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-Pallet Recycling Near Me-

Creating an additional source of income is an important step toward financial freedom and a great way to increase your net worth. A simple idea like becoming a recycling entrepreneur can help you earn extra money and positively influence your financial future. In this article, we’ll be answering the question, Pallet Recycling Near Me.

Places To Sell Recycle Wood Pallets Near Me

Pallets are essential in businesses for the transportation and storage of most products. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have a better way of disposing of used pallets.

They either leave them to rot on their property, toss them into landfills, or burn them in a fire pit—possibly because they don’t know what to do with them or how to get rid of pallets.

But did you know you can make money by recycling wood pallets? Great business ideas emerge from identifying and meeting a community’s needs.

Wood Pallet Industry Statistics in the US

Before you recycle wood pallets for money, you should first understand the overall picture of the wood pallet industry in the United States so that you can clearly understand the pros and cons.

Here is a rundown of some key statistics that will provide you with a comprehensive picture of the pallet industry in the United States:

  • Currently, over 2 billion pallets are in use across the country.
  • In North America, the pallet market for both new and estimated refurbished pallets is worth $17 billion.
  • They manufactured 476 million new pallets in 2011, while 474 million used pallets were recovered from landfills.
  • 326 million of the 474 million recovered pallets were reusable as pallets, while they repurposed the remaining 148 million wood pallets for other ideas.
  • For every 100 pallets sold, they use 43 for wood pallet recycling or recovery.
  • The pallet recycling industry has expanded dramatically. Only 51 million wood pallets were recovered in 1992. By 2011, this figure had risen to 474 million pallets.

More Information on Wood Pallet Industry Statistics in the US

As these statistics show, people continue to dispose of millions of pallets in landfills. This presents a problem and an opportunity.

 Instead of complaining or contributing to the problem, you can turn it into an income-generating opportunity by figuring out a better way to dispose of used pallets.

 And what could be better than recycling wood pallets for money by selling them to local wood pallet brokers?


How Much can you Sell a Pallet For?

Pallet Recycling Near Me

You should have a rough idea of how much you can make per pallet so you can weigh your options and decide whether the pay is worth your time. The cost of a recycled pallet ranges from $0.50 to $4 per pallet.

But why is there such a price difference? When determining how much you can sell a pallet for, several factors come into play. The size, condition, and several wood pallets you have are the most important.

These factors will influence how much pallet buyers in your area will pay for your recycled wood pallets.

What are the Wood Pallet Price Factors?

Below is the list of the wood pallet price factor:

1. Condition

This is the most important factor in determining how much they pay you per pallet. New pallets in good condition that require minimal repair for reuse are more appealing to pallet recycling companies.

However, don’t be discouraged if you come across pallets in poor condition; you can still make money from them regardless of their condition. Many pallet recycling services will pay you less for pallets in poor condition.

You could get a little more for your wood if you’re willing and able to repair damaged pallets. Typically, recycling services will repurpose wood pallets into mulch, so even if they’re in poor condition, you’ll be able to use them.

2. Size

The size of your pallet is the second factor that will determine how much a pallet buyer will pay you. Larger pallets in good condition will always fetch more money than smaller ones in poor condition.

The standard pallet size in the United States is 48′′ x 40′′ and weighs 37 pounds. Next most common pallet sizes are 42′′ x 42′′ and 48′′ x 48′′.

You should be able to find a seller for any size pallet as long as it is in good condition.

3. Quantity

This may not affect your price per pallet, but the total number of pallets you have will factor into the total payout you should expect. The more pallets you have, the more money you can make.

If you can find many pallets in good condition of receiving a higher rate and increasing your total earnings.

However, you can expect to make more money from a whole truck of pallets in poor condition than from a few in excellent condition. So it’s a safe bet that the more pallets you have to sell, the more money you’ll make.

Other Factors

Other factors that influence the price paid per pallet include where you live, the number of pallet recycling companies nearby, and how much each pallet buyer will pay.

If there are a lot of local recycling companies near you, it shows that the demand for used pallets is high, and you will receive competitive rates. 

For instance, let’s say you find two great clients willing to pay you $2 for each pallet in good shape. If each one asks you to deliver 150 pallets per week, it means that you can get paid $600 per week.

Where can i Find Wood Pallets for Free?

There are many locations where you can get low-cost or free wood pallets. They can dispose of pallets of in a variety of locations, including local businesses looking to get rid of their pallets.

Businesses that receive large quantities of goods or manufacture and sell large quantities of products are ideal places to find pallets for recycling.

