How You Should Price Used Furniture to Get the Best Deals

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Price Used Furniture to Get the Best Deals: Pricing furniture is notoriously difficult thanks to the sheer variety of pieces. You can’t exactly sell at market value, and you don’t want to walk away knowing you could have made more money. 

Used Furniture

All furniture depreciates after it has seen some bad days, and not all used furniture sells easily. Knowing what kind of used furniture that sells best can help.

Pricing Used Furniture to Get the Best Deals

Finding the perfect price for selling furniture can be difficult but there are some general rules for the trade.

1. Buff the Couch Up!

To make the most money your furniture has to attract the right buyers and one of the best ways to ensure that is to clean, polish, and brush your furniture up, stitch up tears, clean up the cigar stains your Aunt left since last Christmas.

The more presentable or new your furniture appears the more negotiation power you possess. Therefore you stand a chance of making some heavy bucks from your late Grandpa’s old couch or rocking chair.

2. Look at the Quality

You need to be realistic when considering what condition your furniture is in, it’s pretty old anyways not fresh from a showroom downtown.

Price Used Furniture


Try to look at the piece from the buyer’s point of view, rather from the sentimental viewpoint that you no doubt have when you have lived with the piece for some time.

Furnitures of different makes have different values and attract different prices. You cant sell furniture made of softwood with simple fitting the same as one made of polished Chinese Mahogany with intricate joints etc.

3. Style Matters

Some styles sell better than others. A neutral, contemporary style might do better than something that’s more specialized or period-specific unless that style happens to be in demand.

Gothic and Mid-century modern is a specialized style that continues to do well, and if you have any used retro furniture, you may be in luck.

Retro or vintage furniture seems to be a perennial favorite and usually can find an active market.

While modern retro pieces may not gain value from the manufacturer’s or designer’s brand (few do), the cool vintage design has emotional value for buyers and may fetch a relatively high price, even if it was mass-produced.

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4. Scout Your Competition

Head online and see some of the similar furniture styles to see how yours fits. For example, a big, plaid couch will sell for significantly less than a plain-colored one, at least until plaid comes back in style.

Go on Craigslist and eBay and check what other people are selling similar items for and how much they go for.

You want to get the best price for your furniture, while the buyer is looking for the best deal. It might seem that both of you are looking for completely different things, but there is a meeting point: the place where both of you find value in the transaction.

5. Create an Attractive Ad

If you’re doing the selling yourself you need to present your furniture in the best possible light. Take really good pictures of your furniture if you’re selling online and make sure to tell your furnitures story to make it a bit more interesting.

People love the mythical and will pay more for an old rickety bed if they think they are buying an antiquated relic. It makes them feel bougie.

6. Consider the Size

Of course, Twin beds will go for way more than single bunks would do not let your quest to secure the bag to lead you to try and pitch an old single seater couch chair to potential buyers for the prize of a California and a convertible bed-couch.

7. Use Incentives

If you are holding a yard sale, throw in some special deals while negotiating to persuade buyers to purchase the more costly pieces of furniture like saying a two-for-one or offer or free coupons.

Potential buyers will feel the need to make more purchasers if they feel they are cheating you out of some old newspaper coupons which are practically worth close to nothing. But hey, business right? Touche!

8. Learn How to Negotiate

After all these requirements have been met the last selling price determinant resides in your palm, whether you sell your drawer for cheap or not depends on your skills to negotiate.

Price Used Furniture

You don’t need to be the Wolf of Wall Street, all you need is the most basic skills in choosing and sticking to a price, you’re selling a dresser not a Yacht after all.

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