Can You Finally Franchise an Aldi Grocery Store in 2022? (Cost + FDD)

Using its low prices to lure customers away from market leaders like Walmart, Aldi has expanded into the supermarket business in recent years. But if you’ve been wondering what it will take to launch an Aldi franchise, this article details the company’s revenue figures, difficulties, and growth possibilities.

aldi franchise

Aldi is the store to choose from if you want a huge selection of high-quality ingredients at rock-bottom pricing.

This grocery store business has over 2,100 sites around the country and has been around since 1913.

With its low prices, Aldi has exploded onto the grocery scene in recent years, attracting customers away from more established businesses like Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

We look at whether the idea of an Aldi franchise exists and how you could interact with the business.

About Aldi Franchise

If you’re prepared to make a franchise investment and are also looking for a supermarket with low prices and a large assortment of high-quality ingredients, the Aldi franchise is the one to buy. Read on for more information.

It may interest you to know that Aldi Store. The first store in the country opened in Iowa in 1976. Over 1900 stores may be found in 36 states.

ALDI is still successful despite competing with several other low-cost grocery retailers. Low costs and a focus on the client are priorities in this no-frills market.

With only four or five aisles of merchandise, the stores are substantially smaller than the mall-like grocery stores that are currently quite popular with many customers.

Financial Conditions and Costs

As has already been stated, Aldi cannot be franchised. Since it began in 1913, it has been a privately held chain.

However, if you’re searching for a ballpark figure, you can compare figures with a nearby rival.

Despite not being an exact match, Dollar General is frequently regarded as Aldi’s rival because of its low prices and extensive food selection, which includes frozen foods, canned products, snacks, and beverages.

We may examine the typical dollar store franchise fees, as you cannot franchise Dollar General either.

One store you can franchise is Liberty Dollar, and the cost is $322,900 for basic merchandise or fewer things to sell in a 10,000-square-foot space.

Please keep in mind that this is only an estimate and that the precise figure may be higher depending on the location, permit costs, and labor costs in your area.

Aldi Comparison

The table below has all the information you need to compare Aldi to other businesses or franchises.

Founded In19131993
Initial InvestmentN/A$50,000 to $1,000,000
Total Outlets2,13053,000
Annual Revenue$121.1 Billion$78.748 Billion

Aldi Franchise Model

Aldi is renowned for its ground-breaking business strategy. They are a simple store that prioritizes high quality and affordable costs.

Three fundamental principles guide Aldi’s operations: responsibility, consistency, and simplicity.

The Albrecht family, who are renowned for their frugal ways, founded their company on the tenet that you can offer high-quality goods at reasonable rates if you forgo frills and advertising and instead rely on word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

No matter how much money you have, you cannot start a franchise for an Aldi grocery store at this time.

You won’t be able to purchase stock or a franchise from a privately held business.

You can still do business with Aldi Grocery Store or open a competing market, though.

To decrease staff turnover and reward productive workers, Aldi pays its employees a respectable income that is above the industry’s requirements.

90% of the goods are from their own brand line, and the products they sell are about 50% less expensive than those of their rivals.

Theo Albrecht and his brother Karl Albrecht’s cost-cutting suggestions have helped the company run smoothly and successfully.

They have developed ways to ensure the workers are adequately taken care of while the customer receives good quality at set costs.

The success of this no-frills grocery store has been built on these principles.

Aldi Background Information

Anna Albrecht founded the Karl Albrecht Spiritousen and Lebensmittel grocery store in 1913 in Schonnebreck, a working-class Essen suburb in Germany.

Karl and Theo, Anna’s sons, took over their mother’s store after World War II was over and turned it into a “cheap store.”

They established Albrecht KG in 1948, and as it became successful, they added four more stores in the neighborhood.

The family was well known for being frugal. Theo was known to wear old, worn-out outfits, recycle used pencil stubs, and refrain from any type of luxury even after becoming wealthy because he was so obsessed with conserving money.

The brothers came up with a straightforward business strategy based on their frugal philosophy: maintain prices as low as possible by only stocking non-perishable goods and taking slow-moving items off the shelf.

The brothers made the decision to concentrate on creating a chain of small businesses in order to slowly but steadily expand their brand and avoid paying for high overhead costs.

Facts About Aldi Grocery Store

The idea of Aldi is to offer premium goods at affordable prices. The company carries its own products the majority of the time, which helps keep costs low.

Aldi typically doesn’t carry major brands. There are still numerous items you might anticipate finding in a grocery store, like chips, sauces, frozen food, drinks, and many others.

However, the labels will be from an Aldi brand with a white label.

Total UnitsOver 2,130
Incorporated NameAldi Inc.
Franchising SinceDoes Not Allow Franchising
IndustryRetail / Grocery
SubsectorFood and Beverage

In Essen, Germany, Anna Albrecht established a little food business. Albrecht was the only name used for this store.

In 1948, her sons Karl and Theo Albrecht took over the company’s management and renamed it Albrecht Discount.

They split Aldi in two, with Theo Albrecht controlling the stores in Northern Germany and operating them under the name Aldi Nord, and Karl Albrecht controlling the stores in Southern Germany and operating them under the name Aldi Sud.

