What Career Makes the Most Money?

In today’s society, where being financially stable often equates to personal success, many people seek jobs that make a lot of money.

Jobs that make a lot of Money

Job seekers are becoming more strategic, prioritizing careers that promise substantial financial rewards rather than solely following their passions or interests.

To assist in this quest, we’ve put together a list of lucrative jobs and careers, detailing what each entails and the salary you can expect.

Best Jobs That Make a Lot of Money

Below are the best jobs that can make you help you to earn a lot of money;

1. Surgeon

Average Base Salary: $180,000

For doctors, learning never stops. Doctors can work unusually long hours when they first start out. However, after they reach a certain level of experience, this employment pays well.

The Department of Labor Statistics predicts that employment for surgeons will rise. These will be at a rate of 14 percent from 2014 to 2024. Moreover, this is twice as fast as the average for all occupations.

Not only is this the highest-paying job in the world.

2. Business Executive

Average Base Salary: $104,980

A business executive might work in a variety of roles at a corporation. This includes the CEO, CFO, or COO. Because he or she understands the industry and the business,

However, someone with a formal business degree and training may move into an executive position. That will help any company function more smoothly and successfully.

Business leaders can make large annual incomes when bonuses are factored in.

3. Software Developer

Average Base Salary: $105,590

Are you a fresh graduate looking for jobs that make a lot of money? This one is for you! Or probably you’re still in high school looking for a side hustle. Then you’re not wrong to choose this one, you know why? The requirement for a Bachelor’s degree is optional.

A Software Developer creates code that controls computers and other electrical devices. Software developers can also be app developers.

In fact, an app developer who creates a popular app might make millions. This is another rapidly expanding field that will require workers in the future. If you’re looking for high-paying employment, this is a wonderful alternative.

4. Pharmacist

Average Base Salary: $126,120

A pharmacist dispenses prescription medication to customers in a hospital, medical facility, or retail store. A pharmacist must also have extensive expertise in how various pharmaceuticals function.

In fact, to lawfully deliver prescription medication, pharmacists must have formal education and license.

A doctor of pharmacy degree is required. They must also be licensed in the state where they work.

5. Accountant

Jobs that make a lot of Money

Average Base Salary: $70,500

Accountants may be required to work long hours at specific times of the year. For the highest-paying employment, you’ll need a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Also, some licensure and certification are essential.

Individuals, enterprises, and major corporations will all benefit from the services of an accountant.

Accountants must be able to review and generate financial reporting forms. This is because; it will assist consumers in adhering to accounting rules and regulations.

6. Professional Athlete

Average Base Salary: $50,650

This is one job that kids dream about having that actually also makes a lot of money. Unfortunately, it’s probably the job they have the least chance of achieving.

People need some natural talent to succeed in almost any job. However, some pro athletes rely mostly on their natural talent. You could imagine they receive millions just to play the game.

Most well-known pro athletes receive just as much money for endorsements. You can only be selected after a physical tryout, constant training, and physical workouts.

7. Computer System and IT Manager

Average Base Salary: $142,530

A computer system manager is also known as an information technology manager. He/she is in charge of all computer-related systems and operations in an organization.

Hardware purchases, installing software, administering networks, and troubleshooting is examples of this.

IT managers require a significant amount of education, including continual education. It aids stay up to date on new methodologies and tech products.

Continued study with a bachelor’s or master’s degree is definitely required.

8. Geophysicist

Average Base Salary: $77,132

The world power has just signed an executive order. This requires that by 2030, 50% of all new cars sold be electric.  Therefore, if current trends continue, an estimated 7 million electric batteries will be required.

The extraction of these minerals is designed, planned, and carried out by these scientists. We wouldn’t have electric batteries without geophysicists.

9. Instructional Designer

Average Base Salary: $77,000

Instructional designer creates course content and training curricula for employees in businesses, governments, and universities. An instructional designer frequently interacts with subject matter experts.

This is to interpret complex content and develop engaging learning experiences.

This can serve as a medium from which individuals can gain knowledge.  Also, they can acquire skills while staying within the organization’s budget, deadlines, and requirements.

