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– How to Tell If a Phone Interview Went Well –

How to Tell If a Phone Interview Went Well: You can’t really say if a phone interview went well since you can’t see the facial gestures of the interviewer or interpret her non-verbal gestures. There are some telltale signs, though, that the interview was going well and you’re still in the running.

How to Tell If a Phone Interview Went Well

As long as there wasn’t a lot of awkward silence and you weren’t cut off by the interviewer or using buzz terms like “unqualified” or “overqualified,” presume the interview went well and hope for the best.

How to tell if a phone interview went well

There are several ways to determine how well your interview went without waiting to hear from the hiring manager. Here are 14 signs that your phone interview went well:

They said they want to speak again

Be mindful of the phrases an interviewer uses throughout the interview—particularly at the end of the call. If they show that they’d like to speak to you again, it’s possible that they’re considering moving you forward in the interview process.

For example, they might say, “You did great. Speak to you soon.” A remark like this can mean they have plans to contact you in the relative future.

It was a long interview

If your interview went longer than you expected it to, it can be a good sign that it went well. This can occur for several reasons.

For example, you and the interviewer may have had many things to discuss regarding the position or the interviewer simply lost track of time because they enjoyed the conversation. Either way, a lengthy interview means the hiring manager was genuinely interested in speaking with you.

You asked Good Questions

A phone interview is a great opportunity to receive clarity regarding the company and the role you’re applying for. If you asked good questions based on your research of the company and displayed a genuine interest in the position, it can help you have a successful interview.

Not only does asking questions let you show how much you’ve learned about the company, but it can also help the interviewer assess your overall enthusiasm.

Questions to Ask in a Phone Interview

  • What does a typical day in this job look like? This will tell the interviewer that you are interested in the daily life at their company. It can give you an idea of the role is something you can see yourself doing. This question can also potentially bring to mind some more desirable skills that you can bring up later.
  • What does success look like in this role? This is a question that can give you an idea of the employer’s expectations. It can also give some insight into how they measure performance.
  • What is the career path for this job? This question can tell you if this company has growth potential for employees. It can also tell you if the company can match your long-term goals. It can also tell the interviewer that you are interested in staying for a long period.
  • Where do you see the company in the future? This question tells the interviewer that you are going to make a long-term commitment. It also gives you insight into the company’s priorities and job stability.
  • What is next in the interview process? Ask about what the next steps are. Get an idea of when you might hear from them, and if you need to contact them if you don’t hear from them. This can show you are very interested in the role.

The Interviewer asked about your availability

If the interviewer asks how soon you’re available to start near the end of the interview, it could show they have plans to offer you the job.

This shows they may consider the next steps in the process such as your potential start date at their company. Keep in mind that if they ask this at the beginning of the interview, it may just be normal practice for them to ask this of all candidates.

They said you seem like you’re a good fit

Your phone interview may have gone well if the hiring manager shows your qualifications make you a great candidate for the role. Here are some examples of what they may say to show they think you’re a good fit:

  • “I’m excited about your qualifications. Your knowledge of content creation and digital advertising will greatly help you in this role.”
  • “I’m going to pass along your resume and portfolio to the design team lead. They’d be your supervisor, so it’d be great to set up a time for them to speak with you personally.”
  • “Based on our conversation, your experience and skills make you a highly-qualified candidate for this role.”

The interviewer asked if you have other Job Offers

How to Tell If a Phone Interview Went Well

Though the hiring manager may ask this question to any candidate, if they ask about your job search and specifically about the companies you’re speaking with, it can indicate their genuine interest in you. It’s especially pertinent if the interviewer asks you this after they’ve interviewed you a few times.

Hiring managers often ask about your other job prospects when they want to know how passionate you are about working for their company and what the odds are of you accepting a position with them—especially if you have other opportunities to consider. It also lets hiring managers know how quickly they need to make a job offer if they’re interested in hiring you. Depending on your answer, they may feel the need to further persuade you to select them over another company.

The interviewer asked about your salary expectations

If the interviewer asks what salary you’re looking for near the end of the interview process, they may think of offering you a job and salary at their company. If they ask this near the beginning of the interview process, this question may be something they ask all of their candidates.

They try to sell you on the company

Your interviewer may try to sell you to the company to persuade you to work for them. This is because they want you to be excited about working for them and the opportunities you have available at their company. This can also mean they’re already interested in offering you the job.

