Can You Finally Open a Wawa Franchise in 2022? (Exact Cost + Review)

Do you wish to purchase a Wawa franchise and open a convenience store? Here is a list of the least expensive franchises to launch and how much it costs to open a Wawa franchise successfully if you are thinking about investing in one.

Wawa Franchise in 2022

About Wawa Franchise

Convenience stores and gas stations are part of the Wawa chain. It is Greater Philadelphia’s biggest store chain and third-largest food retailer.

Wawa Food Market, also known as Wawa, is a well-known convenience store chain that offers freshly prepared meals and beverages.

It specializes in a variety of soups and snacks, as well as made-to-order hoagies, freshly brewed coffee, hot breakfast sandwiches, and specialty drinks.

They initially constructed a dairy farm on a piece of property in Pennsylvania’s Wawa rural community. The use of a goose in Wawa’s corporate emblem is due to this.

Financial Plan For A Wawa Franchise

The Wawa franchise has piqued the interest of many people. The Wawa Company does not, however, currently offer franchises.

Currently, you cannot own the franchise. The firm’s website has all the information you need if you want to learn more about the Wawa Franchise.

On the website, there is a form that you may fill out and submit to the administrator with your inquiry. They’ll respond to your query.

How to Open a Wawa Franchise

It is not possible to franchise Wawa locations. The public can choose from other franchises for convenience stores, nevertheless.

Although you cannot open a Wawa franchise location, you might want to have a look at the options we have provided.

Wawa is still a privately held company, and the owners have no immediate plans to franchise the locations. The business recently revealed certain revenue-related financial data.

It demonstrates how strong and growing Wawa’s capacity to sell goods in its stores has become in recent years.

Financial Investment Required to Open Wawa Franchise

Many individuals want to know if Wawa Inc. franchises its business so they can invest in the franchise.

Wawa Franchise in 2022

Unfortunately, this business does not provide franchises. Wawa does not currently allow franchise ownership of its stores, so you cannot own one.

If you’d like to find out how much the Wawa franchise costs, try using their website, to contact them.

You can submit your question to the administrator by filling out a form on the website. If you have any inquiries about whether Wawa sells franchises or how much the Wawa franchise costs, they will undoubtedly react.

Facts About Wawa Franchise

Total UnitsMore than 900
Incorporated NameWawa Inc.
Franchising SinceDoes Not Allow Franchising
IndustryConvenience Store
SubsectorFood and Beverage; Gasoline Stations

The beginnings of Wawa may be dated around 1803 as an organization that dealt with iron foundries.

George Wood, the business’s proprietor, changed his interest in dairy farming in 1902, focusing on providing milk.

Due to the company’s ability to guarantee clients of quality and cleanliness in the absence of pasteurization at the time, it went on to become successful.

Doctors confirmed their milk is safe for youngsters to drink, preventing illness. Grahame Wood, a grandson of Wood, founded a store to market their dairy goods as home deliveries became less popular. The original Wawa Food Market location was this one.

Wawa’s Ranking in the Retail Products & Services Industry

The well-established U.S. retail products and services sector relies on a robust distribution network for all different kinds of retail businesses.

The market offers a wide range of products, including food, clothing, furniture, jewelry, and many others.

One in five Americans works in the industry’s subsector for retailers. Additionally, independent and privately held retailers make up 95% of the entire retail sector.

Over the retail sector supports 42 million jobs, which directly employs 29 million people. It contributes 5.5% to the GDP and generates sales of almost $5.3 trillion annually.

We have observed a range of investment amounts for the retail enterprises we have investigated, starting at $8,800 and rising to $14,261,150.

It could be a very large retail space in a busy area or a little shop in a nearby neighborhood, depending on the type of retail business you pick.

Additionally, according to our analysis, the typical market price is 2.5%, and the typical royalty fee is roughly 5.7%.

Annual Sales and Revenue on Average

In 2020, Wawa is expected to produce roughly $13 billion. They are also ranked number 23 on Forbes’ ranking of the biggest private corporations in America.

They come in third place among Americans who earn billions of dollars among privately held gas stations and convenience businesses, according to Statista.

Pilot Flying J takes the top rank, and Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores come in second. If you’ve ever driven through the Midwest, you’re probably already familiar with these chains.

According to PhillyMag in 2018, Wawa needs to generate $19 billion in revenue to catch up to 7-Eleven, another well-known global chain that is controlled by Tokyo-based Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd.

Benefits of Owning a Wawa Franchise

Each type of business has a unique mix of benefits and difficulties. I’ve mentioned some of the competitive advantages of the business to serve as a guide for you as you decide which one is best for you.