10. Entertainment Professional

Jobs that make a lot of Money

Average Based Salary: $40,000

Jobs in the entertainment sector include actor, musician, TV show host, producer, and writer. This career can be incredibly profitable for the most accomplished specialists in these fields.

A job in the entertainment sector, on the other hand, is rarely stable. But it is a guaranteed job that you make a lot of money.

Breaking into the sector can also be incredibly challenging. A combination of formal education and on-the-job training is required.

11. Investment Banker

Average Based Salary: $62,222

Investment bankers’ primary responsibilities include advising individuals and businesses.

They show how and where to invest and develop their money. Buying securities such as stocks as well as merging with or acquiring another company,

Investment bankers frequently earn substantially more than their base salaries. This is through commissions.

To become an investment banker, these professionals should have a bachelor’s and, preferably, a master’s degree and strong sales and finance skills.

12. Entrepreneur

Average Based Salary: $68,904

This is one of the best jobs where you can make a lot of money. This is because formal schooling is not essential for these professions.

Entrepreneurs’ primary responsibilities consist of developing and managing business or product concepts. Their main goal is eventually selling the company’s business or product for a profit.

Entrepreneurs who build successful businesses that sell can make a lot of money. To keep the cycle going, they can reinvest their money in fresh ideas or enterprises.

13. Insurance Agent

Average Based Salary: $79,938

Insurance agents sell properties and other types of insurance to both individuals and businesses. They also handle insurance claims and create customized programs for each client.

They could be self-employed or employed by an insurance business. That is why jobs can give you the lot of money you desire. But to attract and retain clients, insurance agents should have good sales and marketing skills.

Insurance agents usually get a commission on top of their wages. So the more sales they generate, the more money they can make.

14. Engineer

Average Based Salary: $85,962

Engineers work in a range of industries, designing products and solving technological challenges.

They devote a significant amount of effort to identifying problems, and solutions, and developing good procedures. Graduate degrees may lead to increased prospects for progression and higher income.

Engineers who come up with innovative ideas and develop them can make a lot of money. They can specialize and work in a variety of industries, including petroleum, chemical, electrical, and others.

15. Real Estate Agent

Average Based Salary: $87,845

Real estate agents assist individuals and businesses in purchasing, selling, or renting houses and properties. They walk their clients through every stage of the process, from property searches to contract discussions.

These agents may be able to make a lot of money by investing in real estate themselves.  This is because they are familiar with the market. And they also have access to properties as soon as they become available.

They could accomplish so by purchasing a home and then reselling it or by owning rental units. Real estate agents are required to be licensed in the state(s) in which they intend to work.

16. Day Trader

Average Based Salary: $97,648

Day traders purchase and sell stocks for short periods. They have this zeal of profiting from each trade. These profits might build up to large returns over time.

They may work for a firm and be paid a commission for each trade their customer makes, or they could work from home on their own.

When they aren’t trading, day traders are investigating potential investments and corporate earnings, as well as attempting to predict market movements. Day traders must be well-versed in market patterns and possess analytical abilities.

17. Actuary

Average Based Salary: $108,629

Actuaries examine a company’s financial risk using arithmetic, statistics, and analytics. They frequently work with insurance firms, banks, and investors.

As well as government organizations, hospitals, and other enterprises that must avoid losing money.

Also, they analyze probability and the financial effects of taking specific risks using mathematics. Actuaries are mathematicians who have earned a master’s degree in a related discipline.

18. Director of Information Security

Average Based Salary: $151,246

Information security directors are responsible for ensuring the safety of a company’s computer systems and technology.

Implementing programs and updates, identifying security threats, developing contingency plans, and IT budgeting, personnel, and training are all their responsibilities.

This is because professional computer scientists with cyber security experience are in high demand. They may also be eligible for incentives and stock options as management employees.

19. Anesthesiologist

Average Based Salary: $323,740

Anesthesiologists administer drugs to patients to help them cope with discomfort during surgical procedures. They collaborate with doctors and patients to develop a pain management strategy.  This is before, during, and after surgery.

The patient’s vital signs and pain levels are continuously monitored. However, medication doses are adjusted as needed.

Anesthesiologists know how different painkillers interact with the body and how much to give each patient.

This is because they are in charge of a patient’s safety and comfort, as well as the outcome of a procedure.

