24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023

Best 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023 in all 50 States of the U.S.A.

You don’t know how important 24-hour restaurants can be until you probably need to eat at night or when you’re probably en route at night. 

24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023

Most businesses, including restaurants, do not operate 24/7, but if you’re anywhere in the United States of America, here is a list of 24-hour restaurants in all the U.S. states. 

Best 24 Hours Restaurants in all the States of the U.S.A

Below are the best 24-hour restaurants in the United States:

1. Alabama: Al’s Deli and Grill in Birmingham

Birmingham’s Al’s Deli and Grill serves traditional dinner dishes such as omelets and traditional Greek dishes such as falafels and gyroscopes.

This small restaurant is very popular with locals, who are looking for a late-night meal after watching a football game on TV in Alabama with friends.

2. Alaska: Leroy’s Family Restaurant in Anchorage

Alaska is famous for its harsh winters and long summers. Another thing they should know is the Leroy family restaurant in Anchorage.

Also, the fans of the restaurant love the relaxed atmosphere and the special pan filled with vegetables, ham, and sauce.

3. Arizona: The Taco Shop Company in Tucson

There is nothing better than tacos after a night out. The Taco Shop Company in Tucson offers some of the best and most affordable tacos.

Don’t skip fish tacos piled with toppings, served with rice and beans.

4. Arkansas: Lucy’s Diner in Rogers

This is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023. Rogers Lucy’s Diner has biscuits and sauces, burgers, and other diners’ favorites on the menu.

The fact that they are open 24 hours a day makes this a great place to relax after a long day of travel.

5. California: Kitchen24 in West Hollywood

This is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023. Kitchen24 is a staple in West Hollywood, serving meals throughout the day.

The menu is full of California-style dishes, such as breakfast cornflakes, turkey, brie, and avocado sandwiches, and skillet apple pie.

6. Colorado: The Breakfast King in Denver

This is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023. Let’s face it: breakfast is the best meal of the day because it can be savory or sweet.

This is the king of breakfast in Denver, where all kinds of eggs and piles of pancakes fly out of the kitchen around the clock.

7. Connecticut: Gold Roc Diner in West Hartford

Gold Roc Diner in West Hartford

Gold Roc Diner in West Hartford serves classic dinner dishes such as BLT and strawberry shortbread.

This restaurant is called “Greasy Spoon” by the locals, but it’s worth stopping by for a taste of America.

8. Delaware: Golden Dove Diner Restaurant in New Castle

The Northeast is famous for classic diners, as is the Golden Dove Diner in Newcastle.

Also, this restaurant serves everything from eggs Benedict to lasagna to curb your appetite.

9. Florida: Havana Cuban Food in West Palm Beach

If Florida is known for anything but theme parks, it is Cuban cuisine and the best 24-hour Cuban restaurant in Havana Cuban cuisine in West Palm Beach.

Don’t leave without empanadas or Cuban sandwiches. This is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You.

10. Georgia: The Majestic Diner in Atlanta

Although its business hours have been shortened because of the pandemic, without Covid, Majestic Diner is one of the best 24-hour restaurants in Atlanta.

Neon lights erode the exterior of the restaurant, and the interior looks like it was from the 50s. Also, the iconic tuna melt alone is worth the drive to Atlanta.

11. Hawaii: M.A.C. 24/7 in Honolulu

Even though M.A.C.’s 24/7 in Honolulu has been reduced, there are still fan favorites, including Loco Moco and Kalbistyle Short Ribs.

Man v. Pancake Stack Challenge food also used the restaurant. Also, this is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You.

12. Idaho: California Mexican Food in Boise

If you prefer to eat at a drive-thru while traveling through Boise, consider California Mexican Food.

Tacos and tortas abound on the fast-casual restaurant’s menu, tantalizing your taste buds.

13. Illinois: White Palace Grill in Chicago

The White House Grill opened in 1939, and the restaurant has changed little since then.

