Best Places to Buy Dry Ice Near Me (Top 7 Places 2023)

Places that sell dry ice near you for your personal consumption and use are listed here. Here are the stores and outlets where you can get it.

Places that sell dry ice

Maybe you need some for Halloween? On this page, you’ll find digestible information about where to buy dry ice.

Some are more obvious than others and sometimes you have to be quite creative to get hold of the solid form of carbon dioxide.

This guide will show you the places that sell dry ice and where you have the best chance of finding it.

The Best Place to Buy Dry Ice

Knowing the right place to buy Dry ice will depend on two factors, your location and the amount of dry ice you need.

If perhaps you need a small amount of dry ice to toss in a cooler or use for a school science project, the best and cheapest option is the grocery store.

If your local store doesn’t have any dry ice in stock — or maybe you need a very large quantity for something like stage show special effects.

Or commercial refrigeration — the best option is to order it online through a dry ice distributor.

If you do this, you can expect minimum order requirements of about 10-25 pounds at a cost of around $1 per pound.

Shipping costs may differ depending on how far away you live from the distributor and how fast you need the dry ice.

Ground shipping from FedEx and UPS places costs anywhere between $25 and $40, though it may be much more expensive for expedited or more long-distance services.


Grocery Stores That sell Dry ice

If you’re looking for much smaller quantities of dry ice, your best bet is to visit your local grocery store.

Most commonly, you’ll find dry ice sold in one-pound bags with costs between $1 and $3 per pound.

Prices and availability may differ based on the season and the grocery store in question.

Below is the list of grocery stores that sell dry ice:

1. Kroger

Most Kroger stores sell dry ice blocks and pellets. In some states, however, you have to be over 18 to be eligible to buy.

They have stores in 34 states so you can find one of their chains within driving distance.

Another good option is to enter your zip code on Instacart to find out whether you can purchase it near you.

This website will show product availability and you can even change supermarket chains to see if they sell it.

Tip: Don’t just look out for Kroger signs but also for Ralphs, Harris Teeter’s, Dillon’s, Food 4 Less, and Fred Meyers as the parent company owns these brands.

2. Dry Ice Suppliers

Dry Ice Suppliers

In the US, most big cities have dry ice suppliers which specialize in the production and sale of the item.

Their advantages include low prices and high flexibility. Here is a quick list to get you going:

Airgas: They are one of the biggest dry ice suppliers in the whole United States, as this company distributes around 9,000 metric tons of Penguin Brand Dry Ice® blocks to nearly 5,000 retail stores in the country each year.

To find the nearest outlet where you can buy it, you can call: 877-PENGUIN (877-736-4846)

Continental Carbonic: This manufacturer has 48 production and distribution facilities and you can purchase dry ice on a cash-and-carry basis in 44 of their stores.

Dry Ice Corp: You can order online from this supplier. Their prices are 49 dollars for 25 pounds and 69 dollars for 45 pounds.

Dry Ice Delivered: The pricing is progressive for blocks, which means the more you order, the lower the price per pound.

Local Dry Ice Suppliers: To find them, you can search on Google Maps or you can look them up on Yelp or in the Yellow Pages.

When you visit these stores, you’ll be met with friendly service, and it’s also an excellent way to help the local economy.

3. Safeway

If you live in the western half of the country, Safeway and its associated brands are a solid choice for purchasing dry ice.

They have 240 locations in California so you can reach one with a 30-minute car ride if you live in The Golden State.

How to Buy Dry Ice at Safeway

You can select your town in the Safeway store locator, and it will display all of their locations near you.

The best part is that they list whether they have the commodity available at each store. Talk about convenience!

For example: Here is the page of the Mission Street store in San Francisco. You can see the hours and under that where you have the label “Featured Services”, you can see that they indeed sell dry ice.

4. Publix

If you are in the southeastern part of the country, especially in Florida, this is your best bet.

A good number of Publix stores sell dry ice with no limitations, but to make sure, we always recommend calling your local one to get confirmation.

You can also check out their website and click on the “Select a store” button to get detailed product availability information.

5. Walmart

If you’re still wondering where to buy dry ice, check Walmart. Walmart has the number of stores of any retail chain in the United States (11000+).

Larger towns have at least one. Some of them are even open 24/7 making them a great place to buy dry ice.

An important thing to note here is that not all Walmart stores carry the item.

The best way to find out whether your local one has it is to phone them up. Sometimes they have it, but you may have to ask around in the store.

6. Ice Cream Parlors

Ice cream shops have to keep their delicious treats cold somehow, and most use dry ice as it is relatively cheap and safe.

Usually, they don’t sell them, but there are lots of places where they will be happy to give you some, maybe even for free.

Graeter’s has a good number of locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois.

7. Meijer

7. Meijer

Almost all Meijer stores sell dry ice. If you live in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, or Indiana, this chain is a great option to purchase.

Meijer has 117 locations in Michigan and 25 in Illinois. This means that you will find one within a couple of miles in these states.

How to Buy Dry Ice at Meijer

All you have to do is check out their dry ice product page. This webpage will instantly show whether it is available near you.

The current price is $1.89 per pound.

Also, it’s important to note that dry ice is only available in-store at Meijer. The product does not support delivery.

There you go! These are 7 places that sell dry ice near you. Hurry to these stores to get them for your Halloween decoration and party.

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