20. R&D Manager

Average Base Salary: $142,120

Research and development managers do several duties. Moreover, this depends on the company they work for.

It can range from refining product design to forming new collaborations to supervising employees.

21. Strategy Manager

Average Base Salary: $130,000

Strategy managers make a lot of money by being in charge of a company’s strategies. To form alliances, grow, and launch new profit-generating activities.

A bachelor’s degree is necessary, with some firms requiring a master’s degree as well. This is among the jobs that make a lot of money.

22. Software Architect

Average Base Salary: $128,250

Software jobs give Software architects opportunities to design computer applications and explain technical strategies to executives.  And they make a lot of money.

 A bachelor’s degree in science is usually necessary.

23. Lawyers

Average Base Salary: $170,000

The primary tasks of lawyers are to provide legal advice to individuals, businesses, and governments. However, they represent their clients in court and other legal proceedings.

Lawyers are well-versed in the rules and regulations and know how to prepare legal documents.

They can specialize in a variety of areas. These include criminal, family, corporate, personal injury, employment, immigration, and contracts.

Lawyers are in high demand and work a large number of hours each week.

To become a lawyer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and a law degree, as well as passing your state’s bar test.

24. Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer

Average Base Salary: $127,500

Engineers who work as integrated circuit designers aid in the development and design of electrical circuits. In addition, they resolve technical hardware problems. As a result of this, they earn a lot of money.

The majority of them have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in electrical engineering.

25. Solutions Architect

Average Base Salary: $120,000

Solutions architects can lead or assist in the design of products and projects. Moreover, they can be heavily involved in the technical aspects of their development.

To generate money, you only need a bachelor’s degree in computer systems or information systems.

Also, they need a master’s degree in engineering or marketing. Therefore, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

26. Engagement Manager

Average Base Salary: $120,000

Client relationships are the responsibility of engagement managers. Marketing and project management abilities are required for this position.

Technological or computer abilities can be beneficial. You can also make a lot of money if you’re clever.

27. Applications Development Manager

Average Base Salary: $120,000

These managers are in charge of overseeing and improving internal software and systems. A bachelor’s degree is required, as well as several years of experience in the profession.

Then you can start making your money! However, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

28. Systems Architect

Average Base Salary: $116,920

To make money, these architects create and maintain a company’s databases, software, and system coding. It is necessary to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

With this career, it must be in the field of engineering, computer science, or a related discipline. Besides that, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

29. Finance Manager

Average Base Salary: $115,000

Finance managers‘ responsibilities include “producing financial reports, directing investment operations, and developing strategies and plans for their organization’s long-term financial goals.”

To make money, they normally have five or more years of expertise in finance, accounting, or a similar subject, as well as a bachelor’s degree. Similarly, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

30. Data Scientist

Average Base Salary: $115,000

Scientists who work in the fields of computing and data research solve difficult problems.   Consequently, from 2014 to 2024, employment in this field is expected to expand by 11%.

Yeah, you can’t doubt the fact that the job is one of the jobs that make a lot of money. This is a speedier way for you to generate a lot of money than the ordinary method.

31. Risk Manager

Average Base Salary: $115,000

Insurance, liability, and legal compliance are all issues that risk managers deal with. In fact, depending on the business, the job’s purpose and education requirements differ significantly.

Therefore, once you’re set-up, you’ll be able to make a lot of money.

32. Creative Director

Average Base Salary: $115,000

Creative directors are in charge of branding and design for a company’s new marketing activities.

In the same way, they make a fortune out of it. The job requirements vary, but previous leadership experience is advantageous. Also, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

33. Data Architect

Average Base Salary: $113,000

A company’s information and technology road maps are created by data architects.

Technical abilities and/or a B.S. in computer science or information systems are usually required for this role.  However, work is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

34. Tax Manager

Average Base Salary: $110,000

Individuals and organizations use tax managers to prepare federal and state income tax returns.

It might be hilarious that this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money. Yes, it is! However, to make money, you’ll need an undergraduate or graduate degree in accounting.

35. Product Manager

Average Base Salary: $107,000

These managers play an important role in a company’s product development team. Furthermore, they ensure that new products are produced on time.

