The Best Vegan-Friendly and Non Vegetarian Restaurants in the USA

– Non Vegetarian Restaurants –

Food fads come and go, but steakhouses seem to never go out of popularity. Some have remained mostly unchanged for over a century, while others have added new twists to this basic principle.

Non Vegetarian Restaurants

Steakhouses in the United States are the last stronghold of unbridled extravagance.

The menus of traditional chophouses, complete with white tablecloths and bow-tied waiters, are easy to recognize as vestiges of gluttonous days gone by.

There are sparkling towers of cold crabs, slabs of black-on-the-outside, blue-on-the-inside red beef, and generous sides of potatoes and vegetables. Puréed with butter and cream the way god intended.

Although the portions are large, no one will blame you if you clean your plate. Order an intricate, blow-torched dessert, or finish a bottle of scotch with your dinner.

What is a Vegan-Friendly Meal and Type of Vegans?

Non Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian cuisine is based on foods that do not contain meat or animal tissue products and adhere to vegetarian guidelines (such as gelatin or animal-derived rennet).

Also, Eggs and dairy products are included in Lato-ovo vegetarianism (the most frequent style of vegetarianism in the Western world). such as milk and cheese without rennet).

Lacto vegetarianism includes dairy items but excludes eggs, whereas Ovo vegetarianism includes eggs but excludes dairy.

However, Veganism is the most extreme type of vegetarianism, excluding all animal products.

Including dairy, honey, and some refined sugars that have been filtered and whitened with bone char.

There are also partial vegetarians, such as pescatarians, who eat fish but refrain from eating other meats.

Also, there are many vegetarian foods available, including those created specifically for a vegetarian/vegan diet.

Either to replace a gastronomic need where meat would otherwise be used, or to ensure a healthy intake of protein, B12 vitamin, and other nutrients.

What Is a Non-Vegan Meal?

Non-vegetarian food (also known as non-veg food in Indian English) comprises meat (red meat, poultry, shellfish, or the flesh of any other animal) and eggs.

Non-vegetarians consume meat, whereas vegetarians do not. Also, Non-vegetarianism is the most common human diet on the planet (including in India).

In nutritional science, they refer non-vegetarians to as omnivores.

Amazing Vegetarian Restaurants in the USA 

1. Bar Bombon

Non Vegetarian Restaurants

Bar Bombon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, expands on the owner’s Old San Juan background by introducing fresh Latin cuisines to the city.

From cocktails to café meal selections, from the middle of the day until late at night, They made everything at this restaurant with love and is vegan.

However, Bar Bombon takes traditional Puerto Rican cuisine and gives them a modern twist.

Resulting in healthy, fresh, made-to-order plant-based dishes that delight vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike.

Also, on the menu, guests will find vegan options such as handmade tortillas and proteins. Prepared with organic grains and non-GMO soy. it’s a pretty great vegetarian restaurant

2. Equinox – DC

Equinox – DC is a sophisticated and stylish vegetarian restaurant in the nation’s capital that is modest and comfortable.

Chef Todd Gray is one pioneer of the seasonal sustainable food movement. serves pure, refined American gastronomy.

based on European culinary techniques and featuring organic, community-sourced Mid-Atlantic products gathered from within a hundred miles of Equinox wherever workable.

This is one of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the United States.

3. Andina

Doris Rodriguez de Platt’s Andina in Portland, Oregon, draws influence from Peru’s original culinary traditions and some of Peru’s top chefs’ contemporary food.

The restaurant has created a meal that honors Rodriguez de Platt’s Andean background by combining Novo-Andean and Criollo techniques and ideas.

However, Andina makes a variety of personally inspired and traditional dishes using both local and native ingredients.

3. Charlie was a Sinner

Charlie was a sinner who lived in the lovely Midtown Village neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This is a small vegetarian restaurant that serves tapas-style small meals. Charlie was a sinner, along with its large assortment of little meals.

However, A broad range of craft cocktails is also available, as well as a helpful, courteous, and cheerful staff.

4. The Helmand Restaurant

The Helmand Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind eatery in Cambridge, Massachusetts that specializes in Afghani cuisine.

The flatbread, which diners can witness cooking in the wood-burning oven, is very popular with customers.

