Long, Sweet and Funny Happy Birthday Grandma Message

Welcome to long, sweet, and funny happy birthday grandma messages. Make sure you don’t miss out on any text here.

Long, Sweet and Funny Happy Birthday Grandma Message

A grandmother is unlike anyone else, isn’t there? They have the capacity to simultaneously be loving, funny, and encouraging.

And it’s always fun to send them a joke or funny message on their birthday to let them know how much they mean to us.

Funny Happy Birthday Grandma Messages

Here is a list of long, sweet, and funny HBD Messages for our grandmothers:

1. Greetings, Grandma. Since it’s impossible for me to repay all the love you’ve shown me over the years, here is a cake instead. Similar to how your presence fills our lives, it will fill your belly.

2. As you are aware, Leslie and I are attempting to conceive, and if our children are half as wonderful as you are, we’ll be raising future Nobel Peace Prize winners.

3. I know a birthday wouldn’t be complete without cake, so I figured I’d give you the kind that won’t add extra pounds. Enjoy this beautiful image of your preferred chocolate dessert.

4. People tell me that I’m “old as dirt,” but I take that as a compliment. There wouldn’t be life if there wasn’t dirt. We feel the same way about you, too. We owe you our lives, as well as probably a visit in the near future.

5. Some people claim that I resemble you. Though intended as a compliment, they are mistaken. In 45 more years, I’LL resemble you.

6. Happy birthday to the only grandma I’d ever want and my favorite! Additionally, I looked and found no returns.

7. Love is kind and patient. That is why, even after all these years, we continue to think about you. You embody all three.

8. Your age Say you are old enough to know better but young enough to not give a damn. We hope you never stop being irreverent because we adore it. Grandma, keep putting the boot in the man.

9. I’d say I’m fortunate to have you as a grandmother, but in reality, it’s the opposite. He’s telling you that you’re the best grandma anyone could hope for, and I’m the best grandchild you’ve ever had.

10. Happy birthday to you! Eat some ice cream and birthday cake now! Unless you want me to deliver pie, of course. Grandma’s apple pie is available every day, I see.

11. I’ve always wanted to grow up and be just like you. Even though I’m an adult now, you are still much older than I am. But that just gives me new goals to aim for.

12. Grandma, Happy birthday. I’m hoping that today is the best day ever and the start of a fantastic year! Actually, let’s say ten years to ensure that you are around for a very long time to come.

13. In dog years, you don’t look a day over 100. You still look like a teenager, despite the fact that it may sound insulting. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that is true or not.

14. Grandma, you’ll always be the coolest grandma in my eyes, so don’t worry about getting older. However, aging is similar to a fine wine. You blissfully forget about the things that aren’t working for you as the things you want only get better.


15. I don’t want to get older because I know I’ll have to be like you, and I don’t want that.
Yikes! You’re proving that it’s possible to be older than dirt, which I previously believed to be impossible. Here’s hoping you continue you to for the foreseeable future!”

16. You’re such a wonderful grandmother; it’s a shame that birthdays are only celebrated once a year. Otherwise, we could have two parties! Cake twice as big and only one year older. That is the proper birthday celebration.

17. You’d undoubtedly hold the title of best grandma in the world if there were such a thing. Additionally, you win the prize for serving the best snacks in the nation. As much as we come to see you, we also come for your food! I’m glad you’re here.

18. Once you reach your adult years, you are free to choose what to do for your birthday.
Do you want to spend the day relaxing and watching subpar reality TV? Do it! Do you want to shout at kids from your front porch? Defeat yourself. Your birthday is today. You are you.

19. I’m amazed by how much you’ve accomplished in your life. You’re incredible!
Given that you’ve had a VERY long time to complete it, that’s a benefit of experience.

20. Even though you’re getting older, you still seem perfect to me. However, your body might object to that sentiment.

21. Thank you for always being there for us; we don’t say it enough. Given that you never stop doing for others, it’s probably impossible to emphasize this enough. Enjoy your birthday, and know that we adore you.

22. You’re a great-grandmother, and you’ve taught me everything I know about enjoying every moment. Please pass the spaghetti now. What? You believed we were coming to see you, right We’ll come just for your company if you stop serving the best Italian food on earth.

23. You always knew how to handle them when your kids were little and in trouble.
You can now get into trouble whenever you want because you are 80 years old. You can simply say that you were inexperienced. I’m sorry, but I’m just so old.

24. Happy birthday. I wish it was full of love, laughter, and delectable cake! And if you have to lose the first two, at least you’ll get to eat all the cake you want. In anyone’s book, that’s a good birthday! Grandma, I hope all your dreams come true.

25. We’re all aging, and our time on Earth is drawing to a close. However, we don’t want you to be concerned. We’ll send you odd text messages with emojis to keep your mind active.

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