6 Video Game Writing Jobs For Gamers 2021 Update

Do you have love for all things gaming and you are a writer? Why not merge your two interests into a fun and lucrative job? Jobs in video game writing are in demand!

6 Video Game Writing Jobs For Gamers 2020 Update

There are a lot of different topics you are able to write about with video game writing work. From reviews of video games to walkthroughs to the latest news on new and popular games.

Video game writers are in demand, as with other writing niches, such as technical writing, and the need for them is continuously increasing as the gaming industry continues to expand.

With the gaming and writing market, there is no significant overlap. Therefore, if you have a lot of experience in the gaming industry and are a good author, then as a video game writer, you can make a good living.

What is Video Game Writing?

Video game writing is a fairly new area for writing that has grown in popularity in the past decade or so.

These forms of writing jobs can include everything from video game news reports and their writers, features of entertainment, writing video game plots, and writing reviews of games, just to name a few.

In recent years, video game writing has grown to include several different subjects.

Although there are many jobs for video game writers who only write about the game itself, such as walkthroughs and reviews, there are many different freelance options for video game writers.

You might find it hard to be a good video game writer if you do not have experience and expertise in the gaming industry.

Writers should know the business and the current topics and news about it. Not to mention that they really love playing the games they write about.

Video Game Writing Jobs 

Video Game Script Writer

Every video game needs a script, much like a film or broadcast. Characters talk to each other and each game has a plot. In order to create the narrative, characters, and plot, these stories and dialogues need a writer.

Some of these plots can be very complex and involve a lot of collaboration and writing. These stories can be for Sci-Fi games, role-playing games, in-game guides, racing, and fighting games.

Voice actors then use the content written by a scriptwriter to act out sections of the game through voice-over work.

Creative Story Editor

In video game writing, there is a lot more storytelling than most people know. For a seamless experience, innovative story editors collaborate with a team to put together narrative stories and gameplay.

The creative story-editor helps target a specific demographic so that the game appeals to the demographic of that audience.

Video Game Review Writer

Video game review writers, writers who review the latest video games, are just that. For other gamers to read, they have frank and timely reviews of video games.

If you love to share with all your mates your new video game conquests, then this could be the ideal video game writing job for you.

In order to understand the ins and outs of the game and be able to provide an accurate and truthful description of the gameplay, review writers need to play the game first.

If you enjoy reviewing new video games, then this workshop is for you as a game lover.

Gaming Copywriter

A gaming industry copywriter writes promotional pages for games and all other marketing materials related to games and gaming events. In-game text is often composed by gaming copywriters.

This can be anything from a sign to in-game tutorials on the wall (within the game).

Gaming copywriters will also find you writing instruction manuals, product descriptions, and ads that can overlap with writing on social media.

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Social Media Writer

Gaming companies and activities in the industry need to have a good presence on social media. The gaming industry’s social media writers need to be aware of the latest news and happenings within the industry.

Social media writers offer updates on events, launches, news, and gaming tips via social media.

Gaming News Writer

Within the gaming industry, there is a lot of growth going on. New games are coming out, new systems are being released, and new technologies are being continuously developed.

In the technology industry, technology fans and others within the industry want and need to keep up to date with changes and developments.

News writers for video games also cover industry activities, such as E3 and Comic-Con. One of a gaming news writer’s greatest benefits is actually covering these industry gatherings.

These cases protect the recent gaming trends and all things.

This video game writing job is for you if you are up to date with new gaming trends!

Tips for Video Game Writers

Guest Post on Video Game Sites

If you are a brand new freelance writer, guest blogging is the perfect way to produce writing samples. I stated earlier that your own writing samples can be produced and published on Medium.

This is a great approach, but prospects need social evidence that other individuals appreciate your writing enough to post it on their web.

When people see your posts on various blogs, it also looks like you have customers too! Oh, win-win!

Give Yourself a Title

Calling yourself a video game writer is a simple way to let prospects know what kind of writing you do! This is what you can do on your website as a blogger, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

On Twitter, this is what Evan does.

Create a Pitching Process

You have to hustle hard, as a new writer, to land a video game writing job. Rather than waiting for work to come to you, this means taking action and pitching.

You can build a pitching process to keep you focused by giving yourself a deadline or a metric to adopt. You tell yourself, for instance, that you will pitch 10x a day for 2 weeks straight.

When you pitch to a video game company, you can also draft a pitch template with basic details and then personalize it.

Connect With Other Video Game Writers

Networking with other video game writers inside your niche is a good idea. You can search their website for writers to see where they were written.

You can also give writing jobs to them if you’re full and vice versa.

Bottom Line

There are some of the best kinds of freelance writing jobs out there that don’t even feel like a job. What you write is your passion and hobby, and what you read is your creative ability. The BEST kinds of gigs are those.

It appears that video game writing jobs suit that bill. If you are complete and vice versa, you can also give them writing jobs.

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