They may try to appeal to you by listing the benefits their employees receive or by sharing plenty of information regarding the company and the position you’re interviewing for. This is especially the case if you’ve mentioned you have other job prospects you’re considering.

The interviewer discussed your potential future at the company

When an interviewer talks about your future and growth at the company, it can mean they’re already visualizing you taking on the role. They may discuss your future by mentioning what the role may look like in the future or discussing your opportunities for advancement within the company.

You bonded with the interviewer

If you have a personal connection with the interviewer, you may pique their interest. For example, if you shared mutual interests outside of the job itself such as a favorite sports team or band, it can help you advance in the interview process. This lets them know that you’re personable and friendly, which are powerful indicators of a good team player.

They were engaged throughout the interview

If an interviewer is interested in what you’re saying and they ask you follow-up questions, it’s possible that they consider you a serious candidate.

It can help if your answers aren’t too long and if you display genuine enthusiasm about the role. Since it’s a phone interview, it’s important to gauge their attentiveness through the questions they ask and their tone of voice, since you can’t see their facial expressions or body language.

The interviewer asked several questions regarding your experience and skills

Though it’s normal to ask about your relevant qualifications during an interview, it’s a good sign if the hiring manager asks for added detail regarding your background.

This lets them verify your abilities and helps them determine if you’re a good fit for the role. Here are some examples of what they may ask that can show your interview is headed in the right direction:

  • Do you have a list of references?
  • Can you send me your portfolio?
  • What contributions did you make to your previous employer?
  • What activities did you take part in during school?

They discuss the next steps

If you’re given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview, consider asking about the next steps in the interview process.

If the hiring manager provides you with definite steps, they may consider you for the role. By this point, they might already know whether they want to hire you based on what you’ve told them in the interview.

You ended the interview with a good feeling

If you end the interview feeling great about how it went, it could mean it was successful. Though this isn’t a clear sign of how well it went, your gut can provide you with added insight regarding your performance.

Phone Interview Tips

Phone Interview Tips

Here are some additional steps you can take to make you have a successful phone interview.

  1. Prepare for the interview like it was an in-person one. Be rested and alert for the call. Set aside time before the interview to make preparations.
  2. Make sure you have a private and quiet place to conduct your interview. Ensure that you will have no distractions, such as letting others know you will be busy if others are in the home. You definitely don’t want the interviewer to hear background noise.
  3. Don’t bring up money yet. It is likely still too early in the hiring process to discuss compensation. Unless the interviewer wants to talk about money, don’t bring it up. There will certainly be discussions later.
  4. Research the company. Just like for an in-person interview, you should be prepared with some knowledge about the company.
  5. Have a checklist of your qualifications. Make a list of how your experience fits with the criteria that the employer is looking for. It can be helpful to have your resume on hand as well.

Additional Tips

  1. Make sure your reception is good. Make some test calls to make sure your phone reception is good. Consider using a landline if you have one.
  2. Stand and smile. Standing can make your voice come off as more energetic and enthusiastic. Smiling also gives your voice a more positive tone.
  3. Keep your answers brief. You certainly don’t want to ramble when asked important questions. Direct and succinct answers are easier to keep track of then lengthy responses.
  4. Listen more than you speak. You should not dominate the conversation at any point. Let the interviewer guide the discussion. Your speaking should mostly be relegated to answering questions.
  5. Always ask questions. It does not look good if you don’t ask questions when given the opportunity. It basically says you don’t have much interest in the role. Always prepare a few basic questions for the end of the interview.

What to do while waiting to hear after a phone interview?

As you wait to hear from the hiring manager regarding your phone interview, there are several things to consider doing in the meantime. Here are some suggestions that can help you bide the time:

How to Tell If a Phone Interview Went Well

  • Continue applying for jobs. When you apply for a job, it’s important to have several other prospects in case one doesn’t work out. This increases your chance of employment overall.
  • Know how long it’s been since the interview. Keeping track of how long it’s been since your interview lets you know when it’s safe to follow up with the hiring manager. If you don’t know the next steps in the interview process, it’s safe to wait approximately a week since they’re likely interviewing other candidates.
  • Determine if the position is really for you. Once you interview with a company, you more or less know if this is an opportunity you want to continue to pursue. Take the time to evaluate your other prospects and where this job falls on your list of job preferences. It’s also important to determine how you’d answer if the hiring manager wants to move you on to the next round of interviews or hire you on the spot.

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