Top 20 Gas Stations that Accept PayPal in 2024

Have you ever tried buying gas with PayPal? Well, it is Possible! Well, this post lists the top 20 gas stations that accept PayPal and all you need to know about them.

Gas Stations that Accept PayPal

PayPal is a convenient way to pay for gas. If you hope to use PayPal to make purchases at local gas stations, make sure you know the gas stations that accept PayPal.

However, continue reading to learn which gas stations accept payment through PayPal.

20 Gas Stations That Accept PayPal

The following gas stations accept PayPal as a mobile payment means.

While most gas stations don’t accept the PayPal app directly, many take Android Pay and Samsung Pay, which can be linked to your PayPal account.

1. Chevron

Gas Stations that Accept PayPal

Chevron started as the Pacific Coast Oil Company in 1879 in San Francisco.

They built refineries and drilled for oil for many years before the first motor vehicles hit the road.

After a few name changes and expansions, Chevron, as we know it today, is better.

Today, they have around 7,000 Chevron locations throughout the United States.

Chevron Fuel boasts the acquisition of Techron, which the company claims will maximize gas mileage while minimizing emissions.

You can pay using PayPal via Google Pay and Samsung Pay at Chevron.

Once your PayPal account is fused to your digital wallet, you can pay with your phone at the pump.

2. Texaco

Gas Stations that Accept PayPal

Texaco was formed in 1902 under the name Texas Fuel Company.

For a long time, Texaco was the singular gas company selling gasoline under the same brand name in all 50 states.

This made it a national company. In 2001, Chevron purchased Texaco and took over its refineries.

A lot of its stations were then divested to Shell. However, Texaco stations can still be seen throughout the country.

There are roughly 1,300 locations presently. Since it is owned by Chevron, Texaco Fuel also has Techron in it.

To pay with PayPal at Texaco, download the Texaco app and enter your PayPal information.

You can then pay via the app when at the pump. You can even pay while sitting in your automobile.


3. Shell

Gas Stations that Accept PayPal

The Shell Company commenced in London when Marcus Samuel began importing seashells from the Far East to sell in his store.

He passed the company on to his sons, who developed the company and began importing and exporting oil.

The company was later named Shell as a tribute to their dad and his business’s humble beginnings.

After 185 years, Shell is a global firm, with over 14,000 stations across the United States.

With the Shell app, you can use PayPal to buy fuel, as well as items from inside the store.

4. Phillips 66

Gas Stations that Accept PayPal

Phillips 66 started its first gas station in 1927 in Oklahoma.

The label came from the name of the refinery owners; Frank and L.E. Phillips, and the road test of a new fuel when the test car reached 66 mph on Route 66.

During World War II, the firm produced aviation fuel for Allied airplanes.

The company blended with Conoco in 2002 to form ConocoPhillips.

After a split in 2012, the firm returned to the name Phillips 66, though it is still linked to Conoco.

There are around 7,500 Phillips 66 gas stations across 48 states, with the company’s headquarters located in Texas.

Phillips 66 only accepts PayPal through Samsung Pay at participating sites.

5. Exxon Mobil

Gas Stations that Accept PayPal

In 1859, the first successful oil well was dug in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

This led to the formation of the Standard Oil Company, which conquered the oil industry for many years by taking over other oil companies.

After a landmark Supreme Court case was decided against Standard Oil in 1911, the firm split into 34 different oil companies, which evolved into many of the gas stations on this list.

Exxon Mobil was born out of Standard Oil of New Jersey.

Presently, there are more than 11,000 Exxon and Mobil gas stations in the United States.

Exxon Mobil uses Synergy gasoline, which they claim safeguards your engine from damage and gives your car better performance.

The Exxon Mobil Rewards app takes PayPal through digital wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Once you link your PayPal account to your digital wallet, you can utilize it in the Exxon Mobil app.


Gas Stations that Accept PayPal

Compared to other gasoline firms on this list, ARCO is a relatively new one.

Established in 1966 under the name Atlantic Richfield Company, ARCO decided in the early ‘80s to go cash-only.

In 1986, after several rough years, they began to take ATM (debit) cards with a 10-cent transaction fee, something that many stations still charge today.

ARCO was obtained by BP in the year 2000. It was then traded to Tesoro in 2012.

They’ve recently begun to take credit cards and digital payments.

Today, there are about 1,300 ARCO gas stations throughout the western United States and northwestern Mexico.

ARCO takes PayPal when linked to Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Simply enter your PayPal information and then pay with your digital wallet at the pump.

7. BP

Gas Stations that Accept PayPal

After seven frustrating years of drilling for oil in Persia, William D’Arcy’s First Exploitation Company struck paydirt in 1908 for BP to come about.

They then evolved into the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, housed in England.

Anglo-Persian bought the assets of British Petroleum (BP) in 1917.

When Britain entered World War II, BP supported the war action by providing aviation fuel and engineering a gasoline pipeline that followed Allied ships to Normandy.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, the firm saw tragedies such as the Texas City Refinery explosion and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Despite it all, the company still exists to date, with some 7,200 gas stations throughout the country.

BP pumps accept PayPal through Google Pay, or you can connect PayPal to the BPme app.

8. Sunoco


Sunoco started its first gas station in Pennsylvania in 1920. Following World War II, they extended into Canada and Venezuela.

In 1956, Sunoco introduced “custom blending,” which lets you choose from several octane ratings at the same pump.

After exiting the refinery business and filing for bankruptcy, Sunoco was bought and its headquarters were moved to Dallas, Texas.

The firm has been the official fuel of NASCAR since 2004. There are over 5,200 Sunoco gas stations in the United States today.

