Wedding Card Messages: Witty Ways to Congratulate the Newlyweds

Wedding card messages, the union of two people who are falling in love bring us all together during weddings to celebrate. We feel compelled to send the newlywed couple our best wishes and messages after witnessing such a lovely union. for your humorous newlywed’s messages read on.

wedding card messages

For the rest of their life, a happy married couple will reread the wedding cards and guestbook remarks. They will cherish the wedding wishes and wise counsel of their friends, so why not make them chuckle when they remember yours?

Use some of these humorous wedding quotes as inspiration to make your wedding card or guestbook comment stand out from the rest.

What do You Say in a Wedding Card?

When signing a wedding card, “Congratulations” is frequently the only word people want to say.

Even if you’ve never met one half of the married couple, it’s simple to say and acts as an encouraging pat on the back. Here are some suggestions for preambles and customized congratulations.

  • Congratulations on your wedding day, and here’s to wishing you and your spouse a long and happy marriage!
  • “Seeing the pleasure on your wedding day means the world to me. You two deserve congratulations for locating the ideal companion for your daily lives.
  • “So happy for you two as you join your lives in marriage!”
  • We wish you a happy wedding day and hope you can feel the joy all around you.
  • It’s very uplifting and lovely to see you two take action on your commitments.
  • “If ever two people deserved a sweet, special, happy wedding day, it’s the two of you,” the officiant said.
  • God bless you both as you start your lovely path as a married couple.
  • “Be joyful, thankful, and show each other good love!”
  • “I just know that the joy you feel now is just the beginning of what life has in store. For you two, may each day be lovely and joyful.

What do You Write in a Wedding Card that’s not Cheesy?

The delighted couple won’t know you bought it online, and they’ll be overjoyed to get such a unique card to commemorate their wedding!

  • I hope you have a lifetime of love and joy.
  • I hope you have a lifetime of happy marriage.
  • May you all share in delight beyond your wildest dreams.
  • May your unique union bring you unimaginable delight.
  • May you experience true love and happiness in the coming years.
  • Nothing but a lifetime of love are my wishes for you.
  • May this day mark the beginning of your union for all time.
  • As you become more in love, may your love grow brighter every day.
  • Always keep in mind this unique day and the reason you’re saying “I do.”
  • On your wedding day and as you start your new life together, I wish you nothing but happiness, love, and joy.
  • May this day mark the start of a brand-new tomorrow that you will treasure always.
  • May this day signal the start of a lifetime spent together.
  • I wish both of you a happy and successful future.
  • May your love for each other become stronger as you age together.
  • Happy marriage to you both, and best wishes for a prosperous future.
  • Thank you for getting married. May it be fruitful and enduring.
  • I hope you have a lovely wedding and a long-lasting love.
  • May your friendship grow stronger with each embrace and kiss.
  • I appreciate you letting me share in your special day and seeing your unwavering love.
  • Best wishes for a long and happy marriage.
  • Salutations to the pair. Congratulations!
  • May your love grow until eternity and beyond.
  • All I have for you is love, love, love.

What is a Good Wedding Message?

What is a Good Wedding Message?

A formal wedding congratulations message is always a good choice if you’re seeking wedding card ideas.

 After all, it is a formal occasion. Send one of these tasteful notes to the bride and groom with your warmest wishes.

  • May this mark the beginning of a long and happy life together.
  • As you begin this new chapter of your life, we wish you the best.
  • On your wedding day, I wish you happiness, love, and joy.
  • May the coming years bring you lasting happiness.
  • “May the love and joy you experience today last for years to come.”
  • I say, “Here’s to a lifetime of love, happiness, and each other.”
  • “May you spend the rest of your days together strengthening the love you share today.”
  • Best wishes as you embark on this great journey and create a new life together.
  • “Congratulations on your special day, you two! Your biggest adventure is just getting started.
  • Although your wedding day may come and go, may your love continue to deepen.


Funny Wedding Greetings

Good luck with your new partner. They are ill-prepared for what lies ahead. Fortunately, they adore you without conditions.

  • Now you both have a laughing partner for your lame jokes!
  • That you two connected is a positive thing. In different bodies, you essentially remain the same.
  • Eat, brew, and get hitched!
  • Congratulations! If you want your furniture to last, follow this bit of advice: don’t create it together!
  • You two have just recently begun living together, but you already resemble one another.
  • Marriage is a relationship between two people who never forget their wedding or anniversary.
  • Congratulations! Finally, you’re getting married!
  • I appreciate the invitation to the best party ever! I intended to say your wedding. Congratulations!
  • You must fall in love with the same person repeatedly in order to have a happy marriage, so keep that in mind.
  • Enjoy your special day today because the real work begins tomorrow!
  • Thank you so much for the complimentary alcohol. Greetings for a lifetime of blissful marriage!
  • The key to a happy marriage is revealed here. Oh no, that hasn’t been discovered yet. Lucky you!
  • Congratulations on giving up your privacy and freedom!
  • Always keep in mind that today might be the happiest day of your life. From here, it only gets worse! All the best.
  • Keep this on track! But just know that you can keep my gift if you choose to. Congrats!
  • Many congratulations on your marriage, and may you always be able to tolerate one another!
  • Knowing that there is just one person you want to irritate for the rest of your life is a great blessing. Congratulations!
  • Marriage is like drama class, they say. From comedy to melodrama to tragedy, you get to practice it all. Congratulations.
  • Good luck and congrats on sticking with ignoring the tiny people.


When you’re writing to the newlyweds, it’s acceptable to leave amusing wedding card messages in their guest book or on their wedding card that include personal anecdotes about the couple, and your opinions on children, marriage, and sex, among other topics.

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