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Easy Ways to Get Free Shoes: Many big shoe brands offer product testing programs to their customers, but more as a way to evaluate how well their shoes are performing on real people. Whatever the reason, you can get a brand new pair of shoes without spending a penny. In the article below, I present several ways to do it.

Get Free Shoes

What  Companies Give Out Free Shoes Online?

Popular shoe companies value the customer’s feedback. So in many cases, they offer free shoes in exchange for your honest opinion. The companies which run product testing programs include:

New Balance

The New Balance athletic shoes, some of the most popular shoes on the market, is also on the lookout for qualified product testers.

And in order to qualify, the company simply asks that you submit your email address, where you will be sent a profile in which you will fill out to let the company know more about you.

Once completed, you’re automatically entered into the New Balance Tester Community database.

Now, if your profile is what the company is looking for, they will then notify you of a new prototype test, and if you choose to take part in the test, the New Balance prototypes will be sent directly to your doorstep for FREE.

Once you receive them, try them out and be sure to log into your account to ensure you’re following the directions as each study will vary.


Brooks products undergo severe tests before they hit the market. The last part of the tests is asking runners how the products prove themselves in the real world.

As a Brooks product tester, you need to support the process of creating better Brooks gear and give in-depth feedback. Be ready to return the product when requested (they will send you a shipment label).


ASICS Roadtest and FrontRunner

The ASICS testing programs are currently available in New Zealand as the Roadtest program and the United Kingdom as the FrontRunner program.

The New Zealand program seems to be under some reconstruction at the moment, but its website states that it’s coming soon. To be a tester for the FrontRunner program, you’ll need to be a runner.

ASICS wants frequent runners to test out their running shoes and provide feedback.

You’ll also need to spend some free time in running shoes and go places with them so you’ll have the opportunity to talk to others about your ASICS shoes!

The program doesn’t always accept new members, but you can sign up for emails to alert you to new openings. Once you become a member, you’ll be in the program for a year.


Puma has a testing program, as well. However, this one is open only at specific times.

To take part, download the free Pumatrac App in the Apple Store or the GooglePlay Store. Then you will get access to an application form. If you are selected, you will receive a pair of shoes to test for three weeks.

The company expects from you some feedback in the form of a survey, videos, and photos.

The good part? After you submit your testing results and your feedback, you become the owner of the shoes.


Want to get free Nike samples of shoes? You can sign up for the Voice of the Athlete program, which is Nike’s product testing program.

The sign-up process is pretty in-depth for this program because Nike looks specifically for people who run or are active in some other way.

You’ll need to provide information about the type of running or exercise you do, how often, etc. Once you become a member, you’ll get sent invites to new testing opportunities that you match with.

If you accept, Nike will send you the shoes for free.

You’ll test them for a few weeks and then send them back to Nike for free so the company can evaluate your wear and tear on the shoes.

Nike even allows kids to join in the fun, but parents will need to sign up for them. If you live near one of the Nike testing locations, you can apply to be an on-site tester, but most people choose to be an at-home tester.

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