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Petsmart Fish Return Policy: Return Requirements and Refunds

Do you want to find out more about Petsmart Fish Return Policy? Returning aren’t always so simple, especially for people who may find the need to return that animal for many different reasons. But at PetSmart, there is a customer-friendly return policy that makes returns of animals simple. 

Petsmart Fish Return Policy

PetSmart sells various types of animals and works with 3,400 pet shelters around the world and help animals find their forever homes.

However, they understand that sometimes things happen that cause the need to return the animal. They make all returns simple for their customers.

Petsmart Return Policy

PetSmart makes returns easy. If the product was purchase online, it can be returned the same way, by attaching the return shipping label and dropping it in the mail.

Please use a trackable shipping method, and return the product with the original packaging. Online items can also be returned in any store.

Simply bring the product and receipt or invoice and PetSmart will load the purchase price onto the credit card originally used to pay for the purchase or on a PetSmart merchandise card.

Purchases made in the store are returned in a similar way. If the purchase was made within the last 60 days, the purchase price is refunded back to the original credit card.

Cash refunds are given in the case of cash or debit card purchases.

Purchases made by check are refunded with cash as long as the check was written at least 10 days prior, otherwise, a merchandise card is provided.

For returns more than 60 days after the date of purchase, or if the receipt is unavailable, bring valid identification to complete the return. This will be refunded with a merchandise gift card.

Can You Return Fish to PetSmart?

Can you return fish to PetSmart? Yes. Live or dead fish can be returned to PetSmart within 14 days of purchase, customer service representatives for PetSmart said.

Returns more than 14 days after purchase either will not be accepted or may be approved on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of a PetSmart store manager.

Return Requirements

When returning a fish, PetSmart will ask you to provide the original sales receipt, but the store can also look up your purchase; it keeps purchases on file for two months, well beyond the 14-day return window.

Petsmart Fish Return Policy

You will need to bring the fish back to the store even if it has died.

Some stores have additional requirements when returning pets. You may be asked to show a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license.

If your fish has died, the store may require you to provide a water sample from your home tank to be sure that an issue with the water did not kill the fish.


When you return a fish, PetSmart will credit your refund to your original payment method. If your fish has died, you can also choose to replace your pet rather than get a refund.

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Can You Return Other Animals to PetSmart?

PetSmart’s 14-day return policy applies to all live animals, according to customer service. Just be sure to bring your original sales receipt or ask an associate to look up your purchase.

Cats and dogs adopted via PetSmart’s shelter partnership adoption program may also be returned. But the return policies may vary by the shelter.

To find out the exact requirements for return, a corporate representative for PetSmart advised that it is best to contact your local store before visiting.

Final Word

PetSmart is a customer-friendly pet store that wants every customer happy with their purchase and their animal. The fish return policy for both dead and alive fish is the same.

Petsmart Fish Return Policy

Return it for a full refund or exchange within 14-days of purchase. Remember to bring the original sales receipt with you to make the return.

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