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If you are wondering where you can find the highest paying plasma donation centers near you? Look no further! In this article.5 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers 2020 Update

we have more information about which plasma donation centers pay the most, as well as the requirements for donating plasma.

Plasma donations can occur once in a 48-hour period, with a limit of twice in a seven-day span, according to the FDA. Before being able to donate again, the body must be able to replenish itself.

The body should be able to replenish the plasma, which was donated within 24 to 48 hours following a healthy diet.

What is Plasma

Plasma is the main component of your blood. It accounts for more than half of its overall content (about 55 percent). The plasma is a bright yellow fluid if cut off from the rest of the blood. Plasma has fire, sauce, and enzymes.

The main role of plasma is to transfer nutrients, hormones, and proteins into the appropriate part of the body. Waste products from cells are often accumulated on plasma.

The waste is then plasma-drained from the skin. Your circulatory system is also distributed to all areas of the blood-by-blood plasma.

What is Donated Plasma Used for?

It is a gift to be able to donate plasma. This is so because there is a large population that cannot donate for different reasons. For some who seek different ways to make money, the ability to get paid to donate plasma is an even bigger gift.

Apart from compensating for plasma donations, many people don’t realize that plasma is one of the few components that can’t be created artificially and is in great demand. Human donations are therefore highly sought to help save people’s lives around the globe.

The drive to donate plasma for money is enticing, however, don’t forget about the difference you can make in the world with each plasma donation!

Requirements for Donating Plasma

Standards of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations limit plasma donation to two times in a span of seven days and once in a period of two days.

Since the number of times you can donate plasma is limited, you’ll probably want to make sure that you select the highest-paid donation center in your region.

Before visiting you may also want to make sure you follow the criteria of the donation center.

1. General Requirements

  • Be between the ages of 16 and 69. Nevertheless, some sites allow donors to be a little older than 16–in some countries, there are 19 and some centers will accept donations only from individuals 18 years of age or older. Some require contributors to be under 69, some of whom have a maximum age of 66.
  • Weigh 110 pounds total. The weight of the plasma you will donate also influences the volume.
  • Have a valid and current government-issued photo ID
  • Provide proof of residency
  • Have your original Social Security card

2. Medical Requirements

Donors should be in good general health and feel well on the day of donation. You will need to undergo a pre-screening physical on your first visit to determine whether you are eligible to donate plasma.

There are also some factors that can make you ineligible to donate blood. These include:

  • Certain medical conditions: HIV-positive; hepatitis (if infected after age 11); babesiosis; Chagas’ disease; risk factors or a blood relative with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (mad cow disease)
  • Certain medications: Blood clotting or blood thinning medication or isotretinoin (used to treat severe acne); have taken etretinate (Tegison) for psoriasis; injected drugs that were not prescribed by a doctor
  • Certain travel experiences: Recent visit to a malaria-risk country; received a blood transfusion in France or the UK from 1980 to the present; or have recently spent significant time outside of the U.S. and/or Canada
  • Previous donations: If you have donated whole blood within the last eight weeks or red blood cells within the past 16 weeks, you may need to wait to begin donating plasma. Also, you cannot typically donate to two different plasma donation centers at the same time.
  • Personal history: Men who’ve had sex with another man within 12 months; women who’ve had sex with a man who’s had sex with another man within 12 months
  • Illegal activities: Due to health risks, you cannot donate if you have exchanged sex for money or drugs.
  • Body modifications: Have gotten a piercing or tattoo in the past 12 months in one of the following states: Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Wyoming, or Washington, D.C.


How Often Can You Donate Plasma?

If you’re eligible to donate plasma, then you might be wondering how often you can make donations.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), allows you to make two donations within a seven-day time period. And as a donor, you must wait at least 48 hours between donations.

That implies that if you donated on Wednesday, then you can make another donation on Friday. You can donate plasma no more than twice during a seven-day period.

How Much Do You Get for Donating Plasma?

How much can you make donating plasma? The amount received has several facets to it.

Typically, the rate is higher than the next rate because this is the first donation. That is because the process is longer; you need to complete some questionnaires, and you need to do clinical tests and other evaluations.

Usually, donor rates are around US$ 20 to US$ 50, for the first time. The amount you receive for donation will also be determined by your body weight and by your choice of the plasma storage facility.

If you have a plasma collection volume of just about 120 pounds, then the plasma facility cannot draw from you the same volume as a 300 livre donor.

Additionally, it could be more selling plasma for money if you have a certain type of protein in your blood that is in high demand. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that the amount of plasma collected should meet your weight.

How Long Does it Take to Donate Plasma?

You might be wondering how long this process is going to be or perhaps wondering how long you will have to be bedridden.

The donation process is often longer the first time that you do it, as you’ll need to undergo a screening and answer some questions before they actually start taking your plasma. The plasmapheresis process, which is the process of actually taking the plasma, takes around 90 minutes.

So, on your first visit to a plasma donation center, the entire process can take 2 hours on average but could take up to three hours. After your first visit, the process will usually only take around 90 minutes or lesser.

The Highest-Paying Plasma Donation Centers

1. CSL Plasma Inc.

CSL Plasma Inc. ranks among the top human plasma collectors worldwide. They offer plasma to many hospitals throughout America and also to health facilities in other countries.

As a daily donor of plasma, CSL Plasma Inc. will receive up to $400 a month. They are crediting the money to a debit card prepayment. CSL Plasma also awards iGive points for every plasma donation that is redeemable for extra cash.