Also, this restaurant also appeared in Food Network’s Diners, drive-ins and Dives. The host Guy Fieri tasted some of the famous food of this restaurant.

14. Indiana: Howie’s Diner in Lawrenceburg

This is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023. In Lawrenceburg “The food is great, the portions are good, and the price is good.

Also, the staff is great and makes you feel like family,” wrote the Howie reviewer on TripAdvisor.

15. Iowa: Maria’s Mexican Food in Des Moines

Maria's Mexican Food in Des Moines

This is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023. Late-night or early-morning Mexican food always hits the mark.

Maria`s Mexican Food in Des Moines serves homemade taquitos, tacos, and salsa based on family recipes.

16. Kansas: Pancho’s Mexican Food in Overland Park

Carnitas and Carne Asada are the best sellers of Pancho’s Mexican Food in Overland Park.

There is also a driveway in the 24-hour restaurant, where you can also enjoy delicious cuisine.

17. Kentucky: Burger Boy Diner in Louisville

Louisville is full of southern cozy restaurants, but sometimes you just want a good burger with some toppings to end a night of travel or experience what a city has to offer everything.

Also, this is where Burger Boy Diner is. It serves delicious burgers and spicy fries at reasonable prices at any time of the day.

18. Louisiana: Deja Vu Restaurant and Bar in New Orleans

Deja Vu Restaurant and Bar in New Orleans serves traditional New Orleans cuisine such as red beans, rice, and shrimp dumplings on the menu.

Additionally, this restaurant is a good place to go after a late night on Bourbon Street.

19. Maine: Dysart’s Restaurant and Truck Stop in Hermon

The majority of truck drivers we know are accustomed to pretty mediocre truck stop food, but those fortunate enough to be driving through Maine know that Dysart’s Restaurant and Truck Stop in Hermon is the place to stop.

Every day, the location serves homemade pies, which are frequently sold out early in the day due to popular flavors.

20. Maryland: Broadway Diner in Baltimore

If you like visiting the special attractions of Diners, drive-ins, and Dives, Baltimore’s Broadway Diner is your best choice.

To get tickets to Flavortown, you must try Hungarian beef stew, salmon with potato skin, or Creole shrimp.

21. Massachusetts: Bova’s Bakery in Boston

In Boston, there are many great bakeries in Boston, but not many offer the same delicious products as Bova’s Bakery every day.

Since 1926, this bakery has been making cream puffs, dumplings, whooping cough pie, etc.

22. Michigan: Duly’s Place in Detroit

Duly’s Place makes daily dishes for hungry locals and travelers in Detroit.

Some of the staples on the menu include chili and onion hot dogs, pancakes, and fans’ favorite Mexican omelets.

23. Minnesota: Lange’s Cafe in Pipestone

Lange Café in Pipestone provides home-cooked dishes for hungry people to fill their stomachs.

Think of things like hot pot, pork sandwiches, and Dutch apple pie, all of which are on the menu of this 24-hour restaurant.

24. Mississippi: Waffle House

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to a chain restaurant that is open 24/7 on your trip.

Waffle House is famous for its super crispy waffles and hash browns and hot coffee brewed at any time.

The best thing about Waffle House is that it is not only found in Mississippi, so you can find it anywhere in the south.

25. Missouri: Hayes Hamburger and Chili in Kansas City

Hayes Hamburger and Chili in Kansas City has chili dogs, hot dogs, burgers, and any fried food on the menu.

The 24-hour restaurant only accepts cash, so bring a few dollars of food and tip the waiter.

26. Montana: Shellie’s Country Cafe in Helena

Shellie’s Country Cafe, like most diners, is packed with locals and travelers, as well as a case full of pies.

Also, the sour cream and raisin pie, which looks like a custard or pudding-based pie with dots of raisins sprinkled throughout, is one of the menu’s standouts.

