Octapharma Plasma Card Balance: Donor Eligibility & Payment Method

Octapharma pays plasma donors with a prepaid reloadable debit card. First-time donors can earn as much as $50 for each of their first five donations. 

Octapharma Plasma Card Balance

Octapharma collects human plasma in order to save lives worldwide and rewards those who donate with financial compensation.

With every successful donation of life-saving plasma, funds are load directly and easily onto a prepaid card! There are no checks to cash, no bank account, and no need to worry about cash being lost or stolen!

What do I Need To Know at My First Octapharma Visit

Perhaps you have asked about this, here you go.

If it is your first time donating plasma to Octapharma, it can take up to two hours.

However, the procedure may vary slightly from one location to the next, it will require you checking in with a government-issued photo ID, Social Security number, and proof of current address.

You will also be required to watch a short video on the plasma donation process as well as discussing confidential, informed consent, and reviewing the plasma donation process.

Running of blood tests will be carried out and if everything checks out and you’re a viable donor, then you’ll be directed to the plasma donations area.

The actual plasma donation time takes about 30 to 55 minutes after which you’ll rest and have snacks. Remember to drink plenty of fluids before and after the procedure to avoid dehydration and minimize potential aftereffects.

It’s recommended that donors avoid any strenuous activity for the rest of the day, but most people feel 100% again less than 24 hours after donating plasma.

About the Plasma

Plasma is one of the several components that make up blood. About 45% of whole blood is made up of red cells, white cells, and platelets. These are suspended in plasma, which makes up the other 55% of whole blood.

Plasmapheresis is the process of collecting plasma. It involves cycling a donor’s blood through sterile equipment that separates plasma from other blood components. The apparatus collects the plasma and returns the other blood components to the body of the donor.

It also helps the body maintain a proper pH (acid-base) balance, which is critical for proper cell function. Additionally, plasma is a very safe blood product regarding blood-borne viruses.

All plasma donors go through the same type of initial screening as regular blood donors. After the intake screening, plasma goes through an additional purification process that removes viruses before being broken down and made into medical therapies and treatments.

Another key characteristic of plasma is its shelf life. Compared with most other blood components, plasma remains usable for a long time after donation; up to one year when frozen, compared to just 21-35 days for refrigerated whole blood.

Eligibility For Octapharma Plasma Donation

if you are looking to sell plasma you would need to meet certain criteria in order to participate. Donors at Octapharma must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 66
  • Be in good health, having a healthy arm vein for drawing blood
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Have no ear piercings, body piercings, tattoos, or permanent makeup that were done in the previous 12 months

However, qualified individuals may donate up to a maximum of twice a week, with at least 48 hours between plasma donations.

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Octapharma Plasma Payment Method

Octapharma pays donors in the form of a reloadable prepaid debit card. You’ll receive the card following your first successful donation, and it will be reloaded after every repeat donation.

Octapharma Plasma Card Balance

Donors should expect some fees with Octapharma’s prepaid debit card; namely, ATM withdrawal and transaction fees that may be as high as a few dollars.

Wirecard, the company that issues Octapharma’s prepaid debit cards, does not publicly disclose these fees, so you may wish to contact a representative there for more information.

How to Check Your Card Balance

To check your prepaid rewards card balance, you can either call Wirecard at (866) 326-8689 or register your card online. After you create a login, you can view your card balance in your account.

Donor Promotions

Octapharma also offers regular donor promotions that provide you with the chance to win prizes or make even more money through bonuses. For example, as of this writing, new donors have the chance to earn up to $400 in a month.

How Much Can You Earn for Donating to Octapharma?

The amount paid for plasma often varies by geographic region and demand, in addition to how often you donate. As stated above, you cannot donate more than twice per week.

Generally speaking, new donors can make up to $250 for their first five Octapharma donations. After that, compensation levels are based on weight:

  • Donors weighing between 110 and 175 pounds are paid around $20 for their first donation of the week and around $15 for the second
  • Donors weighing over 175 pounds are paid around $25 for the first donation of the week and around$15 for the second

More plasma can be extracted from a donor with a higher weight, which is why Octapharma pays these individuals more for their donation.

Note: Please these are baseline figures only; rates can vary among different donation centers.

Bottom Line

Octapharma pays donors with a reloadable prepaid debit card. New donors can earn as much as $50 for each of their first five plasma donations.

Octapharma Plasma Card Balance

After that, you can expect to earn anywhere from around $15 to $25 per donation depending on your weight. To earn even more money, be sure to take advantage of any donor promotions Octapharma may be running at the time.

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