Mores0, the restaurant, which is named after Afghanistan’s most important and longest river has a warm atmosphere with an intimate fireplace on one side of the dining room.

The Helmand Restaurant’s menu includes vegetarian appetizers and meals such banjan challow and kaddo, as well as a variety of other dishes like koufta challow, soups.

In addition with mantwo, aushak, gabelee, and more.

5. Oliver’s

Oliver uses a lot of love, invention, and imagination to provide nutritious, bright, and tasty plant-based, minimally processed food.

The restaurant, which is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and dinner from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m, brings plant-based food to the lovely Montecito area.

Oliver’s has an open and comfortable dining area, as well as an outside patio and a barroom, but during the summer.

They totally exposed one side of the restaurant to the outdoors via accordion doors, connecting the patio and the bar area.

6. The True Food Kitchen

The True Food Kitchen is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and has a number of locations across the country.

The restaurant’s goal is to create a space where people can come together to feel better, eat better, and celebrate a passion for living a better life.

Also, they found the True Food Kitchen on the belief that food should make people feel good rather than bad.

Moreso, the establishment’s founders are a group of innovative restaurateurs and talented chefs, as well as a doctor of integrated medicine.

Who thinks that nutrition and excellent eating can coexist without sacrificing indulgence, originality, or flavor.

7. Ema

Chef CJ Jacobson’s restaurant Ema specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and features the chef’s lighter California cooking style.

Dips spreads, and Mediterranean mezze small plates are at the center of the restaurant’s menu.

In addition, Lamb Kefta Kebabs, House-Made Stracciatella, and Spicy Hummus are among the menu’s signature dishes.

They also shared the kitchen here with Rotisserie Ema, a fast-casual counter.

7. The Chauhan Ale and Masala House

The Chauhan Ale and Masala House in Nashville, Tennessee, is dedicated to giving customers a one-of-a-kind eating experience in the booming food scene of the city.

Also, Chef Maneet Chauhan, Executive Chef, and Co-Owner have created a menu that incorporates globally influenced Indian gastronomy that highlights diverse facets.

Which is of both India’s and Nashville’s culinary cultures, masterfully merging traditional Southern dishes with Indian cuisine.

Since its opening in 2014, the Chauhan Ale and Masala House have garnered many awards and accolades, including those from Travel + Leisure, Food Network, and USA Today, among others.

8. The ABC Kitchen

They dedicate the ABC Kitchen in New York City to serving delectable cuisine made with the healthiest and freshest ingredients possible.

However, the vegetarian restaurant serves seasonal food that is both globally artistic and locally oriented, with the goal of fostering healthy links between the planet and the tables.

Also, the ABC Kitchen, led by a Michelin-starred chef, serves award-winning, GMO-free, humane, and naturally sourced cuisine.

That is free of hormones, antibiotics, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides.

Also, it is curated under the growing farm-to-table trend. They served lunch Monday through Friday, more so, they served brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and they serve dinner seven days a week.

9. Farmers & Distillers

Farmers & Distillers is the most diversified restaurant, formed by restaurateurs Dan Simmons and Mike Vucurevich with the North Dakota Farmers Union. Also, which represents over 47 thousand farmers.

They found farmers Fishers Bakers and Founding Farmers with the intention of bringing diners closer to the source of their food.

However, Farmers and Distillers have carried on the legacy by shortening the supply chain, increasing the demand

In Addition to bringing family-owned and operated American products closer to the glass and plate.

Also, Farmers & Distillers in Washington, DC, delivers meticulously selected, made-from-scratch, tasty food to both visitors and locals, including a weekend brunch buffet.

10. Zaytinya

Zaytinya offers a creative mezze meal inspired by Lebanese, Greek, and Turkish cuisines.

Moreso, the restaurant, which is run by José Andrés and the ThinkFoodGroup team, delivers a wide range of vegetarian meals in a modern and clean setting.

Chef Andrés’ vast understanding of Mediterranean foods and cooking techniques has been honed over years of travel and research at Zaytinya.

However, the restaurant’s menu features a variety of innovative and authentic small meals, as well as unusual Mediterranean wines.

And inventive drinks, making it one of Washington, DC’s most intriguing eateries.