Here is a list of common places where you can find free or low-cost pallets:

  • Manufacturing or processing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Retail outlets
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Small businesses
  • Cruise ship docks
  • Trucking terminals
  • Airfreight terminals
  • Tire shops
  • Ports
  • Construction sites
  • Landfills
  • -Many people place ads here to have their pallets collected for free.
  • -They have a section on their website for selling and buying pallets.

More Information on Where you can find Wood Pallets for Free

There are even businesses that give away their shipping pallets. Call your local Walmart, Tractor Supply, The Home Depot, or Lowe’s; they almost certainly have a location near you and are looking to get rid of their pallets.

Most of these businesses do not have enough warehouse space to store unused pallets, and it is not uncommon to see idle and unused pallets lying around on their property.

As a result, they will be delighted to have someone get rid of them for free. Simply approach the owner or manager and pitch your idea of removing them for free.

Can I Take Wood Pallets from Behind Stores for Free?

If you see pallets lying idle behind stores or business premises, assume that they are not free and contact the owner. While some businesses will give you their pallets for free, others may sell them or have someone dispose of them on their behalf.

However, most businesses prefer that their pallets be removed. You can try bargaining with pallet owners who dispose of them for a fee if you schedule regular pickups.

Negotiation is an excellent survival skill when trying to make money.


Where can I Sell my Wood Pallets Near me?

Where can I Sell my Wood Pallets Near me?

 So far, you’ve learned that you can recycle wood pallets for cash, but you might be wondering, “Where can I sell my wood pallets near me?”

The good news is that, depending on where you live, there are several places where you can sell your recycled pallets and earn decent money, such as a recycling facility, a private recycling company, or an individual buyer.

Below are the top places to sell your wood pallets.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular site for reselling recycled goods. If you go to the Buy & Sell section, you will find advertisements from people looking to sell or buy pallets.

If you don’t find a buyer right away, you can create your own ad to sell your recycled wood pallets. The good news is that most cities allow you to post an ad on Craigslist for free.

It’s also a good place to get cheap wood pallets for resale.

2. Local Manufacturers

Before you look for another market for your recycled wood pallets, check with your local manufacturing companies to see if they need any. If you can’t find a buyer locally, purchasing the pallets may be pointless.

Visit local retail stores and their offices, or call to see if they are interested in purchasing pallets. Negotiate with manufacturers to determine how much they will pay for recycled pallets.

3. Kamps Pallet

Kamps is a top pallet broker and recycler with over 45 years of industry experience. They have locations in most major cities, but you can also sell pallets by contacting Kamps Pallet via their website to have them picked up.

The volume and location of your haul-away services will be determined by your location. Kamps will pay a reasonable price for any recycled wood pallets that can be repaired and resold.

4. National Wooden Pallet Container and Association

The National Wooden Pallet Container and Association is a pallet broker with a website that lists companies that buy and sell wooden pallets.

You can use their website to find pallet buyers near you who are interested in purchasing wooden pallets.

5. North American Pallet Recycling Network

Pallet Recycling Near Me

Another pallet broker is North American Pallet Recycling Network, which has a recycling network throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

It is a marketplace that connects generators and recyclers in order to promote pallet recycling. It’s a great place to go if you have some recycled pallets for sale because there’s bound to be a buyer nearby.

6. Atlantic Pallet Exchange

Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi all have APE locations. They accept and purchase the most commonly used pallet sizes.

Atlantic Pallet Exchange may also purchase unusual or custom pallets from you or simply recycle them as a service.

If you live in one of the seven states where they operate, it is a great place to make money selling recycled wooden pallets.


Whether you’re looking for buyers or places to pick up pallets for free, is a great place to start. They have a section of their website dedicated to wood pallet buyers and sellers, making it simple to find buyers for recycled pallets.

8. Local pallet Delivery Companies

Although you may not make much money, selling to local pallet companies near you may be a good idea, especially if you have excess inventory.

The white pages or the local phone book can help you quickly locate local pallet delivery companies in your area. A simple Google search for “local pallet delivery companies” + “your zip code” will also yield results in your area.

 Wood pallet recyclers prefer to sell to these companies because it saves time and gas while also supporting smaller recycling facilities.

9. Woodworking or Furniture School

Wood pallets will be required for teaching and learning purposes in woodworking or furniture schools. As a result, they are viable options for selling your recycled pallets.

You can look through local technical college listings for woodworking or furniture-making schools in your area, or you can contact local schools to see if they offer woodworking classes.


You’ve got it! As you can see, recycling wood pallets for money does not require a large initial investment. It’s an excellent way to start recycling business with minimal risk.

It’s an excellent side job for someone who owns a pickup truck or a utility trailer. Why not give this side hustles a shot and see how it goes for you?

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