How Can I Receive Money Back from

Have you booked a reservation just to find out the appointment won’t hold? How to get cash back from should be the next line of action. Success will delight you as much as failure might depress you. Find out how to get and also earn cashback.

How to Get Cash Back From

Most tourist and business moguls always face this challenge each time an appointment is canceled.

They might have paid so much for reservation and can’t afford to always lose such amounts every time.

You can get cash back if you place a demand through the right channel and earn some cashback rewards.

How to Get Cash Back from

They refund the exact amount charged including any relevant fees in your currency service.

This will only be if you cancel a reservation within the applicable allowed cancellation period.

With your permission, they keep your payment method information on file for subsequent bookings.

For cash-back rewards, you will create an account to receive them no later than 64 days after the end of the visit.

How to Link Card for Cash Back on

To earn rewards on, sign up for an account and add your credit card details in the ‘Settings’ section.

Use the credit card to make payment for the reservation and have your transaction receipt ready if needed.

After checking out from your stay, you’ll receive your reward on your card within 30 to 60 days.

It’s that easy! Just make sure to keep your credit card information updated to ensure you receive your rewards freely.

When Should I Expect Cash Back from

How to Get Cash Back From

If you cancel a booking on, you’ll get a refund right away, It’s that fast.

However, it might take 7 to 10 days for the refund to show up in your bank account, depending on your bank’s processing time.

If you have any questions about your refund, it’s best to contact your bank directly for assistance.

Which Payment Channels are Best for Cash Back?

Depending on your location, restrictions, and preference on various apps in your country, you can transact to

However, the brand has some recommended apps they most recognize for transactions, they include:

1. PayPal

2. Apple Pay

3. Google Pay

4. Local methods like iDeal, Trustly, Blik, Venmo, WeChat, and others are also accepted.

How Much Does Charge for Cash Back? commission ranges from 10% to 25%, determined by the property’s location and cancellation policy.

On average, this rate is approximately 15% although there are other individual charges for different properties.

To get information about the specific commission rate, read the Accommodation Agreement provided by during the sign-up.

Can I Withdraw My Cash Back at the ATM?

Once it is sent back to your account, credit, or debit card, you can go to the nearest ATM and insert your card and amount to withdraw.

About taking out my credit back, credits cannot be redeemed for cash, changed into cash, or paid out in any other way. has the right to subtract and settle any credits from any claim it has against you at any time and without previous notice.

Can I Use My Cash Back Credit to Book a Reservation?

Having a account is necessary to use credit cash back. Purchases are charged from the customer’s wallet balance.

Any remaining funds will be allocated to purchases in the order of the earliest expiration date on the customer’s account.

Pay Later allows you to plan a trip and postpone payment one week before you arrive, giving you time to pay off debt.

To end it all, you can get cash back from and credit rewards have rules to win them. Therefore, you need to abide by these rules.

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