This job has over 7,000 available vacancies according to research. So, it is one of the jobs that make a lot of money in 2022.

36. Design Manager

Average Base Salary: $106,500

The Product development team is in charge of envisioning and implementing a company’s customer or client experience.

However, their, responsibilities differ greatly depending on the industry. Thus, it is rated as one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

37. Analytics Manager

Average Base Salary: $106,000

Statistics and data analysis skills are required for this position. Conversely, this position research shows that there are thousands of job vacancies. 

Also, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

38. Information Systems Manager

Average Base Salary: $106,000

This role, while similar to that of an information technology manager, is broader in terms of responsibilities.

Information systems managers oversee information and how it is organized. Moreover, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

39. Chiropractor

Jobs that make a lot of Money

Average Base Salary: $154,245

A chiropractor cares for patients with health problems. It is related to the neuromusculoskeletal system, including the spine.

Moreover, they provide specialized therapy that does not include medication or surgery. But yet still, they rely on medical-based tests. This is to devise and administer the right set of therapies.

 You can’t despise the fact that this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money. This is because their requirements include a Bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

40. Clinical Psychologist

Average Base Salary: $79,000

Clinical psychologists provide psychological evaluations and assessments, consultation, therapy, and follow-up. In addition, they cannot prescribe medication, to clinical psychologists.

Clinical psychologists can even be employed by corporations as in-house psychologists.

Their Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and certifications based on industry or specialization.

41. Construction Manager

Average Base Salary: $120,900

A construction manager oversees facility design, scheduling, and building construction. Furthermore, they ensure that the projects are completed on time.

Moreover, Construction has become more complex over the years. As a result, construction managers need to select and juggle hundreds of vendors.

At the same time, they retain the highest standards of compliance.

42. Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Average Base Salary: $208000

Obstetricians and Gynecologists bring new life into the world. And also, care for the spectrum of women’s reproductive health. This is among the jobs that make a lot of money.

Obstetrics is the surgical field that deals with childbirth. Similarly, gynecology is the field of medicine concerned with women’s health, especially their reproductive health.

One can be a gynecologist and not an obstetrician. Though, one cannot be an obstetrician without being a gynecologist.

43. Orthodontists

Average Base Salary: $208000

Orthodontists are dental specialists who concentrate on fixing irregularities in teeth and jaws. They straighten teeth and help correct problems such as overbites and underbites.

Have you ever had braces or a retainer to straighten your teeth? You can thank your orthodontist for creating a corrective treatment plan specifically for your needs! This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

44. Psychiatrist

Average Base Salary: $194,507

Psychiatrists are doctors who care for our mental health. They are the ones who put us to sleep and cut out our tumors. Also, they make quite healthy salaries. Therefore, this is among the jobs that make a lot of money.

Psychiatrists go to medical school, spend years in residency, and have the responsibility of prescribing medicine.

The psychiatrist approaches mental health as a component of physical health. Therefore gets paid a medical doctor’s salary.

45. Operations Research Analyst

Average Base Salary: $77,118

There’s a simple reason Operations Research Analysts make high salary math. To put it simply, operations research analysts use mathematics, statistics, and data to analyze business problems and create solutions.

Since it is a highly technical field, education, and skill create an automatic barrier to entry. Therefore, unemployment is low, and job projections are high.

But, the median salary is stable and satisfying. Consequently, it is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

46. Veterinarian

Average Base Salary: $75,363

A veterinarian is high on the list of jobs kids want when they grow up. Moreover, it isn’t all petting fluffy animals. Vets care for household pets. Certainly, they also care for zoo animals, farm livestock, and endangered species in captivity.

Veterinarians must earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Subsequently, it can take 4 to 6 years to be licensed in their state.

Some specializations may take even more education and certification. This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

47. Construction Manager

Average Base Salary: $74,388

Some occupations are perennial, and construction is one. Construction may go through phases, depending on the economy.

Construction managers may work their way into the job through experience, but a bachelor’s or master’s degree can provide skills and expertise that add to the experience and help earn higher salaries.

Therefore, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

48. Psychologist

Average Base Salary: $73,921

A psychologist, unlike a psychiatrist, is an academic doctor who practices psychology. Moreover, there is a fundamental distinction between a PsyD and a Ph.D. in Psychology.