Wawa opens new locations quickly. Wawa intends to add more locations in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia in 2021, as can be seen on their website’s Coming Soon page.

Additionally, drive-through locations and curbside pickup services are planned.

If you ever get the opportunity to franchise with them, you’ll be certain that you’re working with a business that is planning for the future.

Variety of Menus

Families can choose from a variety of quick dinner options on their drive home. You can have more faith that Wawa will change with the times knowing that they’ll be introducing new products and innovating.

Present Day

Wawa appears to be current with all current business trends, demonstrating that the people in charge of this business take the time to conduct research.

Customers of Wawa can participate in a rewards program. You can also use their online delivery service.

Even a smartphone app is available to simply place orders. Wawa continues to enjoy a devoted following because shopping there is convenient.

Own Branding

The best thing about Wawa is that they sell their own goods like milk, beer, ice cream, and juice in bottles.

It promotes who they are and will keep spreading the word about them. So that they can grow more quickly, let’s hope they release additional things.

Problems with a Wawa Franchise

Wawa isn’t ideal, which brings up the question of what difficulties there might be in franchising this company. Here are a few drawbacks you might encounter.

Wawa Franchise in 2022

Significant Rivals

Even while Wawa is already well-known, they have larger rivals, you have to admit. Still to be noted are Speedway, Casey’s General Stores, and 7-Eleven.

Either Wawa Inc. needs to create more stores quickly to compete with the likes of these well-known brands, or they need to make franchising possible so that more outlets can spring up.

Whatever the case, Wawa needs to grow quickly to keep up with the competition and branch out into new regions like the Western United States where the brand is less well-known.


Wawa may have over 900 stores, yet they are all dispersed over only a few states. They ought to think about setting up additional locations in regions they haven’t yet covered if they want to become more well-known.

A national marketing strategy to increase the company’s visibility would be necessary for a successful expansion.


There have been rumors that Wawa is involved in a lawsuit involving more than 1,200 employees. The claim in the complaint was that Wawa shared its stock with its employees up to retirement. But it didn’t go like that.

This casts a negative light on Wawa. Furthermore, if you managed a franchise for this business, you might receive questions about it and applicants might be afraid to come to your location.

Franchise Overview for Wawa

The majority of Wawa’s 800+ U.S. locations are in Florida and the Mid-Atlantic region. Coffee, Hoagies, Prepared Foods, Gas, Beverages, Snacks, Dairy Products, and Salads are all available at Wawa.

Wawa engages in activities related to gas stations, retail, petroleum products, and fuels in the industry of convenience stores.

Contrary to supermarkets, grocery shops, and other businesses that focus primarily on in-store sales of groceries and other things of daily usage, Wawa is renowned for the milk products it provides to customers who are on the go.

Wawa now has a smartphone app for online ordering and checkout for the convenience of its customers.

How Much Profit Does Wawa Make?

Since Wawa is a privately held business, it is difficult to find out how much money they make. However, to remind you, Wawa’s sales in 2020 were $13 billion.

This year, the company plans to add more locations with drive-thru service, so sales and profits for the idea should keep rising.

What Makes Wawa So Popular?

Wawa is well-known for many things, but one of them is the chain’s dedication to client happiness.

Wawa frequently receives favorable ratings from customers and is known for its tidy, well-stocked stores and welcoming staff.

Additionally, many frequently consider Wawa’s food selections to be superior to those of competing convenience store brands.

Last but not least, the chain is a practical choice for many customers due to its widespread availability throughout the Northeastern United States.

Wawa Franchise in 2022

In Summary

Wawa stores are not available for franchising. However, there are alternative convenience store franchises available to the public.

You cannot open a Wawa franchise store but you might want to consider the alternatives we have listed above.

Wawa remains privately held and ownership does not plan on making the stores franchised anytime soon.

The company recently disclosed some financial information regarding revenue. It shows that Wawa’s ability to sell goods in its stores is strong and has shown signs of growth in recent years.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not possible to franchise Wawa locations. The public can choose from other franchises for convenience stores, nevertheless. Although you cannot open a Wawa franchise location, you might want to have a look at the options we have provided.

Many members of the Wood family work for the business. Wawa is a family-run firm, but its employees control almost 50% of the business, including more than 40% through the company’s employee equity ownership program.

At the time of the 17th of October 2022, there were 980 Wawa retail locations nationwide. With 277 retail locations, or nearly 28% of all Wawa sites in the US, New Jersey is the state with the most Wawa outlets.

According to the corporation, annual sales is $10 billion. (Wawa also claims to be profitable, but won’t provide details or how much of its income comes from selling gas.)

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