27. Nebraska: Hi-Way Diner in Lincoln

HiWay Diner is a comfortable place in Lincoln.

This restaurant is famous for its magical toast, which is just a chic and fun way to express what type of bread you want, whether it’s French toast or rye toast, or something completely different.

28. Nevada: Cafe Americano in Las Vegas

Cafe Americano in Las Vegas

Las Vegas should be called the city that never sleeps because many places provide everything 24 hours a day.

Caesar’s Palace is home to Café Americano, serving everything from chicken and waffles to late-night cheeseburgers.

29. New Hampshire: Red Arrow Diner in Manchester

Red Arrow Diner is a staple of Manchester, serving steak, and eggs for breakfast, and original burger sandwiches with sauces.

Also, this restaurant is super tacky and retro and has been open since 1922.

30. New Jersey: Broadway Diner in Bayonne

Bayonne is the location of Broadway Restaurant and is home to “the best pancakes in the world”.

Although you can tell, some other menu items worth checking out are Philadelphia Cheese Steak and Chicken Parm Submarine.

31. New Mexico: Penny’s Diner in Belen

Belem’s Penny’s Diner offers retro decorations from the 1950s and home-cooked dishes such as chicken cutlets, patties, and an all-day breakfast.

Don’t fail to try malts or milkshakes made with the best quality ice cream.

32. New York: Veselka in New York City

Veselka in the East Village of New York City is a Ukrainian coffee shop that serves delicious cuisine and serves loyal customers every day.

Favorites of this unique 24-hour restaurant include Halushky potato dumplings and cherry and cheese dumpling bowls.

33. North Carolina: Midnight Diner in Charlotte

Charlotte is a great food town. However, if you want to avoid champagne glasses and trendy traditional dishes, head to Midnight Diner. The

 A 24-hour restaurant serves club sandwiches, chicken, and waffles, and it feels like your mother made it for you.

34. North Dakota: Kroll’s Diner in Fargo

German cuisine has become a favorite among Americans, and there are sausages and sauerkraut all over the country.

Kroll’s Diner is a place that serves international cuisine around the clock, where guests can enjoy Knöphla soup and Reuben sandwiches.

35. Ohio: Fitzy’s Old-Fashioned Diner in Columbus

From the moment you step into Fitzy’s Old Fashioned Diner, you know that you are being taken back to the golden age of diners.

Also, this place is famous for its meatloaf and which is also made into meatloaf sandwiches with brown sauce.

36. Oklahoma: Perry’s Restaurant in Oklahoma City

Perry’s Restaurant is nothing special, but the food prepared in the small kitchen is very flattering.

Don’t skip fried mushrooms or super-filled Hamburg steaks with French fries.

37. Oregon: The Original Hotcake And Steak House in Portland

The Original Hotcake And Steak House in Portland

The Original Hotcake And Steak House is a heavily updated IHOP that provides hungry customers with piles of pancakes, French fries, and a full American breakfast.

The Portland Fixture is a local breakfast restaurant, well worth a visit if you are visiting the great Northwest Territories.

38. Pennsylvania: The Dining Car and Market in Philadelphia

Another “Three D” location is the Food Truck and Market in Philadelphia.

No matter what time of day you go, you can buy things like veal parmesan cheese; ground beef and sauce; and local delicacies, scrap.

39. Rhode Island: Patriots Diner in Woonsocket

On Woonsocket’s Patriots Diner’s menu, there is a huge omelet with almost any filling, a roast beef sandwich, and a gyroscope you can imagine.

Also, this classic restaurant is one of the few in the country that looks like an old chrome railway car.

40. South Carolina: Hilton Head Diner Restaurant on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Diner Restaurant is an iconic beach restaurant that serves fast food before heading to the beach with the family.

The menu is very extensive, including burritos, clam soup, burgers, and large breakfast plates.

