What is Eastbay Return Policy for Refund and Exchange?

How conversant are you with Eastbay return policy? If you have intentions of returning an unwanted product, then this is a complete guide for you. Find out the most successful tips for item returns to Eastbay.

Eastbay Return Policy

One unique shop to get the quality outfits and sportswear is Eastbay. However, how do you return an item that doesn’t match your order prescription to Eastbay?

Or exchange the item for another eventually it doesn’t match your size, color, brand, or damage? Learning about the shop’s return guidelines is important.

What is Eastbay’s Return Policy?

While other conditions determine how successful your item return to Eastbay is, you should consider this primary rule.

In case you have any reason to return an item you purchase at Eastbay, you have to make this return within 90 days of the original order date. 

The product must be returned unopened, in its original packaging, and undamaged to be accepted for a refund.

Other rules include:

1. Contact the Eastbay customer care to inform them of your intentions.

2. Proof of payment, receipt, or invoice is important while returning an item.

3. Also, make sure not to remove tags, or further damage the product else it might not be accepted.

4. You’ll receive a refund in the original payment method once the item(s) is reviewed and accepted.

5. Online and in-store returns are accepted at Eastbay with a maximum of 6 months return window.

6. You can also exchange one product for another within the store.

7. You enjoy free shipping for all local orders, PayPal purchases are to be returned by mail and a restocking fee might apply.

How Long Does Refund Take With Eastbay?

It depends on when you return the item, the return method, and the inspection time. Credit card refunds take up to 1-2 billing cycles.

However, the average refund time with Eastbay takes between 7 to 10 business days. If it exceeds this time, you can call the customer care unit for an explanation.

However, this won’t be necessary because you will be contacted via mail during this process on the progress of your returned item.

You will get your refund through the original form of payment and incurred damage charges will be subtracted from the original amount.

How to Start a Return?

There are 4 ways to initiate a purchase return to Eastbay. The options are by phone, online, mail, and in-store.

1. However, the easiest way is in-store, where you have to visit the particular store you purchased from and speak to customer care with the product in hand and receipt.

2. By phone, contact customer care within working hours usually 6 am-12 am CST all through the week to lodge your complaint at 1-800-826-2205.

i. To return brand items of Weider, iFit, FreeMotion, Reebok, and Proform, you should call the Icon Fitness customer unit at 1-877-993-7999.

ii. Whiles Steel Body or Marcy items should call 1-800-999-8899 to process a return.

3. If you have the Eastbay app on your smartphone, you could use the live chat system to start a return process with the help of the app chatbot.

4. The website is the largest platform to initiate an Eastbay return for immediate updates and guides while a good number prefer the email format.

Can I Return Online Items In-store?

While you have an array of options to choose from when planning a return process, you should consider the best, most convenient, and least expensive means.

Choosing to return items through the same means of purchase is a noble thing to do but how about the cost effect?

It’s better to return online purchased items in-store around your locations because your shipping cost might apply if your reason isn’t valid enough.

And it sometimes gets quite difficult to return items online following the company’s return policy. But to get a better clue on these types of items contact customer service.

What Items are Non-Returnable?

When next you are shopping at Eastbay, take time to understand the individual return policies on several items in the store.

This is to say that not all items are returnable, therefore, you can’t get a refund. They are termed “non-returnable” or “non-refundable” items.

Items like underwear, customized or personalized items, and used or defective items are usually tagged as non-refundable.

These decisions are taken on health grounds and measures to keep customers safe from medical complications.

Eastbay Return Policy, if express or overnight shipping is requested on your exchange order, you will be responsible for the full shipping cost.

You should consider the cost and choose the easiest way to return an unwanted item.

You have 90 days max to make returns while exceptional rules are restricted for particular products.

Make sure all returned items remain unused, clean, and in the original condition with relative proof of payment.

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