11. Ulele

Ulele is a one-of-a-kind vegetarian restaurant in Tampa, Florida, that celebrates a dynamic blend of delicacies from the land and waters of Florida.

Which were previously home to countless Native Americans, including the fabled princess Ulele.

Also, the restaurant is in Tampa Heights along the Hillsborough River’s Riverwalk.

Features visually stunning and richly flavored dishes grilled on a ten-foot-wide barbacoa barbecue.

12. Sage – A Plant-Based

Sage – A Plant-Based Bistro and Beer Garden in Culver City, California, is a genuinely unusual vegetarian restaurant.

The restaurant prides itself on being the first of its type, serving meals that omnivores and vegans alike seek and enjoy.

Moreso, Sage has something for everyone, whether it’s a restaurant for a beer and some pizza, a boisterous ambiance for parties, or an outside romantic spot for date night.

Working with local farmers to get pesticide-free, organic ingredients daily, they dedicated the restaurant to employing the finest quality locally sourced produce available.

13. Zahav

Zahav in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a vegetarian restaurant that focuses on owner and chef Michael Solomonov’s Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine.

Moreso, when it first opened in 2008, Esquire named it one of the “Top 20 New Restaurants in America” and Philadelphia Magazine dubbed it. “Best New Restaurant.”

Also, Zahav, in Philadelphia’s Society Hill area, was named “excellent restaurant” at the prestigious 2019 James Beard Awards.

It was the only restaurant to earn an award in the city, and it was also the first time a Philadelphia restaurant received the honor.

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14. Shaya

New Orleans, Louisiana’s Shaya balances tradition and innovation by combining Israeli staples with modern techniques and Southern flavors.

The restaurant, which is open seven days a week, takes a mosaic approach to Israeli cuisine, pulling inspiration and influence from Greece, Turkey, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Also, Shaya’s modern menu is a celebration of Louisiana’s bounty and a reflection of Israeli cuisine’s ongoing growth, focusing on locally and responsibly sourced, seasonal products.

From the vegetable-centric small dishes and wood-fired, homemade pizza to the heartier meals, the wood-fired oven is at the heavier of the dining experience and menu.

15. Departure Restaurant and Lounge

non vegetarian restaurants

The Departure Restaurant and Lounge is at the top of Portland’s iconic Meier and Frank Building.

Offers an ambitious menu that captivates guests with a superb mixing of coastal genuine cuisines.

Also, the restaurant makes use of everything the Pacific Northwest offers, combining it with the hot flavors of the Far East.

However, Its menu ranges from street-food-style appetizers to entrée-sized classics, noodle and rice specialties, and fresh sushi.

The chef-driven, seasonal tasting, and leisurely dining experience merge the city’s progressive future with its pioneering heritage.

And additionally served in a sky-high culinary destination with a design as audacious as the food.

Amazing Non-vegetarian Restaurants in the USA 

Do you enjoy a delicious steak? Then these meat shrines should be on your bucket list.

The steakhouse is an American icon, from enormous Las Vegas carnivore temples.

Directed by world-famous chefs to clubby Chicago dining rooms laden with mahogany and brass to New York institutions with now-household names. These are a few amazing non vegetarian restaurants.

 1. Doe’s Eat Place (Greenville, Mississippi)

non vegetarian restaurants

Doe’s Eat Place, a Mississippi legend, was founded in 1941 by Dominick “Doe” Signa and his wife Marnie as a honkytonk that sold outstanding hot tamales.

The tavern evolved into a full-service restaurant over time, but the beef tamales remain a must-try. Even better, the steaks are legendary.

However, Doe’s may be America’s most low-key steakhouse (guests enter through the kitchen), but that’s part of the appeal.

The restaurant has been designated as an American Classic by the James Beard Foundation and is also placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It isn’t a gimmick, though. Doe’s Eat Place rub these massive steaks with a secret seasoning blend, grilled on high heat under the broiler, and served with a ladle of rich jus.

Doe’s is more than just a store. it meals are must taste!

2. Jess & Jim’s (Kansas City, Missouri)

Jess & Jim stands out from the Kansas City pack in a place known for outstanding steak.

This simple but outstanding restaurant, which has been family-owned and run since 1938, is all steak and no fanfare.

