What Level Does Magikarp Evolve?(All You Should Know)

Magikarp is without a doubt one of the most recognizable Pokemon. This sluggish little fish has been around since the beginning of the series. Many jokes have been made about it, but when it evolves into the fearsome Gyarados, Magikarp is often the one who delivers the punchline. Read through to get more information on what level does magikarp evolve.

How to Evolve Magikarp into Gyarados

Most of the time, evolving a Magikarp into a Gyarados is simple. It only needs to get to level 20. But back in the day, this was a real annoyance. Magikarp is, of course, useless in battle.

And before Gen 6 came along and invented the EXP Share key item, which sends experience points throughout the entire party, it could be a real pain to send out poor Magikarp at the start of every fight. 

This leaves it for just long enough that it knows what fear is, and then replace it with a different Pokemon.

Where to Find Magikarp

If you’re looking for a wild Magikarp to domesticate, you won’t have to look too far. This perilously weak all-star is notoriously common in most regions, including Sinnoh and Galar.

There are many locations in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, and even Pokemon Legends: Arceus where you can catch a Magikarp.

Best of all, any old rod will suffice. In a literal sense. Your starting piece, Old Rod, can only hook Magikarp on its line… so have fun.


How to Evolve Magikarp

Magikarp is one of the most recognizable Pokémon, if only because it is so weak and useless. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try leveling up your Magikarp.

However,  most players will want to evolve it as soon as possible into the much more terrifying Gyarados. If you’re playing Pokémon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, Sun, or Moon, you can even level up your Gyarados with a Mega Stone.

1. Decide if you Want to Evolve

While there is no benefit to leveling up Magikarp for any longer than necessary in order for it to evolve, there are some cases where keeping a Magikarp may be more desirable.

A Shiny Magikarp is an excellent trophy, and the Pokémon it evolves into (Shiny Gyarados) is one of the game’s most common Shiny Pokémon.

For a challenge, try raising a Magikarp to Level 100. Because Level 100 Magikarp are extremely difficult to obtain, they make excellent trading stock.


2. Raise Magikarp to at Least Level 20 to Evolve it

When Magikarp reaches Level 20, it will attempt to evolve. You can stop it from evolving by holding “B” while it evolves, or you can let it evolve into Gyarados.

See the following section for some simple ways to get Magikarp to Level 20.

Ways to Easily Train Magikarp

what level does magikarp evolve

Below are ways to easily Train Magikarp:

1. Send Magikarp into a Battle and then Immediately Switch it 

Because Magikarp has no attacks in its lower levels, you’ll need to do this for most battles. The Magikarp will get a share of the experience as long as it takes part in one round.

2. Equip Magikarp with an Exp Share

This is an item that allows the Pokémon holding it to gain a portion of the experience gained from a battle even if it did not take part in it.

It must still be in the active party, but you will not have to worry about switching it in and out of battles.

3. Send Magikarp to the Day Care Center

In the game, you can leave Magikarp at the Day Care Center to gain experience automatically. This will take some time because experience gain in the Day Care is slow, but you will not have to fight any battles or keep it in your active party.

Even if your Magikarp reaches Level 20, it will not evolve in the Day Care Center. If it meets the level requirements, it will try to evolve immediately after its first battle when you retrieve it.

4. Feed your Magikarp Rare Candies

If you have a stack of Rare Candies, you can quickly get your Magikarp up to the level that you want. When you feed it a candy that turns it from Level 19 to Level 20, it will start to evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a Level 20 Magikarp still Evolve?

Magikarp will evolve when it reaches Level 20.

2. What is the Fastest Way to Evolve Magikarp?

Basically, players should put Magikarp or Gyarados into every gym they can, and feeding them as many berries as possible. 

3. Is Magikarp Evolving Worth?

First, it is absolutely worth it to work for a Gyarados. Secondly, Magikarp evolves at Level 20. This isn’t exactly hard by any standards.

4. Why is My Magikarp not Evolving?

Your Magikarp won’t evolve in the Day Care Center, even if it surpasses Level 20. It will immediately try to evolve after its first battle when you retrieve it if it meets the level requirements.

5. How Do you get the 400 Magikarp Candy Cheat?

The final tip we have for collecting 400 Magikarp candy as fast as possible is by farming the Field Research quest to Catch X Number of Pokemon. 

6. Is Gyarados a Good Pokemon?

Gyarados is a very potent sweeper, due to its powerful, diverse movepool, excellent stats and Intimidate. With an Adamant nature, Gyarados hits 391 Speed, outspeeding +Speed base 120s and Choice Scarf Tyranitar

7. Who Would Win Charizard or Gyarados?

The obvious answer is that Gyarados win the type matchup because of being a water/flying which trumps fire/flying.

8. Can Gyarados Learn to Fly?

Gyarados can not learn the Fly move. It is a dual-type Water/Flying Pokemon. 

Magikarp is one of these Pokemon, with the story going that Magikarp will jump into or over a waterfall when it’s ready to evolve, with a Gyarados emerging afterward.

This is based on Chinese legends that state carp that leap through the Dragon Gate on a waterfall will become a dragon, serving as an allegory for the power of perseverance.

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