Are Text Messages Deleted Forever?

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself questions like “Are Text Messages Deleted Forever?”. This question would pop into your mind if you accidentally deleted your messages and you seek ways to restore them.

Are Text Messages Deleted Forever?

Your Text Messages when deleted are not permanently erased, so you have no reason to panic. 

However, this depends, if you backed up your messages either on your Google Drive or your iCloud, then recovering your messages won’t be a hassle for you.

Although, the reverse might be the case for others. In situations where they want to get rid of some text or chat history, it becomes unnerving that your text messages can still be found somewhere.

What Happens to Deleted Texts?

When you erase or delete your text message. This is what happens. Firstly, it doesn’t disappear permanently, a copy is sent to the Network Provider.

The copy in your phone isn’t permanently erased, instead, it is marked “ deleted” by the iPhone’s internal database.

Although you will think that the message has been deleted, it was actually moved to a less accessible region of the phone’s memory.

However, this is not permanent as the message will automatically be deleted, the length of time at which the message will be deleted is not known

How to Get your Deleted Text Messages

Here are some ways you can recover your deleted texts:

Phone Companies

Wondering if your texts have been permanently erased, well No! Phone companies, or to put it simply carrier networks still have transcripts of your messages.

Even though you manage to clear messages from your phone’s data, they can still be restored especially if they are needed for a legal case.

Many Cellphone companies retain a log immediately after your texts are sent from your phone through their systems. These companies have some caches or intermedia servers that temporarily store text messages.

So if you want a copy of your text message you can contact them. However, because of the large number of users, they usually overwrite message data as the new ones come while keeping the metadata.

Some carriers might keep these messages for a long period of time and others might not.


Your iCloud is the perfect backup for preventing your text messages from permanently deleting.

Even though they were accidentally erased, you can still access them with your iCloud. In fact, your iCloud doesn’t just back up your text messages but other important data you might need.

It is perfectly possible to recover your messages, if you want them recovered, you don’t have to be worried that your important information is gone for good.

If backed up, accessing your messages again won’t be a trouble for you.

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