 A psychologist may work in a variety of settings. However, the wage rates vary based on where and in what capacity a psychologist works.

Also, psychologists have a high median salary due to their high degree of skill and a broad range of applications. Therefore, this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

49. Business Operations Manager

Average Base Salary: $72,988

The Business Operations Manager is the focal point. However, the person is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of large and small firms.

It’s a position that good employees can work their way into through promotions. But professional competition is severe these days.

Strong managers can expect a high median compensation as well as the chance to move up the corporate ladder. That is the reason; this job is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

50. Statistician

Average Base Salary: $71,550

Anyone who has passed statistics class in college will definitely tell you this. “Anyone who can manage statistics is worth their weight in gold”.

Statisticians are in high demand in a wide range of areas. This is due to their highly specialized skills. And you can’t doubt that this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

A master’s degree will usually provide expertise and flexible skills. Likewise, they can transfer this into a variety of employment areas.

51. Database Administrator

Average Base Salary: $71,458

Database Administrators are among the elements of a company’s staff in the age of Big Data. Furthermore, they create databases for consumer, organization, and financial data

They’re also in charge of safeguarding the data and ensuring that it’s usable and accessible.

Database administrators’ relevance, as well as their high degree of specialized education, corresponds to a substantial income. This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

52. Industrial Psychologist

Average Base Salary: $71,437

Organizational management used to be a question of instinct, experience, and luck. Industrial Psychology has evolved into a workplace science, incorporating psychological insights.

Industrial psychologists need at least a master’s degree in psychology. Furthermore, a concentration in the discipline is preferred. 

Whereas, a doctorate may boost your employment prospects. This is why, it’s one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

53. Information Security Analyst

Average Base Salary: $70,522

Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats to organizations, governments, and individuals in the digital era.

However, the Hacking of financial data as well as government information is a serious security risk. Therefore, criminals will continue to exploit flaws as Big Data grows and more people live their lives online.

As a result, Information Security Analysts are among the most crucial members of any firm. And this is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

54. Financial Manager/Analysis

Average Base Salary: $70,095

A Financial Manager’s job is to oversee a company’s financial operations. These include keeping accurate records, creating reports, and ensuring that funds are in order.

A Financial Analyst, on the other hand, examines a company’s finances, such as investments, cash flow, and returns. These will help provide recommendations about past and future work.

Both occupations demand a business degree, preferably a master’s, and both have a strong median pay and potential. This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

55. Pilot

Jobs that make a lot of Money

Average Base Salary: $197,000

This is among the top jobs that make a lot of money. Pilots fly planes to all corners of the globe, carrying passengers and cargo. These might be in small charter flights, military helicopters, or commercial jets.

They keep an eye on the weather, inspect the plane for safety, and communicate with their pilots. Furthermore, the air traffic control and make sure the plane is flying smoothly.

A bachelor’s degree is required, as well as training to obtain a license and an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate.

56. Compensation and Benefit Manager

Average Base Salary: $105,000

These professionals supervise programs that provide compensation and benefits to employees in collaboration with human resources personnel.

They determine individual position wages, manage payroll, ensure their organization complies with state and federal standards, design and monitor budgets, and collaborate with vendors to develop benefit packages.

57. Natural Sciences Manager

Average Base Salary: $125000

These scientists are often known as laboratory managers. They supervise natural scientists’ research and development.

In addition, they do research, manage lab budgets, and set research goals. Also, they guarantee that researchers have the necessary training and supervise proposal development.

Normally, a bachelor’s degree in natural science is necessary, as well as employment experience. This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

58. Political Scientists

Average Base Salary: $147,000

Political scientists have a diverse range of job options. Some go into academics to educate the next generation. While others work as researchers researching political data and trends.

However, others choose this job to work with political candidates to run for office. This in the long run will give them a lot of money.

It is necessary to have a master’s degree in political science.

59. Computer and Information Research Scientist

Average Base Salary: $111,000

This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money. it is eligible for people who build new technologies to answer critical requirements in a variety of industries.

They work to solve problems, develop current technology, and run experiments. And also publish their findings in trade and academic journals.

