How to Write a Short Goodbye Message Leaving Company Or Job

What should be written in a goodbye message leaving company notes when leaving a firm or work, after resigning or retiring, switching to another organization or starting a new employment? 

How to Write a Short Goodbye Message Leaving Company Or Job

When leaving a firm, it is customary to express gratitude to the team, group, staff, department, senior, and manager via parting messages, letters, emails, or notes.

These kinds of farewell and thank-you messages can make the last day at work memorable. We have compiled a one-of-a-kind collection of goodbye texts when leaving a company.

Goodbye Messages When Leaving Company

  1. Thanks to all for being so nice to me all these years. Goodbye and best wishes to all.
  2. It’s tough to leave this place and all these fantastic people. Thanks all. Goodbye!
  3. Thanks for being so friendly and supportive to me. I’m going to miss everyone. Goodbye!
  4. It’s true that I’m excited about my new destination, but the pain of leaving colleagues like you behind is more than that. I’ll miss you all! Goodbye.
  5. Thank you so much for allowing me to serve your company and I’ll be grateful to you for this. You’ll always be cherished with great honor, Boss!
  6. Extending my grateful regards for making my last day into a special one with all your love and efforts. I wish you good luck for your future.
  7. May you all have a blissful future. It was a pleasure working with you people. Goodbye.
  8. I am both incredibly sad and happy at this moment. Thank you to all my seniors and boss.
  9. Thank you for everything that you did all the past years. I’ll forever be grateful to you, sir.
  10. I’m grateful to work with this company and all these talented people. You all will be missed.
  11. I’ve learned a lot working with this company. I’m grateful to everyone who helped me to grow. Goodbye!
  12. It was a fantastic journey with all of you. Best of luck, everyone. Goodbye and stay in touch.
  13. I’m excited about my new job, but leaving this company is breaking my heart. Goodbye, everyone!
  14. I extend my heartiest goodbye to you, my dear colleagues. I will truly feel everyone’s absence in my life., and I really hope you all achieve everything you wish for.

Short Goodbye Message Leaving Company

  1. Bid farewell to you all. I had a wonderful time working here.
  2. Goodbye, dear colleagues. May you all have a prosperous life.
  3. I’m lucky that I’ve got an opportunity to work with you. Goodbye, my mates.
  4. I will be missing you guys very much. Goodbye, and God bless.
  5. I extend my farewell to everyone. Hope you all achieve more in the future.
  6. My heartfelt goodbyes to you all. I wish everyone the best.
  7. Goodbye and best wishes. I enjoyed my time here.
  8. Bid adieu. May you all have a great life ahead of you.
  9. I’m leaving with a heart full of sadness. The memories will keep me alive. Goodbye!
  10. “As you all probably know, today is my last day here. May we never forget the memories we’ve made together. Take care, my friends. I’ll miss you.”

Goodbye Message to Colleagues on Last Working Day

Goodbye Message Leaving Company
  1. Dear colleagues, working with you was a great gratification and I’m going to miss you so much. Goodbye and know my best wishes for all of you.
  2. Thanks to everyone for all the support and the sweet memories over all these years. You are more than a colleague to me. Farewell, mates. Keep in touch.
  3. Saying goodbye to coworkers like you is quite difficult. All those memories of working together with you are the best gift to me for farewell.
  4. Goodbye to my colleagues. You have shown me kindness and generosity that I will never forget. I wish you all the best of luck.
  5. Your support and encouragement helped me in my work. Thank you and goodbye! All the best to everyone.
  6. You’re always more than coworkers. Through all the laughter, fun or difficult terms, you were there beside me. Going to miss you all like anything!
  7. I’ve learned a lot from all of you, and you helped me in my every work. I’m grateful to have outstanding and supportive coworkers like you. Thanks to everyone. Goodbye and best wishes!
  8. My heartfelt farewells, my dear colleagues. I hope you guys have much more to give to the world. May your path succeed.
  9. Although I’m glad for my new job, the thought of leaving such wonderful colleagues like you are killing me. Hope you’ll stay in touch with me.
  10. I extend my heartiest wishes to this company and to the most supportive colleagues like you guys. Goodbye and be well till we meet again.
  11. I had a great experience while working with you all and learned so much from each of you. Hope my new workplace will have such delightful coworkers!

Goodbye Message Leaving Company to Boss

Goodbye Message Leaving Company
  1. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve your company. I will forever be grateful to you and cherish every moment I worked for you. Goodbye!
  2. Let me express my appreciation to you boss for being a great teacher and mentor during my working period at this company. I will greatly miss you, boss.
  3. Though I am leaving, I will always cherish the moment I worked for you. You are such an amazing boss. Goodbye boss!
  4. You have been more than a boss to me, a thank you is not even enough to appreciate all that you have done for me. I will forever cherish you. Goodbye, boss!
  5. Thank you for the guidance and support you accorded me. I wish you the best in all that you do. Farewell, Boss!
  6. I will never forget the things you taught me in the corporate world. I will always follow them whenever I go. Thank you, boss, and goodbye!

Goodbye Message Leaving Company to Clients

Goodbye Message Leaving Company
  1. The most amazing part of working with you was the ideal suggestions that you gave to the company. I really enjoyed working with you.
  2. The time we shared may seem to be short, but it’s time for me to take on new adventures in life. I will forever be grateful to you as a client. Goodbye!
  3. It has been a privilege working with you. You have been very supportive throughout my working period here. I am very grateful to you. It’s time for me to say goodbye.
  4. It has been an amazing experience working with you. You filled my working environment with so many opportunities. Thank you for your time and support. Goodbye!
  5. This company was such a happy place, and I was so lucky to be part of its incredible family. Thanks a lot for everything, and goodbye.
  6. It’s a pleasure to have been a part of this great company. My sincerest thanks for being my second family and for making me feel at home. Goodbye, everyone!
  7.  I will miss everything about this place, especially you, boss. Thank you for teaching me everything you know. Goodbye, Sir.
  8.  I want to honor each and every person working in this company. My journey here was worthwhile. I learned and gained a lot from you. Thank you for everything. Goodbye.
  9.  I got and gave so much from and to this superb company. I will always be grateful that I got the chance to work here. Goodbye to you all.
  10.  Working in this great company made me realize how lucky I am. I gained so much experience, so many wonderful friends and colleagues, and got so much love and appreciation. Thank you for everything, and goodbye.
  11.  Working with all of you has been a journey worth taking. Thank you for being wonderful. Goodbye.


It might be difficult to leave a job. On the one hand, you may be leaving for a position with greater income and perks, or one that is more closely related to your professional interests

Therefore, by sending goodbye message leaving company or receiving them, you just make them feel loved and appreciated for the work they’ve put into your establishment. 

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