35 Lucrative Business Franchises Under $50k Can Start Today

One of the first things to look for when looking for a franchise for $50k or less is franchises that do not require the franchisee to acquire retail or warehouse space. However, this piece will reveal business franchises that you can start with $50K and the top 35 Franchises under $50k.

franchise under $50k

How You Can Start Franchises Under $50k

Each franchise has its own set of operational prerequisites. Each franchise also has a special set of starting franchise prices.

Real estate can be, and often is, one of the most expensive parts of initiating any type of business.

In addition to saving money on real estate, franchises that can be operated from a home (or a vehicle) help you keep your start-up funds.

They do this by not needing or requesting less, signage, office décor, and materials.

There are many factors for this growth, but according to Thomas J. Kasbohm, here are four of the top benefits of mobile franchises.

1. Improved customer care and comfort. Your “mobile showroom” enables you to provide your clients with instant delight in terms of both products and services.

2. Make your own routine. As a mobile franchisee, you decide when to contact your customers and do not have to wait for them to come to you.

3. There are no real estate complications. A mobile franchise typically does not necessitate the purchase or lease of real estate.

4. You will not be facing the same four walls. Because you control the route taken, your perspective and experience are constantly shifting.

Top 35 Franchises Under $50k

This list is not meant to suggest any specific company but to serve as a jumping-off spot for your studies.

Before investing in a franchise, you should always thoroughly check the company’s legal papers.

Discuss with a franchise solicitor and an auditor, and speak with past and present franchisees.

1. Talem Home Care Services

Since 2013, Talem has excelled at delivering unique and diverse services that encompass all facets of senior care.

In addition, they are developing a better franchise model for the entrepreneurs and communities they serve. The franchise fee is $30,000.

2. Strickland Bros

Strickland Brothers provides quick and friendly oil change and maintenance services. Although they are best known for their drive-thru 10-minute oil change.

They also provide a wide range of professional automotive maintenance and repair services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. The franchise fee is $50k

3. FirstLight HomeCare Services

FirstLight HomeCare provides seniors, new mothers, disabled adults, and others in need with comprehensive in-home, non-medical, and personal care services. The franchise fee is $50,000.

4. Paramount Tax and Accounting

They are well-known for providing extensive tax planning and accounting services to businesses.

Individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with medium to intricate tax returns are included. The franchise fee is $50k.

5. Premier Gaming Trailer

For the past five years, this company has been reinventing birthday parties and events.

They take the devices that children aged 5 to 75 year-olds crave and incorporate them into a multiplayer fantasy land.

They’re capable of transforming a normal party into a special experience. The franchise fee is $46,950,000.

6. Fastest Laboratory

Fas-Tes Franchise Systems, LLC is one of the industry’s fastest-growing drug, alcohol, and DNA testing lab franchises.

They are always looking to grow their network of dedicated franchisees across the country. The franchise fee is $50,000.

7. Destination Athlete

They exist to assist athletic teams in reaching their goals. They do this by supplying a one-stop shop for all a team requires to flourish and excel.

Devices, Clothing, Raising funds, and Achievement are the 4 main fields of expertise. The franchise fee is $50,000.

8. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions has provided ecologically sound commercial cleaning services. Since its inception in 2004 and successive franchising in 2006.

It relies on cutting-edge property maintenance innovations such as UVC light and HEPA filters.

In addition, they only use green seal-certified cleaning products. Franchise Fee: $48,000

9. Skill Samurai

Skill Samurai is about preparing children for tomorrow’s workforce and assisting budding entrepreneurs in securing an investment portfolio.

Their most successful franchise owners have an innate love of technology. Fee for franchising is $50k.

11. STEM for Kids

This company assists business owners in bringing work skills into their communities while also generating new streams of income.

Through its 4-Dimensional Learning Methodology. They consistently engage school-aged children in STEM.

They do this through in-person and instructor-led online classes that promote organized learning, peer relationships, and interpersonal skills.

12. Cruise Planners

With over 2,500 advisors nationwide, Cruise Planners is the largest home-based travel agent franchise.