The majority of them have a master’s degree in computer science or a related field.

60. Mathematician

Average Base Salary: $102,000

Mathematicians with a master’s degree can work in a variety of fields. Moreover, they use their knowledge to teach others about the rules and practices of the discipline. This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

This is because they work in research areas to develop new theories and concepts. And also use their knowledge to teach others about the rules and procedures of the discipline.

Others assist organizations or businesses with mathematical functions. Similarly, others assist organizations or businesses with mathematical functions.

61. Nurse Midwife

Average Base Salary: $108,000

Nurse-midwives work with expectant and new mothers to coordinate care for the mother and child before, during, and after delivery.

They communicate with other medical experts, keep track of crucial statistics, and plans, and provide support to patients and their families.

They must have a master’s degree in nursing, as well as specific midwifery experience and license. This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money

62. Economists

Average Base Salary: $119,000

Economists investigate how products, resources, and services are developed and distributed. Also, they work in research, academia, or for a specific company.

In addition, they go over existing data, perform surveys, look into patterns, and compare everything to current economic difficulties.

Clients may be presented with findings, and research may be published. The majority have a master’s degree in economics, however, few have a Ph.D. This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

63. Education Administrator

Average Base Salary: $80,000

Principals are in charge of overseeing elementary, middle, and high schools. Furthermore, they give direction to teachers and administrative employees.

They make financial decisions, communicate with the school board, and supervise disciplinary actions. Also, formulation and monitoring of curricular standards are done by them.

They are frequently master’s degree holders in educational management.  So their work is sure to be among the jobs that make a lot of money.

64. Judge/Magistrate

Jobs that make a lot of Money

Average Base Salary: $98,000

Judges listen to cases, weigh arguments and evidence offered, and follow processes. Moreover, each conclusion is based on the available facts and existing laws in a variety of court settings.

They could work on a local, state, or federal level. All judges are required to have a Juris Doctorate, and the vast majority have clerked or worked as lawyers.

This is one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

65. Optometrist

Average Base Salary: $118,000

These medical experts assist their patients in correcting vision problems. In addition, they diagnose diseases and injuries, prescribing vision-improving aids.

This includes; glasses and contacts, and developing a treatment program. Also, they give advice on basic eye health and care.

They must earn a doctorate in optometry and obtain state licensing.  To get this job that makes a lot of money.

66. Astronomer

Jobs that make a lot of Money

Average Base Salary: $120,000

Astronomers are interested in learning more about the planets, stars, and other objects in the solar system. They further concentrate on researching the universe beyond Earth.

They cooperate with other space specialists to design equipment and spacecraft. However, they also investigate planets and expand their expertise. In addition, they survey the universe through telescopes.

This job needs people with a doctorate in astronomy. And it’s one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

67. Biochemist/Biophysicist

Average Base Salary: $102,000

Scientists in these fields conduct research in labs and undertake tests to learn new results. Also, scientists supervise the work of laboratory personnel

They write articles, whether they specialize in chemistry or physics. However, some may also work in academics. For the most lucrative positions, they often need a Ph.D. in biochemistry or biophysics.

So this can be rated as one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

68. Physicists

Average Base Salary: $135,000

Physicists research how matter and energy interact. Hence, they do this to gain a better knowledge of the natural world.

They could apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to teach others. In the lab, they perform research, and in scientific organizations to evaluate data.

They are almost always physicists with a doctoral degree. That is why this is also one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

69. Physician Assistant

Average Base Salary: $106,000

Patients are examined, and diagnosed, and treatment plans are created by PAs. Moreover, this is in collaboration with doctors and other medical experts.

Physician Assistants examine tests, write prescriptions, and teach patients about treatment options and best practices. They also, keep track of the patient’s progress.

They must obtain licensure after completing a master’s level physician assistant program.  That includes direct patient care. You can’t doubt this is one of the jobs that makes a lot of money.

It’s one thing to make a list, and another to choose the best job! Sometimes, it’s hard to beat a career in healthcare when it comes to high-paying employment.

If I had any advice for you, it would be to look for a high-paying career that is a good fit for you. Some jobs are unbearably demanding. Others, on the other hand, are more likely to occur regularly.

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