Working While In College 2022: The Pros (Merits) and Cons (Demerits)

– Working While In College –

Working While In College: Over the years, because of the incessant economic hardship, many students choose to work part-time while also pursuing their academics.

Working While in College

Though to a large extent this is not out of place, the disadvantages that come with it sometimes outweigh the advantages.

If you are such a student passing through the huddles of schooling and working a part-time job; or you have the intention to toe such a path because I admire and salute your industrious spirit.

I will advise you to read through it you may find this article very beneficial.

Some Pros (Merits) of Working While in College

You Earn Extra Money

Working a part-time job is one of the perfect choices to overcome the financial burden. It provides you with some extra-legal cash to take good care of some school’s financial burdens. It is the first and most obvious benefit.

For some students, there really is no financial option except to work while in school. However, there is evidence to support that the benefits of working while in school go beyond mere money.

In fact, working a modest number of hours per week while in school leads to higher graduation rates for college students. The reasons for this are somewhat speculative, anyway.

You Get Working Experience and Connections

It will be great if you can find a job that applies to your ongoing studies. Studying and then properly implementing what you have learned will aid you a lot in your future career.

Few students get this amazing opportunity. It gives an edge in working experience.

Additionally, you will make smart connections with people working in the same industry as you.

For example, a student that works at Aussie Writing firm, while also having his major in writing, improved in his overall grades and knowledge since he started implementing his experiences.

It Teaches you how to Manage Time

Working while studying will help you prioritize your life in a much more efficient way, even when you are not at work.

Learning to balance your responsibilities will help you enormously when you will get into the work field, making your change period much shorter and smoother.

Some Pros (Merits) of Working While in College

It Exposes you

This is true for international students. Working a part-time job will offer you the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds. Living in such a diverse community will help you overcome cultural differences.

It can Provide Mentor-ship and Keeps one Constantly Connected to School

An on-campus job might have positive social benefits that increase the feeling of connection to the campus and keep students motivated and focused on finishing their classes.

In other words, a job might provide a mentor-ship either on- or off-campus and give students the opportunity to gain professional skills and important networking opportunities.

These may be powerful motivators to stay in school and could be one reason why those that work part-time are more likely to graduate. Working keeps them engaged with the campus community. Being engaged, in turn, helps them to focus on graduation.

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Some Cons (Demerits) of Working While in College

Some Cons (Demerits) of Working While in College

The Work Takes your Study Time

Part-time does not give you the luxury of time to study. When you have an important exam ahead, your commitment to your part-time job should not interfere with your learning performance.

Remember; if you neglect your studies only for some extra bucks, you will probably regret it in the future.

Social Life Deprivation. 

If you work and learn at the same time, your free time will slowly disappear. In order to study and work efficiently, you must have time for social activities and other activities that may relieve your stress.

Since you are not a robot, you need relaxation time. If you will not take this important time to recharge your batteries, you will soon experience some unpleasant consequences.

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It will Stress You

Work while having to study can leave you feeling burned out. College is already stressful, as such, adding to it a job will only increase your overall anxiety.

The advice is, if you do not think you are organized enough to handle this stress, quit the job or not get one in the first place.

It Can be Incompatible with Your Study

Most of the students have part-time jobs that are not relevant to their college studies. This is definitely a disadvantage because you will not have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned.

Imagine if you would work at a job which is related to your major, you will spend almost all day learning. The best part is that you will be able to put everything into practice and learn from previous experience.

It can interfere with the ability to gain Meaningful, Career-Related Experience Through Paid or Unpaid Internships

A paid job sometimes can interfere with your ability to gain meaningful, career-related experience through paid or unpaid internships.

Research by the Economic Policy Institute found that graduates, who complete internships during school are more likely to have higher average starting salaries right out of college than those who did not take part in internships.

Typically, internships will offer students a higher quality of work experience, more desirable to future employers, than a typical starting-wage, part-time job.

While some internship pays, many are unpaid and offer only the rewards of the work or, at best, academic credit during the semester.

However, they often do provide invaluable job experience and networking within a chosen field.

In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

Thus, as a student, before deciding to work while in schooling, examine your current situation. Remember that your number one priority is your studies.

However, in case you still want a part-time job, try to work in the same domain as your major.

However, if working in the same domain is not possible, you still have to merge your social skills and your resume.

Most likely, every job will improve your professional skills, even if it is not in your domain.

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