10 Ways to Get Free or Very Cheap LEGOs Online.

How does one who wants LEGO builds at a low price go about shopping for it? What sites are the best for ordering builds? With the right strategy and a little flexibility, it’s possible to get LEGOs cheap and sometimes free. Let’s give you more details!

Cheap LEGOs Online

Overview of LEGOs Online

The Danish toy brick phenomenon, better known as “LEGO”, has been one of the most sought-after toy categories for decades.

Today’s kids are just as enthralled with the LEGO build kits as previous generations, and adults are getting into the culture with their own love for all things brick.

With sets ranging in price from $10 – $400, however, it is not an easy hobby to enter into a limited budget. Getting LEGO cheap will require work.

10 Ways to Get Free or Very Cheap LEGOs Online

Brick Boxes

This is another great way to get lots of LEGOs at a better price than in a branded set (like Star Wars or Ninjago).

These are just large boxes of bricks and some accessory pieces – they usually have hundreds of pieces in them! This is much better than getting a little character or special vehicle sets.

After they build those sets, they’re done! But the creativity continues with a large amount of non-specialty pieces. Then you can get a LEGO idea book. (I have a little review on 3 of the best ones later in this post.)

You can expect to pay anywhere from $0.05 – $0.12 per piece in these sets. If the price is more than that, check other sources to see if you can find it cheaper.

This compares to $0.25 – $0.50 per piece in the specialty sets!

Become a LEGO VIP Member

This is a free program that rewards its members nicely. By signing up, you are automatically alerted to the best deals for all LEGO customers.

In addition, you’ll get exclusive access to VIP member deals, usually resulting in a free gift with a purchase, a discount on your total purchase, free shipping, or bonus points.

You can register through the LEGO website, in person at a LEGO store, or by calling the Lego customer service number (1-800-453-4652.)

Cheap LEGOs Online


Ask friends whose kids have grown – find someone going off to college or getting married – they are often good candidates to want to get rid of childhood items.

Look at what our friends put together!

Buy in Bulk

Enter the Pick-a-Brick wall. Located at your local Lego store, the Pick-a-Brick wall offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of bricks at bulk pricing. You can buy a large cupful for about $16.

There are tricks to filling the cup so that you maximize your purchase. For instance, fill the little rim at the bottom with tiny pieces, then add your large, expensive pieces, then add smaller and smaller pieces.

Top off the cup with the itty-bitty pieces that shake down into the crevices.

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Calculate Shipping

LEGO can be expensive to ship. Look for sellers that combine shipping on multiple purchases and that offer reasonable shipping prices.

It’s not uncommon to find the shipping prices to be more than the LEGO lots themselves, but unless the lot is especially small, you’ll want to be paying more for the LEGO itself than the shipping.


Most people feel comfortable shopping for the large online retailer Amazon, especially during the holidays. With transparent pricing, hundreds of available sets, and free 2-day shipping for Prime members, it’s an easy way to buy.

It’s important to note that Amazon likes to list the MSRP as the actual price of the LEGO sets, then appear to discount them deeply.

Be sure to compare the prices on Amazon with retailers and don’t assume that 15% or 30% off really means it’s the lowest-priced alternative.

Enter a LEGO Building Contest

Are you confident in your LEGO-building skills? Want to show off your prowess, and win a free LEGO set as a reward? You can, and it’s easy to do.

Check out their Contests page to find open or upcoming contests you can enter. Contest winners can win shopping sprees, signed LEGO sets, and trips.

Order the Free LEGO Club Magazine

Did you know you can score free LEGO Magazine subscriptions for each child (age 5-9 years) in your household?

The magazine is mailed out 6 times a year and each issue is packed full of LEGO news and behind-the-bricks interviews, comic adventures, games, puzzles, building challenges, and Cool Creations built by LEGO fans, as well as sneak peeks at the latest sets and themes.

Also, rumor has it that these magazines may include occasional coupons to your local LEGO store.

Via Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great resource to use for getting free or discounted items. All you need is some time, an internet connection, and a little creativity.

Create an account, take some surveys watch some videos, and accumulate Swag Bucks.

Then redeem those Swag Bucks for Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Target gift cards, or PayPal cash. Then use your gift cards to purchase your LEGO set at your favorite store. You get the LEGO set you want without one cent coming out of your wallet.

Cheap LEGOs Online

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In a Nutshell

With the multiple methods for obtaining complimentary Lego® described above, it is likely that several options will be suitable for your needs.

Some approaches may necessitate minimal effort, while others might require additional time and dedication. Nonetheless, the prospect of acquiring free Lego may justify the investment.

Experiment with these strategies to decide the quantity of complimentary Lego you can accumulate.

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