Your Complete Guide to Walmart Cake Ordering and Bakery

The Walmart cake ordering process is not tedious as you might assume. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a graduation party, selecting the right cake is critical.

Your Complete Guide to Walmart Cake Ordering and Bakery

Fortunately, with Walmart’s custom cake options, you can design the ideal cake for your next special occasion at a fraction of the cost of traditional grocery stores.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a graduation party, selecting the right cake is critical.

In this article, we’ll look at how to order a cake from Walmart, whether Walmart accepts custom orders, and the ins and outs of Walmart’s custom cake options.

Walmart Cake Ordering

Walmart Cake Ordering

Walmart has a large selection of pre-made and custom cakes at reasonable prices for birthday parties, baby showers, and other special occasions.

To order a cake in person, simply go to your nearest Walmart bakery department and fill out a cake order form.

You can also order a cake from Walmart online.

If you order a custom cake, you will select from a variety of cake flavors, designs, and icing options

How to Order Cakes from Walmart

Walmart will contact you if there are questions about your cake order after you return your order form to a bakery team member.

Whether you plan to pick up the cake on the day of your special event or the day before, place your order at least 24 hours in advance.

Meanwhile, if you want to order a Walmart wedding cake, place your order at least 3–8 days ahead of time so the bakery department can perfect your custom design.

Follow these steps to order your cakes;

1. First, select the size of the cake. Walmart has a variety of custom cake sizes available, including 18, 14, 12, and full sheet cakes, as well as 6″, 8″, and 10″ round cakes.

2. Next, choose a cake flavor (chocolate, vanilla, marble, or yellow).

At an additional cost, Walmart allows you to add strawberry or Bavarian cream filling to your cake.

3. Then select the type of icing. Walmart sells buttercream and whipped icing, both of which come in a variety of colors.

4. Finally, customize the design for the top and bottom borders.

During this step, you can choose between two different design options, and you’ll also be able to choose the icing color for each border.

What Are Walmart Cake Prices?

First, Walmart’s cakes come in a variety of sizes, including round cakes, sheet cakes, and cupcakes (a sheet cake surrounded by cupcakes).

A full sheet cake will set you back $43 before customizing, whilst a single-layer 8-round cake will set you back $7.50 and a 12-count cupcake cake would set you back $10.

Aside from full sheet cakes, Walmart also sells 12 sheets, 14 sheets, and 18 sheet cakes, which cost $30, $19, and $10, respectively, before personalization.

Also, if you want to purchase a custom cake, Walmart has a large range of pre-designed custom cake alternatives for various events, as well as the opportunity to design your own.

Walmart’s pre-made custom cake options start at $23.98 for a 14-inch sheet, $36.98 for a 12-inch sheet, and $49.98 for a full sheet, with the option to add strawberry or Bavarian cream filling for an additional $3.

What’s more, you’ll also have the chance to add a personalized message and choose the cake’s taste for free during the customization process.


Whether you want to pick up a cake on your next Walmart run or place an order online, Walmart makes it simple to create, personalize, and schedule a cake order for pickup at your local bakery counter.

Moreover, you can feed the entire family without breaking the budget by choosing from a variety of economical sheet cake and round cake alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can order a cake with an EBT card, but it must be completely edible, which means no decorations other than those made with frosting. There will be no trolls, dinosaurs, vehicles, or anything else that isn’t tasty.

Currently, Walmart does not allow customers to order online. You can, however, download an order form, fill it out, and bring it to your local store.
You can also order over the phone, though doing so can occasionally result in more confusion than purchasing in person.

SNAP will not pay for hot prepared foods such as rotisserie chicken, pizza, and so on, but it will pay for deli bakery items such as doughnuts, bagels, cupcakes, and yes, an ordered birthday cake.

However, I believe the answer is yes. Yes, you can use food stamps to purchase cakes from the bakery. Food stamps can also purchase cold food from the deli.

Yes, you can place and pick up your order in the bakery. Take the cake to the register and pay with EBT food help. Food is cake.

No. You cannot use food stamps for Safeway delivery. There can only be used for in-store purchases.

Wholesale businesses such as Sam’s Club and Costco sell large quantities of things that retail stores such as Walmart and Target may sell in smaller amounts.
So, if you want three retail-like boxes full of things, such as a box of twenty 6-packs of toilet paper, Costco or Sam’s Club are the places to go.
Please remember you must be a member of both* of these stores.
If I recall correctly, Kroger is a grocery store
. Now, Walmart is a store with difficulties.
Typically, people either adore or despise Walmart.
Many Walmarts are open 24 hours a day (though some have closed around midnight, they are still open significantly later than most other stores).

They make use of sugar paper and a printer. I’m sure they use ink instead of food coloring. If you want to try it, I recommend using a cheap printer because I’m not sure what it does to your printer if you put food coloring in it.
I’ve never tried it, and I’m not sure where you can get A4 or larger pieces of sugar paper.

Additionally, many bakers accept EBT. At well-known stores like Whole Foods, WinCo, Walmart, Kroger, Aldi, and Food Lion, to mention a few, you can buy bakery items with your EBT card.

The image is created using an ink-jet printer using food coloring instead of conventional ink after the photo has been scanned into the computer.

Lastly, that’s all you need to know about Walmart cake ordering. Ensure you make your order several days before your event.

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