Also, daily, the beef is hand-cut and crushed the trimmings into flesh for some of America’s best burgers.

They present the steaks with no seasoning, allowing you to enjoy the meat in its purest form.

Also, you could order the KC strip, a cut popularized by this restaurant, but you should really opt for the “Playboy Strip,” a two-inch-thick, 25-ounce sirloin.

Additionally, keep some room in your stomach for the twice-baked potato.

3. Gene & Georgetti (Chicago, Illinois)

The poet Carl Sandburg dubbed Chicago the “World’s Hog Butcher,” although the city’s famous stockyards have long been known as a source of excellent beef.

Also, Gene & Georgetti, an old-style Italian-flavored restaurant, has been doing meat proud since 1941.

Begin with Italian sausage and peppers, baked clams, or fried ravioli before moving on to the beef.

Moreso, the steaks, notably the 22-ounce rib-eye and roast prime rib, are grilled and consistently good. Non-steak options abound, including a plethora of pastas and parmesan cheeses.

4. GT Prime (Chicago, Illinois)

non vegetarian restaurants

It’s difficult for a steakhouse to stand apart in meat-centric Chicago. GT Prime, on the other hand, which opened in 2016, does.

Wagyu steaks, 30-day dry-aged strips and rib-eyes, prime rib, and even bison tenderloin is found here.

However, if you’re dining with a group, we recommend ordering the Carnivore, which comprises cut 8-ounce chunks of beef tenderloin, bison tenderloin, deer loin, and American wagyu.

Also, Duck leg tortellini with edamame and tripe, yellowfin tuna with green tea soba noodles, and tomato dashi.

Additionally, braised pork shank with barley and drunken prunes are just a few of the delicacies on the menu at the spacious, modern restaurant.

5. Keens (New York, New York)

non vegetarian restaurants

Keens, a New York tradition, has been serving perfectly charred steaks and chops since 1885.

Look around before you’re served your dry-aged sirloin, filet mignon, prime rib, porterhouse for two, or porterhouse for three.

They spread thislabyrinthine shrine to old New York over two floors and three townhouses and contain memorabilia from over 100 years of New York history.

Including playbills, political cartoons, and photographs, as well as a collection of over 50,000 pipes from the era when regulars like Babe Ruth and Teddy Roosevelt would store theirs there.

However, If you only go once, order the porterhouse or the prime rib. Try the legendary mutton chop, a 26-ounce lamb saddle that’s over two inches thick, if you go twice.

6. Gorat’s (Omaha, Nebraska)

non vegetarian restaurants

You know you’ve got a keeper when Warren Buffett shows up at your restaurant regularly.

That’s the situation with Gorat’s, an Omaha institution that’s been around since 1944.

It was owned by the Gorat family until 2012 when it was purchased and renovated, but the steak quality and preparation remain unchanged.

However, three filet sizes are available, as well as a 14-ounce New York strip, prime rib au jus, and a whiskey-glazed rib-eye.

Although, you should follow in the footsteps of the Oracle of Omaha and order the 22-ounce rib-eye.

7. Knife (Dallas, Texas)

Chef John Tesar, a four-time James Beard Award nominee, has done more than anybody to put Dallas on the map, and his steakhouse, Knife, is championing Texas-bred cattle like few others.

Red oak is used to cook steaks such as 240-day dry-aged ribeye. A 110-day dry-aged Akaushi sirloin, a 45-day dry-aged ribeye, Texas Wagyu skirt steak, flat irons, culottes, and a “grilled BIG short rib.”

The ode to the flesh, however, does not end there. The no-frills Ozersky Burger (one of six different burgers on sale) is considered one of America’s best.

Also, charcuterie is prepared in-house, and a sampling of ham and five varieties of bacon are available (get the bacon).

8. The Hitching Post II (Buellton, California)

non vegetarian restaurants

We may most know the Hitching Post II for its position as a setting in the 2004 indie hit “Sideways”.

(Virginia Madsen’s character works here), but that’s far from its claim to fame.

Frank and Natalie Ostini own this Santa Barbara County treasure, which opened in 1986 and has been a leading proponent of Santa Maria-style barbecue.

