Where are My Voicemail Messages?

Did you miss that call and you can’t see a trace of the voicemail that was sent for you. It’s totally okay to ask questions like ”where are my voicemail messages?”. 

Where are My Voicemail Messages?

Voice mail messages are great when you can’t pick up a call at the moment but you can still receive the message sent to you by the sender.

To put simply Voice mail acts in your absence, instead of missing that important call, they can as well leave a message.

Most people have voicemail accounts through their cell phones or landline phones, but things can get a bit difficult when you don’t have access to your phone or if you recently switched voicemail systems. 

How to Check for your Voicemail Messages

Here are the different ways you can find your voicemail messages:

Click your notification: When you get a voicemail, you can check your message from the notification on your phone.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Tap Voicemail 

Call your voicemail: If you’ve tried the message method and it doesn’t work then you should call your voicemail

  • Open the Phone app 
  • At the bottom, tap Dialpad 
  • Touch and hold 1.

View Voicemails as a List in your Phone App

If you use some mobile service providers or devices, you can equally view a transcript of your voicemails.

The availability may vary by country or region.  And the transcription is only available in English and Spanish on Android 8.0 and up.

Here’s how to turn on your voicemail transcription:

  • Open the Phone app 
  • Click More options > Settings Voicemail.
  • Turn on Voicemail transcription.

Tips on How to See your Voice Mail Messages

Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • If you don’t have the “Voicemail transcription” option and use a supported carrier or device, make sure you turn on visual voicemail.
  • If you want to send a transcript to someone else, tap Share and tap the app you want to use.
  • When you put on voicemail transcription, Google transcribes new and old voicemails.
  • Google makes use of computers to transcribe voicemails and doesn’t associate them with your Google Account. The voicemails are temporarily stored by Google and are stored on your phone.
  • If you turn off voicemail transcription, the recordings and transcriptions from your Phone app will be deleted.
  • You can also send in your voicemail transcripts and recordings to help Google improve transcription technology. Donated voicemails may be reviewed by humans but will not be associated with your phone number or Google Account.

Your voicemail messages can be stored in any folder of your phone, all you have to do is locate them. With the tips provided above, finding your voicemail messages will not be a hassle for you.

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