Travel advisors for Cruise Planners work from home and sell full-service travel packages.

Such as cruises, land-based vacations, travel insurance, car rentals, and more. The franchise fee is $22,000.

13. Inspection Over Coffee

Inspections Over Coffee (formerly HERO Home Inspections) is a thorough home inspection franchise. They have a novel approach to professional property evaluations.

They have been offering a business model that improves the home evaluation process since 2016. 

This innovative concept benefits both sellers and buyers. The franchise fee is $50,000.

14. Kwench Juice Cafe

Kwench Juice Cafe is quickly spreading across the United States. Raw food is the healthiest food on the planet, according to shoppers.

Being fresh and natural has always given their juice bar franchises a competitive edge. The franchise fee is $50,000.

15. Jazzercise

Jazzercise has been creating fun workout adventures since 1969. Its versatility and quick-results fitness program could make it one of the best dance and music franchises available.

The firm is pleased to be led by powerful, active women and emphasizes the value of community participation.

Through its Kids Get Fit program, it has raised millions of dollars for various causes and fights the obesity epidemic. The franchise fee is $32,000.

16. Fetch! Pet Care

If you’re changing careers and looking for a great, low-cost franchise that’s in high demand in your area, look no further than Fetch! This Pet Care franchise may meet all of your requirements.

They offer a good, affordable, versatile, and highly scalable solution to help you become your own boss. $32k franchise fee

17. Dream Vacations

Over 1,500 franchisees’ lives have been changed by the Dream Vacations home-based franchise opportunity. And it could change yours as well.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join a travel group and live the life you’ve always desired. The franchise fee is $50,000.

18. Superior Fence and Rail

This company is on the rise, with a 36% increase in the franchise market.

It is an excellent time for anyone looking for new business opportunities in the home services market to join their team of franchisees.

Superior Fence & Rail has a lot more in store for them! $50k franchise fee

18. Card my Yard

Amy Arnold and Jessica Stanley founded Card My Yard, a greeting card franchise, in 2014.

It is based in Austin, Texas, and allows customers to send personalized greetings for any occasion or celebration.

Card My Yard is distinct in that its customers do not simply send greeting cards in the mail.

Instead, Card My Yard provides yard sign rentals to assist them in celebrating. The franchise fee is $50k

19. Chester’s Chicken

Chester’s, which opened in 1952. It is a fast food restaurant that serves fresh, never frozen, brined chicken that is double-breaded and fried according to a family recipe.

Over 1,300 locations are available in convenience stores, truck stops, and supermarkets.

Chester’s knows how to fry with love after more than 50 years in business and is happy to share what they know. The franchise fee is $50,000.

20 Transblue

This is the foremost professional construction franchise in the United States.

They specialize in outdoor construction projects for residential, commercial, and government clients. Transblue has thrived in the construction industry since its inception in 2004.

However, this trend is expected to continue as homeowners invest in their homes like never before. The franchise fee is $50,000.

21. Drama Kids

This program was established in 1979. It is an after-school acting program for children that believes in the importance of ingraining self-confidence and self-esteem in its students.

Drama Kids has gained international acclaim for its programs. They’ve helped children develop life skills since its inception. The franchise fee is $50,000.

22. Colors on Parade

Robert Lowery founded Colors On Parade. The goal is to provide body shop-quality vehicle repairs from a mobile unit.

He was inspired by his passion for reviving vintage cars. He began franchising the concept in 1991.

Colors On Parade franchisees provide mobile on-site automotive appearance services to car dealerships and fleet owners.

Including rental car agencies, body shops, individual vehicle owners, and retail customers across the United States. The franchise fee is $50,000.

23. L.A Bikini

In 2020, nearly 2 million Americans had specialist non-waxing shaving services done four or more times in six months.

Their sugaring technique enables more regular therapies, resulting in consistently clearer skin and less fur. They can remove it if they can see or feel it.

Clients receive lifetime member discounts, including their premier service, after 6 months. The franchise fee is $50,000.

24. Jet Black

Since its inception, Jet-Black has been a dominant player in the asphalt industry.

