How to Find Lucrative House Sitting Jobs

Imagine living in a mansion all by yourself and still getting paid. Paid house sitting jobs may seem like a fairy tale, but housesitting along with babysitting and pet sitting is still one of the best ways for teens and anyone at all to make extra money.

house sitting jobs

So if you are considering getting a well-paid house-sitting job?

Don’t worry, because we have listed some of house sitting job sites for to you check, list out the job’s duties and how much you can earn from the job.

10 Best Sites to Find Paid House Sitting Jobs

House-sitting is a service where a homeowner entrusts their property, possessions, and pets, for some time, to one or more “house sitters”.

The sitters get to live with no accommodation charges in exchange for house-sitting responsibilities.

This may include taking care of pets, looking after the home, and keeping it clean and tidy, organizing occasional maintenance.

These are some of the sites to find a house-sitting job;

1. Care Website

The Care website is a platform that makes available to you a list of houses in your locality that are up for sitting. You can simply register online (no charge), create a personal resume, and view a list of available positions.

When you want to make an impression and target more clients, you can move up to the premium plan.

For example, if a client wants you to do a background check, you don’t have to pay anything. Just do the required application that they send you.

2. Rover

Rover enables people who are looking for their pets and houses to be taken care of.

After you have proven your trustworthiness via a background check, you can set up your profile and display your house-sitting skills to the potential host.

From there on, you will view the requests of clients and will accept the ones that you find interesting.

3. House Sitters America

For a yearly fee of $30, House Sitters America, a house-sitting service provider, gives you access to house-sitting options throughout the United States.

The profile creation process which involves uploading pictures, preferred locations, availability, and other details, is customized for you.

The website provides filters through which you can narrow down the search for amazing house-sitting jobs according to factors like house type and location.

4. Petsitter Website

For you, house sitting and pet sitting, the Petsitter site is an option.

You will be able to set up a profile for free and find people in your area who use the platform to book your services.

After a trial period, you can decide to move to a paid subscription plan which will give you full access to all features where you can exchange unlimited messages with interested clients.

5. Luxury House Sitting

We intend to have the largest network of trusted house sitters in the world with our Luxury House Sitting platform.

With an annual registration fee of $25, it will be possible to develop a fully-featured profile and include any necessary references.

Afterward, you may start casting applications for tasks and communicating with the landlords.

6. House Sit Match

House Sit Match offers a platform where, after purchasing a membership, you can create a profile complete with a video introduction.

You can then search for house-sitting opportunities across various countries.

If you find a suitable match, you can reach out to homeowners directly through the site and use their legally approved contracts for agreements.

7. Caretaker Gazette

Caretaker Gazette is a long-standing newsletter, both in print and online, established in 1983.

For a fee of $29.95, you gain access to an online subscription and a bi-monthly newsletter filled with house-sitting opportunities and helpful advice for house sitters.

8. Nomador

Nomador provides a platform for finding house-sitting gigs abroad at no cost.

You’ll need to complete your profile with photos and proof of ID, and you can enhance it with references to make it more appealing.

Once your profile is complete, you can respond to house-sitting ads and become an official “Nomador.”

9. MindMyHouse

MindMyHouse connects house sitters with homeowners globally.

For a fee, you can apply to house-sitting assignments in various countries.

Communication with homeowners happens directly through the site, and they provide sample forms to help finalize agreements between parties.

10. House Careers

Operating since October 2000, House Careers matches house sitters with homeowners. You can start with a free membership to explore the platform.

If you find it suitable, you can upgrade to a paid membership.

They also offer email subscriptions tailored to your preferences, delivering house-sitting opportunities directly to your inbox.

How Much Can Housesitters Earn?

house sitting jobs

Housesitting costs vary widely. Some house sitters will work for free in exchange for food and rent while others will charge $80 per day. Most house sitters charge $25 – $45 per day.

Depending on your area and other factors this number might fluctuate.

How much you pay for house sitting depends on many factors, like location and types of services you request.

The average house sitting rates vary a lot geographically. Even in the same city house sitter rates can be quite different.

Ask friends and neighbors how much they have paid in the past to get a good idea of the average rate of house sitting in your area.

The city with the highest average house sitter rates is Philadelphia at $66.67 per day. Other cities like Phoenix or Toronto have lower rates of under $40 per day.

What are the Responsibilities of House Sitters?

The job description of a housesitter is encompassed in the following tasks;

1. Strategically secure household houses in the evening by shutting windows, closing curtains or blinds, locking doors, and setting up alarms to protect homeowners.

2. Doing routine housework, mopping, cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting as necessary.

3. Performing services related to pool maintenance, such as skimming leaves and debris off the surface, scrubbing the sides, cleaning the filter basket, as well as testing and adjusting chemical levels of the water.

4. The homeowners will be taught about the recommended watering instructions for their indoor plants.

5. Responding to telephone calls, communicating with homeowners’ permission, and forwarding relevant information to the homeowners.

6. Contact the respective service providers to test if the plumbing is right and that the air conditioning systems work well.

7. Food and water provision, pet waste clean-up, vet appointment scheduling, whatever the situation demands.

How Do I Become a Trusted House Sitter?

These are some steps;

1. Create your profile with all the supporting documents.

2. We will make you go through our verification process which will demonstrate your accountability and trustworthiness.

3. After your profile is set, you can start bidding for jobs all around the world.

In addition to that, you might be able to send a message to the owners of the pets directly, to see if this is a good match.

Through house-sitting jobs, the fortunate can experience the bliss of being home, even when they are away from home, and this comes with the provision of services to the homeowners.

The house sitter could be caring for pets or ensuring the property remains intact while the owners are away.

But all these roles are significant since they contribute immensely to the security and well-being of homes.

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