Which is more akin to Mexican asado than Texas-style low-and-slow. Also, Frank and his staff dust top sirloin, filet mignon, New York strips, rib-eyes, ribs, lamb chops, quail, chicken, and shrimp with a proprietary spice combination.

Before grilling them over red oak in a large glassed-in pit next to the main dining area. More so, It’s a local cooking style, and The Hitching Post II could be the ideal spot to try it.

9. Sparks (New York, New York)

non vegetarian restaurants

Sparks is a fantastic old-school steakhouse in the Manhattan style. It’s been in operation since 1966.

The ambiance is definitely male; the service is courteous yet firm, and the cuisine is straight out of a typical steakhouse.

Also, the filet mignon and sirloin topped with a mound of Roquefort are two signature steaks.

The wine list offers an eclectic mix of California cabernet sauvignons, red Burgundies and Bordeaux, and other reds, as well as a good selection of whites, all at reasonable pricing.

10. Cattleman’s Club (Pierre, South Dakota)

non vegetarian restaurants

Cattleman’s Club is the steakhouse you’d expect to come across while strolling through Pierre, South Dakota.

This renowned steakhouse, which has been in business since 1986, and its newer second site in Mitchell, go through an average of 120,000 pounds of USDA Choice beef each year.

Moreso, Cindy Arch, Myril Arch’s daughter, now runs the restaurant, and the menu has changed little over the years.

8-, 12-, or 16-ounce top sirloins; 10-, 16-, or 20-ounce prime ribs; and 24-ounce porterhouses, T-bones, and bone-in rib-eyes, all rubbed with flavorful spice and grilled.

The restaurant is also one of the best places to try chislic, a South Dakota delicacy of deep-fried sirloin slices seasoned with house flavor.

Also, Cattleman’s Club is also one of the top low-cost steakhouses in America.

11. Stripsteak (Las Vegas, Nevada)

non vegetarian restaurants

Mandalay Bay’s elegant and sophisticated Stripsteak, Chef Michael Mina’s first steakhouse, is anything from stodgy.

A seafood platter and Caesar salad are among the menu’s highlights, which also include a Kaluga caviar “Twinkee,” Mishima Reserve beef tataki.

Tuna “poppers” with crispy rice cakes, and Colorado lamb loin “katsu,” additionally. A wood-burning grill is used to roast steaks (both Angus and Wagyu), seafood, and foie gras.

However, if you’ve recently won the lottery, spend $164 on a taste of three wagyu steaks. There are over 100 whiskeys to choose from, including four Pappy Van Winkles.

12. Hy’s Steak House (Honolulu, Hawaii)

non vegetarian restaurants

They grilled the USDA Prime steaks on native kiawe (mesquite) wood, giving them a deep, smokey char, in this exquisite and mature 40-plus-year-old Waikiki restaurant.

Also, boneless or bone-in New York strip, boneless or bone-in rib-eye, filet mignon, T-bone, and a 34-ounce porterhouse are all available at Hy’s Steak House.

Slow-roasted prime rib, rack of lamb, beef Wellington, châteaubriand, an extravagant seafood platter, and truffle king crab mac n’ cheese round out the menu.

Making Hy’s one of Hawaii’s most prestigious fine dining establishments and non vegetarian restaurants.

13. John Howie Steak (Bellevue, Washington)

non vegetarian restaurants

The classy, classic and cozy John Howie Steak in Omaha serves USDA Prime steaks that have matures for 28, 35, or 42 days and are grilled over mesquite embers for a charred smokiness.

There are also Wagyu long-bone rib-eyes and châteaubriand for two on the menu. The rest of the menu is both traditional and inventive.

With foie gras “bacon and eggs” and tempura-fried Kurobuta bacon coexisting with Dungeness crab cakes, tableside Caesar salad, classic French onion soup, and Oscar-style filet mignon.

Also, one further thing that sets John Howie apart from the competition is that if you want to buy your steak raw and cook it at home.

However, you may take it to go (or order it online) with seasoning and cooking instructions.

14. Kayne Prime (Nashville, Tennessee)

non vegetarian restaurants

The sleek and stylish Kayne Prime, owned by M Street, one of Nashville’s most popular and trendsetting restaurant companies is a must-visit.

