Are Stamps Sold at Walmart Location Stores?

Do you need to post a letter first thing Monday morning? To avoid wasting time, you need to buy a postage stamp immediately. If Walmart is the nearest store, questions like are stamps sold at Walmart will decide how successful your graveyard visit to USPS would be. Let’s find out!

Are Stamps Sold at Walmart?

We know emergencies happen and need that swift response. To further complicate issues, USPS doesn’t open on Sundays.

To quickly send a letter very early Monday morning, you need to have the letter all prepared. Where else can you buy a stamp?

Walmart is a departmental store for a wide range of items but how sure are we to get postage stamps at the Walmart Mailing Supplies unit?

Are Stamps Sold at Walmart Mailing Supplies Section?

Do you know you can find almost all household, kitchen, and office supplies at most Walmart stores?

Therefore, finding a postage stamp for letters won’t be a problem. Your only challenge would be walking the whole mall looking for it.

However, it’s easier to find one through the store section tag (Mailing Supplies) or request assistance from a customer rep.

So you see, you can still make it early enough to post your letter, and you can always visit Walmart Specialty Pharmacy if it’s on health grounds.

What Type of Stamps Does Walmart Sell?

Don’t be limited by your thoughts on the number or type of stamps you would find at Walmart.

Funny enough, you would find all types of stamps for all purposes at all Walmart stores. Simply, their Mailing Supplies section is well-equipped.

Here are a few of the popular stamps you can find in their Mailing section:

1. First-Class Mail Forever Stamps

2. Additional Ounce Stamps

3. Global Forever Stamps (for international mail)

4. Priority Mail Stamps

5. Postcard Stamps

When Does the Walmart Mailing Section Open and Close?

The Walmart Mailing section operates at the same time as the entire store itself. This is because the mailing supplies section is a departmental store in the mall.

However, most Walmart store opens at 6 am or 7 am max and close by 11 pm or 12 am max.

Within these hours you can access any of their stores for whatever you need and graveyard shoppers love to visit a few hours before closing since it’s less crowded.

Other Places I Can Buy Stamp Within Walmart

Can you buy stamps at Walmart

Walmart sells postage stamps in one of the two places, the stores or on the web.

Most Walmart Supercenters have MoneyCenters at the front of the store where you can buy cash orders, cash checks, and stamps.

Postage stamps are regularly accessible in books of 20 to 100 stamps which could cost between $0.55 and $260.99.

If the Walmart store nearest to you doesn’t have a MoneyCenter, stamps are sold at the client administration work area, situated close to the front of the store.

How To Buy Stamps at Walmart?

One of the key advantages of being a Walmart customer is the fact that you can buy stamps in bulk and at a more affordable price than stamp singles.

Nevertheless, buying stamps is straightforward:

1. Visit the front desk and tell them what you want, they will show you the available stamps with different sizes, shapes, and purposes.

2. Make a choice and pay for your payment for the order.

You can also use the Walmart App or website to order your desired postage stamp or contact a third party.

Online stores such as Amazon and more ensure that you get a convenient delivery to your doorstep if you don’t have time.

Does Walmart Give Discount?

Walmart often gives discounts on a good number of products within the year. 

You can enjoy some Stamp discounts whenever you buy or depending on the Credit card, Cash app, or program you are running with them.

Such discounts can range from general sales, clearance goods, or rollback prices, as well as promotions on some specific products or categories. 

Also, Walmart gives discounts through their loyalty programs, e.g. Walmart+ which includes privileges such as free shipping and member price. 

Nevertheless, the discounts’ availability and their conditions might differ depending upon the location or current shopping offers. 

What is Walmart’s Return Policy on Stamps?

If you buy extra stamps from Walmart, they will accept them back within 90 days if you have a receipt within that time. 

For the stamps bought online through third-party sellers, you have to understand their return policy, which is within 30 days. 

The Return policy of Walmart allows you to get a refund done in-store or by mail, while online purchases must be sent back to the seller by mail.

The modes of payment for stamp purchases at Walmart stores include gift cards and EBT cash cards.

However, for online purchases, they accept credit cards, gift vouchers, and PayPal. 

It is necessary to follow the outlined return policies by the respective sellers to achieve a hassle-free return process.

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