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You can get to earn some money doing plasma donation. This article is going to help you discover active plasma donation Centers around you. 

Active Plasma Donation Centers

Regardless of whether you’re searching for some additional money or are keen on aiding those out of luck (or possibly a tad of both), blood plasma donation might be a possibility for you.

You’ll discover in excess of 400 authorized plasma donation centers across the nation, and most have a progressing requirement for benefactors.

These centers give solid blood to blood donation centers, and your plasma could be utilized at a medical clinic or crisis space to help somebody out of luck.

We’ve listed the highest paying plasma donation centers near most people so you can select which one pays the most and also has a location nearby.


Essential Requirements for Donating Plasma

The American Association of Blood Banks (AAB B) standards and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations limit donating to twice in a seven-day period and once in a two-day period.

Since the number of times you can donate plasma is limited, ensure to select the highest-paying donation center around you

To donate plasma at most plasma donation centers, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old (19 in Alabama).
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds (read this article to find out where you can weigh yourself for free)
  • Be in good general health and feel well on the day of donation.
  • Have a valid and current government-issued photo ID.
  • Provide proof of residency.
  • Have your original Social Security card.

Factors that will Disqualify you from Donating blood

  • Certain medical conditions like an HIV-positive patient, hepatitis (if infected after age 11); babesiosis; Chagas’ disease; risk factors or a blood relative with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (mad cow disease)
  •  Currently on a blood clotting or blood thinning medication or isotretinoin (used to treat severe acne); have taken etretinate (Tegison) for psoriasis; have injected drugs that were not prescribed by a doctor
  • A recent visit to a malaria-risk country; received a blood transfusion in France or the UK from 1980 to the present; or have recently spent significant time outside of the U.S. and/or Canada
  • Have exchanged sex for money or drugs
  • Men who’ve had sex with another man within 12 months; women who’ve had sex with a man who’s had sex with another man within 12 months
  • Have gotten a piercing or tattoo in the past 12 months in one of the following states: DC, GA, ID, MD, MA, NV, NH, NY, PA, UT, WY

You can find a full explanation of blood donor qualifications, including whether a particular condition or circumstance exempts you from donating blood, on the Eligibility Criteria by Topic page of the American Red Cross website.

Why Are Some People P aid More Than Others?

1. People may be paid higher than others because of certain factors, including the location of the facility, donor weight, and whether the donor is new or returning.

2. It is illegal to be paid to sell organs; however, when you donate plasma, you’re not legally selling your blood. Rather, you are being compensated for your time and commitment to donating. For this reason, new donors often receive higher rates, as the process of donating plasma can take more time for new donors.

3. Donors with higher body weight usually receive higher rates because they are able to donate more plasma per visit — which also requires more time than the average visit.

Where is The Highest-Paying Plasma Donation Centers?

For this list, we’ve provided the average compensation you can expect when you donate plasma, the method of payment, and any additional requirements you may need to know.

So who pays the most for plasma? Our research found that the highest paying blood plasma donation centers are KEDPLasma, BPL Plasma, CSL Plasma, Biotest Plasma Center, and BioLife Plasma Services. Donors at these centers can earn up to $400 a month.


List of the Best Active Plasma Donation Centers

1. BioLife Plasma Services

2. Biotest Plasma Center

How much you can earn: Donation payments vary according to how many donations you make per month, ranging from $30 to $45 per donation. If you’re a new donor, you’ll receive $50 each for your first five donations. You can make up to $400 or more in your first month and up to $350 or more per each subsequent month.

3. BPL Plasma LLC

4. CSL Plasma

5. KEDPlasma, Inc.

How much you can earn:

  1. First-time donors: $50 first donation; $75 second donation; $50 for next three donations
  2. Subsequent donations: $25 for the first donation of the week and $45 for the second donation of the week, from the sixth donation forward
  3. Earn $400 per month or more
  4. Amounts vary by location and donor weight


Heading to the highest paying plasma donation center can be a smart move when you need some extra cash. Be sure to read the donation requirements at the center and be prepared to provide proof of residency and other identifying information.

Once registered, you can return to the same donation center to earn money for additional donations throughout the month.

Keep in mind that payment amounts may vary by location, so it’s a good idea to call your local center ahead of time to verify your full payout.

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