Telephone Mystery Shopping: Work from Home as a Mystery Shopper

Telephone Mystery Shopping: Mystery shopping is a great way to make some extra cash. People love it because it gets them out of the house and try out new restaurants, shops, and experiences. But what if you don’t want to leave the house?

Telephone Mystery Shopping

How it Works

Most of the companies who want to hire someone like you (or the mystery shopping company you’d work for) are interested in an objective valuation of their customer service department. That’s where you come in!

Generally speaking, you’ll sign up at a website, have a chance to take a gig, and then get the instructions on how to perform it.

You may be given a toll-free phone number that runs through the mystery shopping company and rolls forward to the client company, or you may be responsible for the long-distance call yourself.

You’ll also have a goal of some sort (like getting some specific information), and maybe even a “background story” or scenario to work with.

When the call is over, you’ll file a report on the call, sharing your experience and impressions. A recording of your phone call and your report may be provided to the client.

It’ll also be the basis for you getting paid, so make sure you’re following all instructions with both the call and the write-up.

Once your call is done and your report is submitted, you’ll get paid! Each company’s pay timeframe and structure are different, so be sure to look into how it works when you sign up so you know what to expect.

In many cases, you won’t receive payment instantly. It’s a good idea to keep a spreadsheet so you know when payments should be arriving.



To be considered for a job with Call Center QA, you need the following:

  1. Phone
  2. Valid Email address
  3. PayPal account

If you’re at least 18, in the USA, and can work legally here, you qualify.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Jobs

You can start your search at any or all of these places:

ARC Call Performance Solutions

The pay rate for each call with ARC varies, but you’ll generally make between $3 and $12 per call you do. Payments are done through direct deposit.

When you’ve been with the company for a while, you may have the chance to become a call center evaluator, which provides more steady work. Another great thing about ARC that they hire from all over the world and bilingual speakers are especially welcome!


Confero offers both in-person and phone shops, and they update their shop list daily. You’ll be doing things like customer service inquiries and price checks over the phone.


Registering for this site is quick and easy, and you’ll be able to access both in-person and telephone shops.

Mystery Shopper Services

They specialize in all kinds of mystery shopping opportunities, and signing up to be a shopper is relatively simple.

Perception Strategies

This company deals solely with healthcare institutions. Your role as a caller is to ask questions and evaluate how the customer service representative responds.

They don’t record your calls, but they do ask for a highly detailed report. Between the call and the report, you can expect to spend about 20 minutes on a job, and you’ll get paid somewhere in the ballpark of $15 (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Reality-Based Group

RBG offers all kinds of mystery shopping opportunities, including in-person and video shops in addition to phone shops. Once you’re admitted to the program, you’ll have your pick!

Secret Shopper

This website is primarily a mystery shopping site, but it also offers phone shops.

Shoppers Critique

Another company offers all kinds of mystery shopping gigs, including calls. They also promise fast payment!


To work for this company, you’ll need to be able to make calls all over the U.S. with unlimited calling; phone-related expenses aren’t reimbursed.


While they aren’t always hiring mystery shoppers, they do hire remote workers for all kinds of work-at-home opportunities. It’s definitely worth checking this company out to see what might come up for you!

Yardi Matrix

This company works primarily seasonally, and it operates within the real estate rental industry.

You get a base hourly rate and then are paid per call that you make, with different payments for things like busy signals and answering machines. If you get a gig with Yardi Matrix, it will last about 8 weeks.

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