Secret Santa Sayings and Messages: Best 65 Collections

– Secret Santa Sayings and Messages –

Secret Santa Sayings and Messages: When secret Santa gifts an individual, a message that can be a pleasant saying or handwritten letter, or simply a cartoon, must be included. Below are a few you can use.

Secret Santa Sayings and Messages: Best 65 Collections

The Secret Santa gift exchange is a perfect way to embrace the holiday season’s spirit of giving without naming yourself the gifter.

With a great message or poem added to this exchange of seasons, here are some great secret Santa’s sayings on cards that will encourage you.

Before you draft notes for your secret Santa gifts, you can take a look at the templates listed in this article. These can give you better ideas as well as tell you what will work and what won’t.

65 Best Secret Santa Sayings, Messages & Quotes

65 Best Secret Santa Sayings, Messages & Quotes

  1. “I will leave it and quickly go because I don’t want you to know. Happy Christmas. Your Secret Santa.”

  2. “I am shouting hard, giggling & howling. By the way between all this, I have kept a small gift on your desk. Do check it. But still you will not guess me right.”

  3. “Your priceless smile is all I want to see, and hence, I leave your gift under the Christmas tree.”

  4. “Ho! Ho! Did your secret Santa just stop by?”

  5. “I so wanted to be your secret Santa and look, here the heavens granted my wish! I hope you love the gift that I have got for you!”

  6. “My reindeers guided me to your house. I am your secret Santa but you cannot find out now!”

  7. “This is the Secret Santa Week. I leave your gift and run!”

  8. “There’s always someone who wants to keep it a secret from you. And this time, it’s me. Happy Christmas and may you have a smile round the Christmas day. Enjoy your Secret Santa gift.”

  9. ”I said I will gift you and I won’t disclose it. And I succeeded hopefully. Merry Christmas!

  10. “Ho Ho Ho! It’s high time. Ho Ho Ho! It’s Santa’s time.”

  11. “I am leaving a gift and running and I hope to leave a smile on your face.”

  12. “A gift for you, on this special occasion of Christmas. I hope you will find it worth!”

  13. ”Just smile and say ‘Thank You’ for this beautiful presence on eve of Christmas. Nope, I will not disclose the name. Sorry!”

  14. “Who could be your secret Santa. Whether he is or she is? Don’t worry. Just open you gift, there is a hint you will see. Merry Christmas.”

  15. “I have come from the North on my sled, to leave your gift under the bed.”

  16. ”I had a blast finding you a presence being you secret buddy. Christmas is a time to invite happiness in your life. Let this presence do the same. Merry Christmas!”

  17. “Guess, but you will only be able to wonder who your Secret Santa for this year is!”

  18. “Keep guessing who I am while I bring the gift that you have always wanted. Being a secret Santa is so much fun!”

    65 Best Secret Santa Sayings, Messages & Quotes

  19. “I have made up my mind to not sign a card for you this Christmas. Let’s keep it hidden and fun. It will be a time for you to wonder.”

  20. “The journey from the North Pole to your house has been beautiful because I love you so much! Merry Christmas!

  21. “It might be a little tough task for you to guess who knows you best. I have tried my best to bring the gift that you can be interested in. Just open it and I hope you like it. Merry Christmas.”

  22. “Nope. Can’t tell. Won’t tell. It is a secret. Just open your gift and enjoy.”

  23. “I am dancing all over the place, as I have kept a present on your terrace. I am quite proud of me as I can keep it secret from you! C’mon it’s Secret Santa.”

  24. “Ho! Ho! I leave a gift under the Christmas tree and flee!”

  25. “Christmas brings a lot of presence & gifts. Let this one be one of them. Merry Christmas!”

  26. “I am your secret Santa with your gift. Don’t look for me, I am off to the North Pole.”

  27. “A small gift from me to you. I bet you can’t guess me!”

  28. “Dropping off the gift for someone so dear.”

  29. “This gift is especially for you. I am your Secret Santa. I hope you like it and it brings a smile on your face. Just preserve it as it will give you happiness always. Happy Christmas!”

