Telephone Mystery Shopping Remote Jobs

Telephone mystery shopping is a great way to make some extra cash without leaving your home. More like a remote job that pays better than the traditional working pattern. Would you like to be a telephone mystery shopper, let’s tell you every bit of it.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

The nature of the job requires you to interact with the customer care service of a brand to get information on their pattern of service to actual regular customers.

You can also choose to visit a shop to get a first-hand experience of their reception to customers, and all their behind-the-scenes acts. You can shop, lodge complaints about products, or make returns to explore all odds.

You work more like a spy to help the hiring company assess the efficiency of its call center unit in areas like their understanding of their services, products, professionalism, and overall interaction with customers.

How Does Telephone Mystery Shopping Jobs Work?

Most companies that hire mystery shoppers are interested in evaluating their customer service department. You are required to sign up on a website, have a chance to take a gig and get instructions on how to do it.

You may be given a toll-free phone number that runs through the mystery shopping company and rolls forward to the client company, or you may be responsible for the long-distance call yourself.

You also have a goal like getting specific information, and maybe a “background story” or scenario to work with.

When the call is over, you’ll file a report on the call, sharing your experience and impressions. A recording of your phone call and your report may be provided to the client.

It’ll also be the basis for getting paid, so follow the instructions with the call and the write-up. Most often you won’t receive payment instantly so keep a spreadsheet to know when payments will be made.

What are the Qualifications for Mystery Shopping Jobs?

You won’t just be picked because you are good at making calls, there are criteria to be met for you to work as a mystery shopper for a client or company. These may include:

1. Having a smartphone

2. Valid Email address

3. PayPal account

4. Good Writing and communication skills

5. Academic literacy

6. You qualify if you’re at least 18, in the USA, and can work legally here.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Jobs You Can Apply

You might have found this very interesting and have all it takes to apply to work as a mystery shopper, we can help you link up with some available job vacancies within companies.

These open job positions include:

1. Beth Israel Lahey Health -Mystery Shopper – Per Diem (Part-Time)

Put an application to BILH’s Mystery Shopper staff in Boston, MA to make a judgment on the customer service acts. 

Must have a high school diploma, 1-3 years of accounting experience, and be highly proficient in Excel. Per Diem (Every Day) role with a flexible work schedule, paying per hour.

2. Harmony Senior Services

Apply for a fair job with 401k, bonuses, and a flexible schedule at Harmony as a community census growth sales and marketing director.

Requirements include a high school diploma / GED, 3 years of senior care marketing experience, and excellent communication skills. You can work on a flexible schedule.

3. Advanced Management Company

The responsibilities include leasing, revenue management, maintenance supervision, customer service, and leadership. 

You need to be good at industry managerial experience, literacy in MS Word, Excel, and Outlook, strong communication skills, and the capability to work on weekends. Check out for further details.

4. K-VA-T Food Stores Inc

At K-VA-T Food Stores, the Lead Sales Associate is responsible for providing outstanding client service, managing the associates, making transactions, and helping with the cash operations. 

Requires basic leadership, communication, retail experience, and flexibility. Being Bilingual is preferred and an added advantage.

5. Curt’s Ace Hardware

Applying for the vacant position requires you to provide excellent customer service, manage sales associates, handle transactions, troubleshoot, train new associates, and cooperate with management. 

Needs leadership, retail knowledge, flexibility, and communication. For the sake of foreign customers and investors, multilingual personnel will be preferable.

6. WaterStreet, Ltd.

Being a Lead Sales Associate, you will provide outstanding customer service that complies with the company’s standards. 

Apart from staff training, operation management, and cleanliness maintenance are also your tasks. Among the physical demands are standing for long periods and lifting things.

There are a couple of such jobs available online as well, you can always visit several other company sites or organizations that recruit mystery shoppers to register immediately.

Your pay is determined by the terms of the contract, time, and level of professionalism. You also have to understand the terms of the agreement before signing up.

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