What is a Good Message for Voicemail?

What is a Good Message for Voicemail? If you have been asking this question, then look no further, as this guide seeks to give you some of the perfect messages you might need for your voicemail. 

What is a Good Message for Voicemail?

Having a good message for your voicemail has a way of speaking about your values and character as a person. 

Some people say that appearance can be deceptive, it is the same thing with voice. Just so you know, Voicemail greetings are a perfect example of that.

People can get bored when they keep hearing the same message over and over again, in fact they may feel it sounds more like R2-D2 than a human being, so they hang up immediately without passing the message they wanted to.

So having a good message for your voicemail helps you in more ways than one

Benefits of a Good Message for your Voicemail

The benefits are numerous but we will list a few. As soon as your voicemail message is right, you would begin to experience some of the benefits listed below, especially in your workspace.

Every Call is Stored

With voicemails, you don’t have to worry about missing important calls. It is a convenient way of having everything in place.

The communications are recorded in a system, proving that they are not just passing remarks. 

And of course, it works perfectly for the quality of your customer service.

Growing Brand Identity

This one is affected by all perks. There is a good probability that you will be well-liked in your company if you have a good voicemail message. Customers will recommend you to others.

They will view you as a reputable, professional company, and you’ll appear to be completely dedicated to your professional growth.

And trust us, people pick that up quickly. They’ll come to realize they can depend on you. 

Examples of Good Messages for Voicemail

Here are some examples of great messages for your voicemail:

  • “Hi, you’ve reached [your company name]. Currently, we’re not able to answer your phone. We’re available from Monday to Friday from [X hour] to [Y hour]. Leave your message after the tone and we’ll call you back ASAP. You can also contact us through live chat on our website [web link] or via email [your address]. Thank you for calling!”
  • “Hi, you’ve reached [your name] from [your company name]. Currently, I’m recharging my batteries in Acapulco, so I’ll have the energy to help you out. I’m back on [specific date]. Leave your message after the tone and I’ll call you back when I’m home!”

Some of the messages above show how your voicemail messages will attract the right customer base. So it is important to have great messages for your voicemail.

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