Both shops have established themselves in foreign marketplaces. Aldi Sud is the Aldi that you see in the US. After purchasing Trader Joe’s, Aldi Nord also operates in the same nation.

Doing Business with Aldi Through Real Estate

Aldi purchases its food from a variety of suppliers. Aldi does not permit franchising, therefore, this is one way you can still conduct business with them.

Real estate transactions are another way you can conduct business with Aldi. Aldi is constantly looking for new retail spaces.

Aldi is always looking for new store locations. They have to abide by the following conditions:

  • The parking area is about 22,000 square feet, and there are at least 95 parking spaces.
  • The locations must be in easily accessible areas and regional commercial centers.
  • The property must allow for grocery shopping.
  • There is a bustling commercial area three miles away from the store.
  • A full-access crossroads is preferred.
  • Pads measuring 2.5 acres can be bought and developed.
  • End-cap or inline space requires a minimum of 103′ frontages.

The Albrecht family still owns Aldi at this time. The family is renowned for living very secluded, hidden lives. They are also incredibly wealthy, which presumably goes without saying.

Benefits of Aldi Grocery Store Franchise

Here are some benefits of running an Aldi grocery shop, even though we are aware that you cannot franchise one.

aldi franchise

Large Name

Aldi is well-known. Furthermore, it’s not simply one of the biggest low-cost grocery chains in the country.

Additionally, they can be found in many other countries, including Australia, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Slovenia, Italy, and even China.

Therefore, you can bet that if you manage to open an Aldi grocery shop in your neighborhood, not only will Americans be able to recognize your business, but so will tourists.

Shopping Encounter

People are treated to a unique experience when they shop at Aldi as opposed to their typical grocery store. Aldi charges a quarter for the initial rental of carts.

While some may view this as a burden, it actually encourages discipline in moving the carts back to their designated locations so you can get your quarterback.

You get to try something new because, as was already mentioned, the products are not from well-known, huge brands.

Additionally, the costs are modest, allowing you to purchase while saving money.

Last but not least, the policies help the environment by promoting the use of reusable bags, utilizing product boxes as shelf displays, and supporting small businesses by encouraging suppliers to join them.

This kind of encounter makes it clear why Aldi has a devoted fanbase.

Upcoming Extensions

According to Aldi, the firm intends to invest $5 billion in continued American expansion. Aldi wants to overtake Walmart and Kroger as the third-largest grocery chain in the country.

They opened delivery and pickup services to better serve their consumers during the pandemic.

Aldi Grocery Store Franchise Issues

Even managing an Aldi could present some difficulties. This guide will outline some of them for you in case you decide to open a franchise for this grocery company.

Family Discord

Private lives may be led by the Albrecht family, but I’m not so confident about the generation that comes after the siblings.

According to rumors, Theo Albrecht’s grandson filed a lawsuit against their mother for embezzling money.

If there is a family disagreement, the Aldi business may face difficulties if the family cannot unite behind a clear corporate strategy.

Limited Stocks

Aldi sells a majority of white-label goods. Consequently, if a product doesn’t sell well, it is taken off the shelves to make room for new and improved products.

All Aldi devotees are aware that there is a group dedicated to discussing this issue called Aldi Aisle of Shame.

Every Aldi store has an aisle in the middle where things that aren’t selling well are designated as Red Hot Deals, indicating that the prices have already been reduced and that these items won’t be restocked.

So, if you enjoy a certain Aldi product but the rest don’t, you could have to say goodbye to it rather soon.


Despite its reputation as a well-liked grocery store, Aldi nonetheless competes against formidable businesses like Walmart and Kroger.

If Aldi wants to keep advancing with this successful idea, it must keep looking for suppliers that are prepared to give them products at low prices and fight inflation.

Getting an Aldi Store in Your Town

Visit their website here to submit your request for an Aldi grocery shop to be considered for placement in your community.

They have precise requirements, such as the size of the parking lot, the square footage, and the ease of access for customers.

Location requirements include inline space with at least 103 feet of frontage in regional shopping districts.

Why not recommend a site and obtain an Aldi in your town if you want convenience and low costs nearby?

Aldi is a brand that is constantly seeking to grow and is always looking for new site opportunities.

In Summary

Although you cannot open an Aldi franchise location, there are many other ways to profit from shifting customer habits.

Yes, bargain retailers are seeing an increase in business, but smaller convenience stores are also seeing a significant increase in business.

Therefore, making a financial investment in one of these regional chain stores could be a good decision. With its intriguing product selection and tempting rates, Aldi has gained the favor of many customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

ALDI U.S. is a privately held company. As a privately held company, stock purchase and franchise opportunities are not available at ALDI.

ALDI is a network of discount supermarkets that was first established in Germany in 1948 and is owned by Albrecht Discounts, a German business.

The formal business name of Aldi Nord is Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Co., while the formal business name of Aldi Süd is ALDI SÜD Dienstleistungs-SE & Co. Each company is owned and operated independently, but does have contractual business with one another.

ALDI Stores (A Limited Partnership) is a privately held business with foreign ownership that serves the grocery and supermarket sectors. The business, which employs 13,180 people and conducts business all around Australia, is run out of its headquarters in Minchinbury, New South Wales.

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