves through art.

Therapy aims to direct the patient’s energies towards painting, sculpture, and other forms of expression. It also helps them understand and address their inner conflicts.

To become an art therapist, you need a two-year graduate diploma in art therapy or psychotherapy recognized by (HCPC).

Ideally, your first degree should be arts-based, but those with degrees in health care, teaching, and social work may also be accepted.

NHS art therapists start at around £ 31,300 a year and experienced art therapists can earn £ 40,00050,000.

Discovering unique and fascinating jobs can open up a whole new world of possibilities. From professional cuddlers to mermaid performers, there’s a job out there for everyone.

Exploring these cool and unconventional careers not only broadens our horizons but also reminds us to keep an open mind when it comes to pursuing our passions and dreams.

So, next time you hear about a job you’ve never heard of, don’t dismiss it but embrace the opportunity to learn more about the diverse and unexpected paths people can take in their professional lives.

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