Kayne Prime is one of the few steakhouses that lists where each cut comes from, and the market-driven menu is sourced impeccably.

Steaks are grilled under a 1,200°F broiler and presented with a selection of 10 “chapeaux,” such as truffle béarnaise, yuzu chimichurri, foie gras, and bone marrow butter.

However, don’t forget to try the risotto tater tots and the macaroni and cheese.

15. Peter Luger (Brooklyn, New York)

non vegetarian restaurants

At Peter Luger, a casual German-style classic steakhouse that’s existed in an off-the-beaten-path corner of Williamsburg.

Since 1887, the wait staff may be a little brusque, but that’s all part of the show. The star of the show, the steak, is dry-aged, killed on site.

Then grilled to perfection before being sliced and served on a dish with plenty of melted butter. Don’t ask for a menu when you sit down.

Simply order the tomato and onion salad, thick-cut bacon, creamed spinach, hash browns, and the two-person steak.

Also, use the house steak sauce to coat the onions and tomatoes (but not the meat), and be prepared to leave a wad of cash on the table or pay with a debit card, they don’t accept credit.

Sure, it’s a tourist trap, but it’s still an unmistakably New York steakhouse experience.

16. Mr. B’s (Brookfield, Wisconsin)

non vegetarian restaurants

Paul Bartolotta is a well-known restaurateur who is most known for his Bartolotta Ristorante on the outskirts of Milwaukee.

But his nearby Mr. B’s has shown that he has mastered the art of steak. They roast the steaks in a high-heat wood-burning oven at this iconic Italian steakhouse.

Choose an Angus rib-eye or New York strip, or split a 44-ounce porterhouse for two, but don’t forget to order the Diane sauce, which is created with brandy, mustard, cream, and mushrooms.

17. Malone’s (Lexington, Kentucky)

non vegetarian restaurants

Malone’s, opened in 1998 by restaurateur Brian McCarty, is one of Lexington’s greatest restaurants.

However, Malone’s is so popular that it has its own line of steaks that it sells online.

Only corn-fed USDA Prime steaks, such as a 12-ounce sirloin, filet mignon, and rib-eye, Malone’s serves.

The prime rib is also excellent, but whatever you choose, start with their signature steak and potato soup.

18. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse (Dallas and Houston, Texas)

non vegetarian restaurants

If you’re in Dallas or Houston and want a great steak, a red leather booth, wood-paneled walls, and a wine list with over 3,900 selections, Pappas Bros is the place to go.

The Prime beef is dry-aged in-house for at least 28 days and served bone-in or bone-out at this steak temple.

From a 40-ounce porterhouse sliced tableside to an 8-ounce filet mignon, there’s something for everyone. With stops along the road including an 18-ounce bone-in New York strip and a Texas Akaushi filet mignon.

They simply seasoned all steaks with salt and pepper and a dollop of butter on top. The whole thing is about as traditional a steakhouse as you’ll find.

19. craftiest (Las Vegas, Nevada)

non vegetarian restaurants

The clubby Craftsteak steakhouse, is part of Tom Colicchio’s ever-expanding Craft empire.

Focuses its menu on eight different steaks, mostly Angus dry-aged in-house, as well as a wide selection of both domestic and Japanese wagyu (an 8-ounce Japanese A5 wagyu New York strip will set you back $290).

In addition to a luxurious selection of seafood. On the side, have a variety of five different roasted mushrooms.

20. Oak Steakhouse (Charleston, South Carolina)

non vegetarian restaurants

Since 2005, when Charleston’s Oak Steakhouse first opened its doors in a 150-year-old edifice, Certified Angus Beef has been the star of the show.

Although the menu’s centerpiece is filets, rib-eyes, and strips, chef Mark Keiser takes a farm-to-table approach to the entire menu, with dishes like house-made charcuterie.

In addition, with pan-seared sea scallops with sunchoke puree and roasted root vegetables, and a daily rotating seafood selection based on what’s available at the market that morning.

Knowing what to eat is one thing but knowing where to get the meal is completely a different thing. The above-listed restaurants are great non vegetarian restaurants to get a spicy steak.

Also, we hope this article (non vegetarian restaurants) has been inspiring for vegans as well. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

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