Where to Sell Your Used Items for Cash?

Do you have used items you want to sell? If yes, don’t worry about where to sell them. Hence, this piece is tailored to provide the best places to sell your used items online. 

Best Places to Sell Used items for Extra Cash 2020

Getting rid of items you no longer need can be a liberating experience especially when you sell them for cash.

If you have a lot of used stuff you want to sell, it can be overwhelming to think about how to sort it and figure out the best place to sell it.

Best Places to Sell Used Items Online

If you are tired of some stuff in your home and you don’t just want to dash them out. While considering the best places to sell them.

However, before making your decision, you have to consider the best places for the categories of items you want to sell.

Because these online markets or websites sell different items and are best in what they do.

Read below the list of best places you can sell your used items online and their category:

1. eBay

eBay is the best place to sell when it comes to the widest range of items. eBay sells a wide range of items and their starting fee is Up to 15% plus 30 cents per order.

The cost to list on eBay is free while having up to 250 listings a month.

2. Facebook Marketplace

This online market called Facebook Marketplace is among the most popular places to sell items online.

It is the best in selling Furniture and other large items. Also, the Facebook Marketplace listing is free.

3. Etsy

Etsy is famous for what it sells online. The best place to visit when you want to sell your Crafts, jewelry, and art-related products is Etsy.

Their starting transaction fee is 6.5%, while their listing cost is 20 cents.

4. Poshmark

Poshmark stands taller in the business when it comes to selling clothing and fashion accessories.

Its starting fee is 20% for sold items above $15, and its listing is free.

How to Select the Best Place to Sell Your Items

Below are the factors you have to consider before choosing the best place to sell your items :

1. The Essential Features

The following are the essential features you should look out for when you are considering the best places to sell your items:

  • Determining Product and Audience Focused: Here, you have to know that each platform focuses on a distinct kind of audience and product. Choose the one that best suits the goods you wish to sell.
  • Listing Cost or Advertise: Although most websites don’t charge to list your products, others do. Think over the choices the platform provides for promoting your listing and expanding your viewership, as well as the associated costs.
  • Transaction Fees: Once you make a sale, the majority of websites charge a fee. Think about how each website’s transaction cost will affect your overall profit.
  • Buy Now vs Auction: Different websites have various price schemes. For instance, you can use Poshmark to allow purchasers to place bids on an auction that you post on eBay. These choices frequently aid in drawing attention to your listing.

2. R/R Options for Buyers (Return and Refund)

various websites provide varying return and refund procedures to customers. Customers cannot return an item to Poshmark, for example, unless it does not fit the advertised description.

Conversely, eBay gives sellers the ability to limit returns but still permits customers to return items if they’re unhappy.

3. Transaction Percentage

The transaction fee of the platform, or the amount you will ultimately pay to make a sale, is one thing you should consider before listing your things online. One of the largest effects on your total profit will be this.

There are situations where the transaction cost can reach 20%, like with Poshmark. In other situations, it’s zero, like Facebook Marketplace.

The disadvantage is that selling an item on Poshmark as opposed to eBay or Facebook Marketplace may be simpler, such as a name-brand purse.

In this instance, the cost may be justified because it would not have allowed you to sell your item.

4. Advertising and Marketing Tools

Usually, selling sites let you pay to promote your listing and get in front of more prospective customers.

Paying more for advertising does not, however, always imply that your product will sell, and occasionally there is little to no change in sales.

5. Ease of Use

All of the websites on this list are simple to use and navigate. To list things on Facebook Marketplace, one must have a Facebook profile.

Creating an account is necessary to use Poshmark. It’s not too difficult to create an account on any of these websites.

If you have read through this piece, you can now choose which of the online markets or websites among the ones listed here, to sell your used stuff.

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