Total Wireless Cell Phone Plans 2021 Updates: Choosing the Right Plan

Most times getting to choose the right plan for yourself; you will have to consider so many factors. But, if you need a well-priced prepaid plan without the frills, check out the Total Wireless cell phone plan. Total Wireless offers a lot of well affordable plans, so I will be analyzing this article to help you make the right choice.

Total Wireless Cell Phone Plans 2021 Updates: Choosing the Right Plan

In this article, you get to read on;

Still, these plans aren’t so easy to find or understand, especially if you stick with the “big four” providers. This is where Total Wireless shines.

It specializes in no-contract plans and no hidden fees, making it easier to know exactly what you’re getting at signup.

What is Total Wireless?

What is Total Wireless?

Total Wireless is a pay-as-you-go wireless provider offering prepaid service without the long-term contracts that are all but standard in the industry.

Signup comes with no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills; it’s all prepaid and no age limits on service. And you can do it online.

It offers good value and solid coverage. Bring your own device or choose from plans that include phones and all plans come with unlimited talk and text.

Total Wireless maintains a few notable, global relationships with major manufacturers, such as Motorola and LG, enabling them to offer high-quality devices and features that most new customers are looking for at decent prices.

Phones purchased for use with Total Wireless plans range from $9.99 to $399.99.

Total Wireless cell phone plans

They have individual plans and shared options for families, all with unlimited talk and text. Most plans are monthly, so they reset every 30 days, but Total Wireless does offer one extended plan that is good for 90 days.

Individual Plans:

  • Unlimited talk and text (no data): $25
  • 5GB: $35
  • Unlimited: $50
  • 15GB (90 days): $90

Family Plan:

  • 30GB (shared): $60, two lines max
  • 60GB (shared): $85, three lines max
  • 100GB (shared): $100, four lines max

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Features of Total Wireless

Customize your Total Wireless to your specific needs with add-ons, accessories, and other features.

  • Add-on cards available. Add-On Carryover Data Cards and $10 Global Calling cards can extend your data or combine international calling.
  • Autopay discount. Get 5% off your monthly charges by enrolling in automatic refills.
  • Mobile Hotspots. Get Internet on the go in specific ZIP codes.
  • Total Wireless uses Verizon’s network. Enjoy the coverage that comes with being on one of the major four networks.
  • Bring your own device. Select from high-quality devices for purchase, or check the compatibility of your current one for further savings.

What to Watch Out for?

Pay-as-you-go providers effectively resell the talk, text, and data of big carriers: which comes with a few key differences.

  • Limited speeds. Total Wireless is an MVNO that uses Verizon’s network, so don’t be surprised by typical speeds of 5 Mbps for downloads and 2 Mbps for uploads.
  • No international texting. Total Wireless does not support this service.

How Total Wireless Compares on Prices

How Total Wireless Compares on Prices
  2GB or less 3-5GB 6-9GB 10-25GB Unlimited
*Project Fi customers pay $20 for unlimited talk and text. Data is billed at a rate of $10 per gigabyte.
**Republic Wireless customers pay $15 for unlimited talk and text. Data is billed at a rate of $5 per gigabyte.
AT&T GoPhone $35 (1GB)   $50 (8GB)   $65
Boost Mobile   $35 (3GB)     $50
Cricket Wireless $25 (talk and text only)


$30 (2GB)

$40 (5GB)     $55
Metro by T-Mobile $30 (2GB)     $40 (10GB) $50
Net10 $20 (1GB) $35 (4GB) $40 (8GB) $50 (10GB)


$60 (12GB)

Project Fi*
  • $20 (talk, text and Wi-Fi)
  • $30 (1GB)
  • $40 (2GB)
  • $50 (3GB)
  • $60 (4GB)
  • $70 (5GB)
$80 (6GB+)   $80
Republic Wireless**
  • $15 (talk, text and Wi-Fi)
  • $20 (1GB)
  • $25 (2GB)
  • $30 (3GB)
  • $35 (4GB)
  • $40 (5GB)
  • $45 (6GB)
  • $50 (7GB)
  • $55 (8GB)
  • $60 (9GB)
$65 (10GB) N/A
Sprint prepaid   $45 (4GB)     $65
Straight Talk Wireless $30 (1,500 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB data) $35 (3GB)   $45 (25GB) $55
T-Mobile prepaid       $40 (10GB) $50
Total Wireless $25 (talk and text only) $35 (5GB)     $50
Tracfone $20 (1GB)


$25 (2GB)

$30 (3GB)      
U.S. Cellular prepaid $30 (talk and text only) $40 (5GB)     $55
Verizon prepaid $30 (1GB)   $40 (6GB) $50 (16GB) $70
Virgin Mobile   $35 (5GB)   $45 (10GB) $60




1. Will my Total Wireless phone roam?

No, Total Wireless phones do not roam. You’ll get nationwide coverage at the same price of a local call.

2. How often do I need to refill a Total Wireless plan?

You must refill your service plan every 30 days to keep your phone active. You can enroll your account for automatic refills that come with a 5% discount on your plan costs.

3. Where can I use my Total Wireless phone?

Total Wireless offers coverage across the US on Verizon’s trusted network. Use Total’s online Service Area Map to see if your area is covered.

4. Is Total Wireless on a GSM network?

Short answer: no. Total Wireless uses the Verizon network, which is a CDMA network.

5. Can I tether my Total Wireless phone?

That is, surf the internet on your computer while using your phone’s data; it’s technically against the terms of service. That means you risk getting a warning or worse yet, getting your account shut down; if Total Wireless finds out.

6. How do I sign up for Total Wireless?

Buy a service plan with Total Wireless online or at a participating Walmart location. You can check the compatibility of your current phone and add on features as part of signup.

In conclusion, Total Wireless may be your cheapest option for data on Verizon’s network — among the most trusted networks for solid coverage.

Plans come with transparent costs and no contracts with the option of adding a few “extras” typical of major carriers.

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