41. South Dakota: Giliberto’s Mexican Taco Shop in Sioux Falls

When you think of Sioux Falls, you might think of open roads and much wildlife. But you should also think of Mexican food, especially Giliberto’s Mexican Taco Shop.

This 24-hour restaurant makes fresh tamales and homemade enchiladas to satisfy any cravings along the way.

42. Tennessee Restaurants: E’s 24-Hour Cafe in Memphis

After a night of live music performances or visiting local attractions, Memphis E`s 24-Hour Cafe is your best choice of restaurant.

The restaurant offers a fairly simple menu of breakfast staples, such as eggs and hash browns, as well as lunch patties and catfish sandwiches.

43. Texas: Katz’s Never Kloses in Houston

Everything in Texas is bigger, including restaurants like Katz’s Never Kloses.

This chic restaurant offers everything from imported pasta to waffle sandwiches, available 24 hours a day.

44. Utah: Belgian Waffle and Omelet Inn in Midvale

Enjoy a hot breakfast at the Belgian Waffle and Omelet Hotel in Midvale.

Regular customers at the restaurant praised their garbage hash, a large plate has almost everything, everything is mixed together, and cheese is placed on it.

45. Vermont: P & H Truck Stop in Wells River

P & H Truck Stop in Wells River

 Wells River is a 24-hour venue that offers all the classic diners you would expect. Think of cakes, burgers and fries, breakfast foods, etc.

46. Virginia: Tosokchon in Annandale

Tosokchon is the star of traditional Korean cuisine.

The menu has roast beef, bibimbap, and kimchi all sweet and savory. If you are in the area, please don’t skip this restaurant.

47. Washington: Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge in Seattle

Seattle residents visit the Lost Lake Café and Lounge, enjoying a relaxed atmosphere and consistent menu.

Popular items include salmon Benedict cakes and crispy cod sandwiches, served with fresh ciabatta rolls.

48. West Virginia: Dwight’s of St. Albans in St. Albans

 In Dwight’s of St. Albans, they served American cuisine to hungry customers.

The menu includes dishes such as patties, super egg rolls, and stacked-high burgers with processed cheese.

49. Wisconsin: Omega Restaurant in Milwaukee

This is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023. Omega Restaurant n Milwaukee is a good place to learn about the culture. 

This 24+-hour restaurant serves Mexican, American, and Greek cuisine, allowing you to curb your appetite when visiting the bar at night or arriving at the hotel after a flight.

50. Wyoming: Penny’s Diner in Cheyenne

This is one of the 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023. Penny’s Diner in Cheyenne has a classic diner car vibe going on.

If you’re in Wyoming, the restaurant serves delicious milkshakes, burgers, and chicken-fried steaks that are well worth the trip.

8 Best 24 Hours Restaurants in Las Vegas

Below are the 8 best 24 hours restaurants in Las Vegas:

8 Best 24 Hours Restaurants in Las Vegas

1. Siegel’s 1941

This is one of the best 24-Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas. Even Bugsy Siegel will agree with the club feel and American cuisine of El Cortez’s Siegel’s 1941.

It is open all day on Friday and Saturday. 

The overnight menu offers a fat Irish green corned beef chowder with three eggs, New York steak and eggs, smoked salmon, Reuben, and two fried chicken wings.

2. The Martini

  • 1205 S Fort Apache Rd Las Vegas, NV
  • (702) 227-8464 – Visit Website

This is one of the best 24-Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas.

On the west side, Martini serves flatbread, drunken burgers, lemon pepper chicken, and bone-in pork chops.

From midnight to 6 am and all day on Sunday, The Martini has a $15 filet steak special. Yes, you should also order a martini.

3. Oyster Bar

  • 2411 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • (702) 367-2411 – Visit Website
Oyster Bar

One of the best things to do in Vegas is at the Oyster Bar and Palace’s Oyster Bar Station. Long lines of customers wait for their seats in front of the live kitchen.

Steamed clams, half-shell oysters, homemade chowder, and seafood spaghetti attracted long queues of customers waiting for their meals and amused them in the kitchen.

