10 Sites That You Get Paid for Your Videos Uploaded

Do you know that the are sites that will pay you for the thing you do daily? Knowing the right platform from where you can earn good money from video making is important.

If you are just searching for some good places to generate beautiful income from your videos, then try the sites above. I would recommend checking out a few websites based on your content, website authority and traffic, and their share of profit, and choose the best for you.

However, in return for your video-making efforts, it is difficult to decide the right platform to generate a decent income.

A small percentage of the profit is provided by most websites, so if you are a serious video maker, your income might not be enough.

Some sites also do not offer the correct exposure to your images, resulting in unsatisfactory numbers of views.

Fortunately, for you, numerous websites allow the videos you create to be monetized. Here is the list of our favorite ones that you definitely need to register for.

Sites That You Get Paid for Your Videos Uploaded


Brightcove is a little-known website, which, as it needs a lot more exposure, should certainly improve. You can create and upload videos that you think would be attractive to viewers on brightcove.com.

The monetization of your videos, however, is very different from on YouTube.

Viewers can either rent the videos you make or buy them, but you will not get charged for views.

In addition, 99 cents is the minimum price you can set for your videos. Brightcove is a great platform as it gives 70% of its earnings from sales and rentals to the creator of the video.


Once it crosses 10,000 views, YouTube accepts any channel for monetization. It is quick to start earning with YouTube-if your channel meets the eligibility, you can simply apply for its Partner Program.

Interestingly, YouTube also offers tips from top creators to help you grow your audience and establish ample monetization views.

You will have to request a review once your channel reaches 10k views, which is usually completed within a week.

Sign up for AdSense after registering for its Partner Program and set up your monetization preferences. Your videos will then show advertising and earn you money, which you can check into your AdSense account directly.


After YouTube, DailyMotion is one of the largest video streaming websites. It has 190 million visitors per month, so it’s a strong forum for sharing your videos. They have only made their paid service globally accessible recently, so this is a perfect opportunity to try it out.

One thing some people really do not like DailyMotion, though, is that they pass earnings on a quarterly basis, or four times a year.

Moreover, if your earnings reach $100, you will only get paid. You will have to wait for three months if that is not the case.

The Vault

The Vault is a Break.com video monetization platform that lets you easily upload and earn your videos from them.

By featuring them across its network or on YouTube to earn you more, it helps make your videos go viral. You can also sell your videos to its media partners and clients for their video productions who are searching for quality clippings.

In an easy way, The Vault works. Simply capture a video or create it and upload it to your site. The team will review your application and submit an offer back to you.

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If you approve the agreement, their team via PayPal or paper check will send the payment to you. You may receive a one-time or royalty bid on The Vault, unlike the above platforms.


When it comes to the way you can gain money by uploading videos, MetaCafe operates similarly to YouTube. That is, per view you will be paid. MetaCafe can be a lot more lucrative compared to YouTube, if you consider the pay per view price. For instance, per 1000 views, you can earn about $1 on YouTube, while MetaCafe will pay you up to $5 per 1000 views.

In addition, by putting your videos on the front page, MetaCafe can help you promote your new site.

That is because they still do not have too many videos to screen, so the newer ones still need to be included.

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To help you raise money from live broadcasts in the US, Facebook provides Ad Breaks. The function allows you to take breaks and run short ads between your live videos.

In addition, you will earn a share of the ad sales for taking the breaks. The Ad Breaks program is currently in the beta phase, and you will require at least 2000 followers to be eligible for it.

You can take ad breaks during a live broadcast until you are registered for the program. The live broadcast should run for at least 4 minutes, and you should have at least 300 viewers to make a profit from it.

You will receive the Ad Breaks notification with a dollar icon if your broadcast is eligible; just click it to take a break.

You can take live breaks every 5 minutes after your first break for a greater gain. Viewers can see up to 15 seconds of an in-stream ad during the break. Viewers can resume watching the video once the ad is over.


Blip TV is a platform for video sharing which focuses on video creators who prefer their audience to create and upload videos frequently.

For vloggers who record every day or several times a week, as well as news reporters and TV show hosts, that makes it a great platform.

For creators who do not like the ads that YouTube adds to their posts, Blip is a great platform. Blip allows every user to choose which ads on their videos they want to display and where they want to display them.

Bottom Line

If you are just searching for some good places to generate beautiful income from your videos, then try the sites above. I would recommend checking out a few websites based on your content, website authority and traffic, and their share of profit, and choose the best for youself.

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