  30. “Christmas has come and here I open my bag and place your gift in your drawer! Merry Christmas!”

  31. “I am laughing heartily and dancing merrily, for you will open my gift, but never catch me!”

  32. “May you have the merriest Christmas this year with a bunch of gifts and chocolates. And wishing that you like the secret Santa gift more than ever. “

  33. “Jingle Jingle little bell, I can ring your bell. To keep some secret gift for you. And I hope this remains secret forever! C’mon be happy and smiling, it is Secret Santa.”

  34. “Your secret Santa had been home, left you the gift, and left you best wishes.”

  35. “You always want a rum, but please wait and let Secret Santa come. Happy Christmas!”

  36. “Christmas has come and it’s definitely a time to have some fun. I have a gift for you but I will keep and run, since Secret Santa week has begun.”

  37. “A small present for you, you don’t know who. Might be your Secret Santa.”

  38. “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, can you hear them? Here are your gifts! I hope you enjoy them!”

  39. “Through the door I flew like a flash, and set down you gift, I hope it’s a smash!”

  40. “Nothing makes me happier than being your Santa. I hope you love the gift!”

  41. “Keep wondering who sent this until the next Christmas comes! Ho!”

  42. “It may be a bit hard for you to guess who your Secret Santa is. Keep guessing!”

  43. “I don’t know your favorites but I do know that you have a sweet tooth. Hence, I got the best chocolates for you!”

  44. “Let’s guess what will it have before you open it. A dress? A pair of shoes? A pair of sunglasses? No No No! Don’t worry! It has something very special. Just open it and see it. I hope you will like it. Happy Christmas!”

  45. “While you unwrap your gift today, you will know who I am. Loved being your Secret Santa!”

  46. “It does not have any house, nor it has any boats. It has just a small Secret Santa note.”

  47. “I would say, don’t guess it. Just smile and say ‘Thank You’. As it will just be a waste of time to think. Instead be surprised with what you have received.”

  48. “It’s not a house or a boat. It’s just a small secret Santa note. Have a wonderful year ahead. Merry Christmas!”

  49. “Look who just left you a gift! Your secret Santa!”

  50. “Surprizes are good, right? And on holidays if you get, then it becomes a cherry on the cake. What if I say someone has kept a gift for you in your wardrobe? Oh…..Sorry that was a secret!”


  51. “I love being your Secret Santa! It’s my pleasure to give you this. Enjoy and smile. Merry Christmas!”

  52. “The weather outside is quite disturbing, but this gift will always make you happy. Happy Christmas.”

  53. “One day you will know your secret Santa, but today, all you will know is what I got you for Christmas!”

  54. “It is the time of Jingle Bells and I am here again to bring you your favorite gift. Have fun finding out who I am.”

  55. “Who am I? Who am I? No one but your Secret Santa! Merry Christmas.”

  56. “I would love being your Secret Santa. And luckily I got your name. And thankfully I knew what you wanted. And hopefully, you will like it. Merry Christmas.”

  57. “Merry Christmas my darling! Here comes your gift!”

  58. “It’s raining, but your face will always be shining. I have brought you a gift, it’s lying on your table. I hope you like it. Happy Christmas.”

  59. “I had the piece of cake that you left for me, and I give you your most cherished gift in return.”

  60. “Merry Christmas my love! A gift straight from the North Pole”.

  61. “Secret Santa is coming early in the town, want you to turn your tables upside down. He wants to lift your spirit high, so give him space somewhere nearby.”

  62. “I know you will be wondering about who sent this.. But keep guessing!”

  63. “I am your secret buddy, your secret Santa, catch me if you can, while I run after leaving your gift.”

  64. “Who could it be? What would it be? When did it come? How did the person disappear in front of my eyes? All these questions are of no use. Just open your present and hope you will be happy and it will bring a smile on your face.”

  65. “Well you will be quite surprised to know who you are in their minds this Christmas!”

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