Request to customize or order 24/7 Creole Gumbo, Bourbon Street Jambalaya, or Cioppino’s Cajun-style seafood seasoning.

 Stir-fry is a must, don’t miss swallowing $1 worth of oysters late at night.

4. Starboard Tack

  • 2601 Atlantic St Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • (702) 684-5769 – Visit Website

This is one of the best 24-Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas.

Starboard Tack keeps the grill 24/7 for grillings, such as buffalo chicken wings or grilled Indian chicken sauce sandwiches, fried chicken rice, and Loco Moco.

5. 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023: El Dorado Cantina

  • 3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive Las Vegas, NV
  • (702) 722-2289 – Visit Website

El Dorado Cantina serves the best French fries and salsa in town, anytime.

Traditional Mexican cuisine, as well as gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes, can be ordered at this restaurant next to Sapphire Gentlemen`s Club.

6. Pho Kim Long II

  • 4029 Spring Mountain Rd Las Vegas, NV
  • (702) 220-3613 – Visit Website

This is one of the best 24-Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas. Take a trip to Chinatown for pho that can be ordered at any time.

Prepare to queue, as many people flock to Pho Kim Long late at night when other nearby restaurants close.

You won’t be disappointed if you order the fried egg rolls with your pho.

7. 24 Hours Restaurants Near You 2023: Shokku Ramen

  • 3889 Spring Mountain Rd – Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • (725) 204-1252 – Visit Website
Shokku Ramen

This is one of the best 24-Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas. Shokku Ramen in Chinatown serves some of the city’s spicier ramen 24 hours a day.

They challenge diners to finish 24 ounces of tonkotsu broth and three pounds of noodles and endure four million Scoville units of pure heat in the infamous grim reaper, death bringer shinigami challenge.

If the customer eats the insanely popular dish in under eight minutes, their $50 meal is free, and they immortalize their photo on the Wall of Warriors.

Read Also:

8. America

  • 3790 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV
  • (702) 740-6451 – Visit Website

This is one of the best 24-Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas. America, which is within New York-New York, serves American culinary classics like chicken fried steak, a patty melt, and macaroni and cheese.

The fresh doughnuts are only available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., although the shop is open 24 hours.

Try the monkey-see-monkey doughnut, which is topped with chocolate icing and toasted nuts. Locals in Las Vegas receive a 10% discount on their bills.

The 5 Best Pizzas in the United States

The 5 Best Pizzas in the United States

1. Slab – Portland, Maine

The slab is named for its slicing method. They are cut into thick squares, also called flat plates.

Slab offers more than just pizza-it claims to be the home of “Sicilian street food”, so you can also enjoy other products such as meatballs and filled sandwiches.

2. Al Forno – Providence, Rhode Island

This pizzeria is a staple of Providence and a great experience for travelers.

The concept of baked pizza was born. You have never eaten a baked pizza, don’t know what we’re talking about?

Baked pizza is made by roasting hardwood over a charcoal fire. As a camper, we know you appreciate this very much.

3. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, California

There are 11 different types of pizza on the menu. This place is the hometown of 13-time world pizza champion Tony Gemignani. The

The menu includes deep dishes, pizza slices, classic Italian pizza, Detroit-style pies and Sicilian pies, and delicious pasta.

Chewing hotcakes here is one of the truly great pizza experiences in America

4. Ops – Brooklyn, New York

Ops is the name of the Roman goddess of land harvest and labor. It also means being rich, so you can see how they choose their name.

5. Pizza Delicious – New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s all in the name, guys; this pizza is incredibly tasty. They add a unique twist to classic pizza – fresh dough, tangy sauce, and crunchy crusts.

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Cocina Madrigal, Phoenix, Arizona.

The Walrus and the Carpenter — Seattle, Washington

Burgers, apple pie, French fries, hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza

Katz’s Deli – New York City

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