The company provides everything from specialty asphalt seal coatings to traditional crack sealing. Andy and Doug Holland founded the company in 1987.

By 1993, the company had become so successful that it began franchising. Jet-Black now has over 100 franchises across the country.

25. Complete Wedding + Event Planning

This is a top event and wedding photography, and videography company. They also offer lighting, DJ services, and photo booth services.

They make it simple for anyone arranging an occasion to finish everything in one fell swoop.

Instead of signing deals with multiple people, Complete Weddings + Events helps clients have everything in one place.

They also organize the event and ensure everything runs smoothly. The franchise fee is $50,000.

26. The Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad’s pest control services are regarded as critical. Pest control companies have large profit margins as a result of rising demand and decreasing costs.

Mosquito Squad is a customizable business with enormous growth potential. Even better, you can launch your company from the convenience of your own home office! $50,000 franchise fee.

27. DivaDance

This is a fast dance company with the primary goal of instilling confidence and fostering community. They accomplish this through sweaty, sensual, stress-free dancing.

DivaDance was founded in 2015 by Jami Stigliano Andosca as a substitute for competitive dance studios.

Also, DivaDance is now committed to empowering adults across the United States. The franchise fee is $50,000.

28. The Window Gang

Tim McCullen founded Window Gang in 1986 in response to the increasing demand for window cleaning services.

Initially, McCullen thought Window Gang would be a temp job. However, he later decided to make Window Gang his full-time job.

Nevertheless, as the need to expand his business became more pressing, he decided to open it up to the public for franchising in late 1996. The franchise fee is $50k

29. PhoenixEcom

PhoenixEcom offers you the chance to invest in your own electronic dropshipping business.

Hence, they are experienced e-commerce merchants with decades of experience and millions of dollars in sales combined.

Through their e-commerce commercial advertising strategy, their team automates your AMZ, FBA, or FB stores. This provides you with monthly passive income. The franchise fee is $50,000.

30. Estrella Insurance

Nicolas Estrella started the business in 1980 after a lucrative career in the life and health insurance industries.

In 2008, Estrella Insurance began franchising. The company specializes in home, auto, and commercial insurance services. Which typically cover businesses, vehicles, and boats.

In addition, it has over 150 franchises across the United States. The franchise fee is $40,000.

31. Frios Gourmet Pops

Frios Gourmet Pops serves a variety of delectable frozen desserts. Creamy and fruity flavors, as well as pops.

Sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and pigment-free choices are available.

Since its founding in 2013, Frios has been known for hitting parties with its delicious frozen treats.

Customers will soon be able to book from Sweet Rides to sweeten events such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. The franchise fee is $50k.

32. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a franchised business model that provides clients with eco-friendly services.

They are proud to be the greenest and most eco-sustainable carpet cleaner in the world!

However, this is due to the high demand for companies with a strong environmental focus. Franchise fee is $50k.

33. Sam The Concrete Man

They have been providing concrete repair and installation for both commercial and residential properties for over 30 years

Hence, customers turn to Sam The Concrete Man when they need their concrete repaired.

Including parking space, veranda, concrete pads, garage floors, sidewalks, and others. The franchise fee is $50k

34. Sheenco Travels

Sheenco is a famous brand in luxury travel to Ireland and the United Kingdom. It has recently launched a brand new Travel Franchise in the United States.

They are a group of travel-obsessed experts from the United States. And they have a genuine interest in luxury travel to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. However, the franchise fee is $50,000.

35. Foliage Design Systems

This is an outstanding interior plant treatment service. They concentrate on creating lovely greenery spaces and cultivating a clean environment for companies and other commercial entities.

Foliage Design Systems, which was founded in 1971, has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field. It offers superior goods and services. The franchise fee is $50,000.

It’s worth noting that just because franchises are subject to more regulatory oversight than other business opportunities doesn’t mean they’re risk-free. There are several dangers associated with owning a franchise.

For example, expenditures for items or supplies required to run the business that aren’t stipulated or clearly stated in the franchise prospectus could add up.

When starting any business, it is critical to conduct research and understand that there is risk involved. Regardless of categorization and cost.

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