8 Gaslighting Text Messages & Phrases in Relationships That Kills Love

Are you looking for the best gaslighting text messages? We’ve got the ideal gaslighting text messages that will help you in your relationship. All of it is in your head. I uttered the phrase, “I never said that.” Simply put, it was a joke.

Gaslighting Text Messages

 It can make you doubt your own agency when a love partner utilizes such seemingly innocent terms to deny your reality or invalidate your emotions.

 Such gaslighting statements can cause mental devastation in the individual who is being used in a relationship.

Gaslighting is a harmful psychological technique that is used exclusively to establish domination and feel powerful over the other person.

However, It is a categorical instance of emotional abuse that may have a damaging effect on the recipient’s emotional well-being.

Gaslighting remarks are frequently the go-to tactic of cunning people, especially narcissists, who use them to dominate others, undermine people’s self-esteem, and confuse them.

Since emotional gaslighting can cause a person to lose their sense of reality and become unable to distinguish between fact and fiction, it is frequently difficult to handle.

You can avoid being gaslighted by knowing these popular phrases. Never forget that you are the authority on yourself. Listen to your gut and check in with yourself. Consider the benefit to the other person if you decide to believe them.

How Do You Gaslight Someone Over Text?

  1. “You can’t handle a joke”
  2. “You’re reacting too strongly,”
  3. “I’m a terrible boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/etc.,” I say.
  4. “I never said that/I never did that/That’s not what I meant,”

Relationships with Gaslighting Phrases That Kill Love

What are some abusive examples of gaslighting? How can I recognise a gaslighting tactic?

How should I react when my partner makes crazy accusations about me? If you’ve been thinking about these kinds of issues.

you might be able to detect that something is awry when your spouse distorts your words to their advantage or utilises sarcasm, biting jokes, or outright denial to avoid taking responsibility for their behaviour.

Let’s look at gaslighting expressions that are most frequently employed in relationships to assist you determine the validity of your hunch and determine whether you are, in fact, being influenced by your significant other.

1. Stop Being so Dramatic

You will hear statements like this frequently if you live with a gaslighter.

In order to make you feel guilty for exaggerating a problem, your gaslighting spouse or partner will undoubtedly dismiss your worries as unimportant and irrational.

A statement like this will make you question your memory of the incident, even if it wasn’t exaggerated. This could be among the most harmful terms gaslighters use on you.

Your partner may be aware that you are not exaggerating at all, yet she or he nonetheless makes this statement to cast doubt on your credibility.

2. Stop Being so Unsure of Yourself

Because these niggling concerns in your mind serve their goal, a typical gaslighter personality will never allow you to get over them.

Your spouse might even reinforce them. When you express worry to them, they will focus on hurting your feelings rather than reflecting on their own behaviour.

They can get away with their own terrible behaviour by blaming their anxieties for the current problem if there is one. This is the most typical gaslighting phrasing used in relationships.

3. Stop Taking the Whole Thing so Critically

You might be wondering what it means to gaslight somebody. Gaslighting can be defined as any technique used to make you feel less valid, and this phrase fits the bill.

A sociopath or narcissist will say such damaging things and take all actions necessary to change the victim’s perception.

The next time someone does this to you, consider why you shouldn’t take them seriously if it is emotionally upsetting you.

It’s serious if it affects you. Simple as that.

4. You’re Being Overly Jealous

A narcissist may purposefully stir up the victim’s feelings of jealousy in order to feel important and in control of the relationship. By using this technique, they have great

validation. They don’t care how much pain they might be inflicting you since it boosts their own self-esteem.

This is the most horribly manipulative form of gaslighting that may occur in a relationship.

According to Juhi, a manipulative or abusive individual could use such words because they get their kicks from making their spouse dependent on them.

5. You’re Just Acting Unreasonable

Another common phrase used by those with gaslighter personalities. According to Juhi, gaslighters frequently claim to have done nothing wrong.

And what better way to achieve it than to place the responsibility on you by disparaging you as paranoid and dismissing your suspicion as a pointless idea that shouldn’t be given any attention?

The most typical gaslighting words in relationships include “You are just being paranoid,” “You are reading too much into this,” and “I don’t know how to respond to paranoid accusations.”

6. Be Able to Accept a Joke

When the abuser hurts you verbally or physically and then later claims it was a joke, that is an example of gaslighting.

They might say something unflattering about your appearance, your attire, your attitude, or even your career achievements.

They’ll dismiss it as a harmless joke or lighthearted banter when they know it’s upsetting you.

Classic instances of subtle gaslighting phrases include claims that offensive remarks should be laughed off as a sort of humour.

7. You are Just Misinterpreting What I Meant to Say

These are the types of things a narcissist would say in a dispute or to resolve any form of quarrel. They will expertly characterise every issue as the product of a misunderstanding in order to absolve themselves of blame.

Inventing and engaging in numerous white lies is a trait shared by narcissists and psychopaths.

They cover up their own errors using misunderstandings and then seem as though they can resolve things in a clever way.

This is not what I meant, I said. “You are misconstruing what was said,” “I didn’t say it like that,” Such instances of relationship gaslighting are useful in assisting an abuser in absolving themselves of responsibility for their acts.


8. Just Put it Behind You Now

One of the most obvious indicators of an unhealthy relationship is a reluctance to address issues.

This is your reality when you’re in a relationship with a poisonous person. They drive you into pretending that everything is fine in your relationship and use some of the best gaslighting terms to hide problems.

Your ability to think may be impacted, leaving you feeling very uneasy. Keep in mind that no one else should be able to determine what you should “forget about” and what requires your attention.


When dealing with the gaslighter in your life, be kind to yourself. Whether it’s your boss, mom, lover, or pals, being in this kind of relationship may be draining and upsetting.

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