2. Kedplasma

You can donate plasma at 18 centers in different states run by Kedplasma USA. Their website does not specify how much money you will get as compensation.

Their website clearly states that they have their own donor compensation policy for each center. But you’ll need to check how much money you can get and other information with the plasma donation center near you.

However, independent reviews on the Internet point that Kedplasma US pays about $400 per month at various centers. You’ll get the money in form of a Wirecard prepaid card. The company will credit your prepaid card upon every successful plasma donation.

Kedplasma US offers a special program- Anti D and has any Negative blood group.

To qualify, you’ll have to meet specific criteria set by the company. Your plasma can prove useful for saving the lives of babies. There’s no specific information about donor compensation under the Anti D program.

3. BPL Plasma

BPL Plasma is part of the UK-based biotech company Bio Products Laboratories. They pay the successful donors up to $300 a month.

With dozens of plasma centers located across the USA, It is easy to schedule an appointment for your first plasma donation.

You can earn more money through the referral program of BPL Plasma. Meaning, you can refer a relative or friend to donate plasma at BPL Plasma.

When the person you’re talking to donates plasma, they get full reimbursement while you get a referral bonus in additional cash. They also have a Buddy Raffle scheme, which helps you to win prizes of between $100 and $200 a month extra.

When a relative or friend accompanying you also donates plasma, you get one entry to the raffle draw. The first prize is $200, the second $150 and the third, $100.

BPL Plasma operates in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Omaha, Ohio, and Texas. Search in google “ BPL plasma donation center near me ” and you will get the result according to your location.

4. BioLife Plasma Services

BioLife Plasma is an industry-leading plasma storage facility. They work in various facilities both within the U.S. and within Austria.

BioLife Plasma donors are given a debit card which their compensation is loaded onto. For new donors, the average pay is about $20 for the first visit and then the pay ranges from $30-$50 for the following visits. Compensation amounts vary by location.

5. Biotest Plasma Center

In Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas, Biotest Plasma Center operates. By collecting plasma at their collection centers, you will make up to $400 a month.

Biotest Plasma Center runs 26 plasma donation centers in those 11 states. Grifols, a major global healthcare group, owns this venture.

Biotest Plasma Center also operates a referral program where you can get more money when you bring a relative or friend to donate plasma.

Additionally, Biotest also has attractive monthly promotions across its network. And, individual plasma collection centers run their own promos too.

And to help you earn more, Biotest Plasma Center runs its own mystery shopper program. Anyone that donates plasma at Biotest Plasma Center can give feedback on their experience to earn more cash as a mystery shopper. 

6. Grifols – Earn up to $200/mo

While rates vary from center to center, when you donate blood to Grifols, you can earn up to $200. The company does state, however, that you can only earn up to $200 a month if the plasma you donate is used to help make medicines.

According to the company, only plasma from repeat donors is used to make medicines. If you don’t return to make a second donation, then your first donation cannot be used to produce medicines.

Basically, this means that you’ll have to donate more than once to make the $200.

7. B Positive Plasma – Earn over $500/mo

Get paid to donate plasma at B Positive Plasma. You can earn over $500 a month, making this one of the highest paying plasma donation centers out there.

What’s great is that there’s an offer called the 5×50 promotion available to first-time donors. You can get $50 per donation for your first five donations.

Also, the company offers a $20 referral bonus. Just refer a friend and when they make their first plasma donation, you’ll earn money.

B Positive Plasma has locations in New Jersey and Maryland.

8. The Interstate Companies – Earn $50 per donation

The Interstate Companies doesn’t state how much it pays on its website. The company says to contact your nearest center for exact details on payment. Users on Reddit, however, do state how much they’ve earned with the company.

One user on this Reddit thread says they were paid $50 for each donation, for their first five donations. After that, they were paid $25 to $35 per donation.

Another user on this Reddit thread says that they earned $360 in a month, earning $35 for their first visit and $45 for their second visit, with a $10 bonus on the fifth to eighth visits. This user also states that they can get $75 for their first couple of donations.

9. Immunotek – Pay varies

Immunotek does not say how much it pays. The company says that donor compensation varies depending on the center that you donate to.

But, it does, however, state that you can get a $20 bonus when you refer a friend who donates.

10. Octapharma Plasma – Earn $50 per donation

Octapharma Plasma does not state exactly how much it pays. It says that the amount of money you make will depend on factors, like how long it takes you to donate.

It says that donor fees can vary from month to month, by location, and depending on what, if any, promotions are on offer throughout the year.

Currently, the company says that with a donor promotion, new donors can make up to $250 for their first five plasma donations. So as a new donor, you can get $50 per donation for your first five donations.

Also, Octapharma Plasma says that many of its centers are running frequency bonuses, for people who donate twice per week. With this promotion, you can get up to $60 to $75 extra.

Also, many Reddit users state what they’ve earned donating to Octapharma Plasma:

  • One user in this Reddit thread says that the company pays up to $50 per donation.
  • Another user on the thread we linked to above, earned $20 to $30 per donation and made around $200. But, it’s important to note that this user says that they are in the top weight bracket.
  • In this Reddit thread, one user says that the company pays $20 to $50 a week with bonuses. It also says that the company offers bonuses, like a $20 bonus after six donations and a $15 bonus after your eighth donation·

Octapharma Plasma Card Balance

Donating plasma for money makes your financial benefit more valuable. Remember even the broader picture of what your plasma donation is really doing for someone else! Your gift could save a life.

If this article motivates you to go ahead to donate plasma and save a life at no cost but still get paid. Share it with your friends who will be interested to do the same.

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