Sunoco takes Samsung Pay or payment right through the PayPal app at the pump.

At participating sites, you can also pay with PayPal for goods inside the store.



The Cities Services Company, eventually CITGO, was one of the first firms to provide gas and electricity to public utilities in the United States.

In the 1970s, the CITGO Quik Mart pioneered the concept of convenience stores being connected with gas stations.

In Boston, the CITGO sign is an iconic sight in Kenmore Square and a significant landmark along the course of the Boston Marathon.

There are over 4,600 CITGO gas stations across 31 locations in the US. However, there aren’t any CITGOs in the West or Southwest.

CITGO stations take PayPal on a franchise-by-franchise basis. Those who accept PayPal take it through Samsung Pay.


10. Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms varies from most other gas stations on this list in that its origins are not in petroleum but in dairy.

In 1939, a couple in Rhode Island bought a cow and began a small dairy farm.

Cumberland Farms quickly evolved into a series of dairy stores throughout New England, which eventually turned into convenience stores.

When cars became more rampant in the states, self-serve gas pumps began appearing outside the stores.

Nearly 600 Cumberland Farms convenience stores are in operation in the United States presently.

The pumps at Cumberland Farms take their SmartPay Rewards app, which works with PayPal.

In-store, you can utilize the app or Samsung Pay to pay with PayPal.

11. Speedway


Speedway was established in 1952 in Michigan.

In 1962, the first incarnation of Speedway turned defunct, when it was converted to the Marathon brand.

In 1976, however, Marathon selected to use the Speedway name once again in self-service stations with convenience stores.

The brand was eventually obtained by 7-Eleven, but the Speedway name continues to be used.

There are around 4,000 sites in the United States, mostly in the East and Midwest, though there are some along the West Coast.

Speedway does not take PayPal at the pump, but you can pay with PayPal through Samsung Pay in the convenience stores.

12. Kwik Trip/Kwik Star

Kwik Trip/Kwik Star

Kwik Trip convenience stores were first opened in 1965 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

By 1983, the firm had expanded into 50 stores. Three years later, they had 100 locations.

In addition to traditional comfort store offerings, the stores feature bakery and grocery sections.

They also hold a small deli that will cook food to order. Kwik Trip also runs its own dairy, which supplies milk, cheese, and ice cream.

The stores that are situated just off highways operate as full-service truck stops.

The Kwik Trip name exists only in Wisconsin and Minnesota while in Iowa and Illinois, they are popular as Kwik Star stores.

Throughout the four states, more than 750 sites are in operation.

Only some sites accept PayPal, but those that do will take it both at the pump and in-store through Samsung Pay.

13. Meijer


This chain of gas stations and convenience stores started as the grocery store chain of the same name.

The first Meijer gas station was launched in 1967.

Twenty years later, the firm opened its first convenience store.

Their gas stations and c-stores function in the same location as their supercenter stores, though not every supercenter has a gas station.

There are over 176 Meijer gas stations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.

The stations deliver gasoline, diesel, propane, and alternative fuels. Meijer convenience stores take PayPal through Samsung Pay.

14. Delta Sonic

Delta Sonic

Delta Sonic is primarily a car wash, though its sites feature gas stations and convenience stores as well.

The car wash chain was established in 1967. Their gas pumps deliver a variety of fuels and fuel grades.

Customers can obtain a discount on gas by purchasing a car wash. The chain serves 29 locations throughout New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, Delta Sonic does not accept PayPal at the pump, but their stores will take PayPal via Samsung Pay.

15. Valero


Valero Energy Corporation was born in 1980 and launched its first full-scale refinery in Corpus Christi four years later.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the company made significant purchases and mergers with other oil companies, making it the largest refining company in North America.

Later, the firm acquired several ethanol plants and built 33 wind turbines, creating an alternative energy subsidiary.

Today, Valero runs 15 refineries throughout the country, which supply fuel to more than 7,000 gas stations, mainly throughout the East and Midwest.

Depending on the franchise owner, some Valero sites accept PayPal in-store.

When at a participating site, you can pay with PayPal through Samsung Pay at the register.

16. Kwik Fill

Kwik Fill

Not to be confused with Kwik Trip and Kwik Star, Kwik Fill gas stations function in New York State, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

The gas stations are linked with Red Apple Food Mart convenience stores.

Some Kwik Fills are standalone gas stations with no convenience store, while others are situated with Red Apple stores of varying sizes.

Their nearly 300 sites include four full-size truck stops, four mini truck stops, and two truck stop motels.

Red Apple Food Marts accept PayPal via Samsung Pay in-store.

17. QuikTrip


The last on a list of similar-sounding names, QuikTrip first launched in 1958 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Initially, the firm was just a convenience store, but they added gas pumps in 1971.

In the 1980s, the firm opened “travel centers,” which featured 5,000-square-foot stores, 12 gas pumps, five diesel pumps, and a truck scale.

QuikTrip earned a “Top Tier” rating in 2005, indicating that their gasoline surpassed the EPA’s standards for gasoline additives.

In the ‘90s, QuikTrip launched Wendy’s and Burger King fast-food stores in some of their C-stores.

Today, QuikTrip serves more than 900 stores in 14 stores. Their convenience stores accept PayPal via Samsung Pay.

18. Sheetz


Like Cumberland Farms, Sheetz convenience stores began as dairies.

In the ‘50s, brothers Steve and Bob Sheetz turned their father’s dairy stores into convenience stores.

From 1952 to 1972, the company expanded to 14 locations. The following year, they introduced gas pumps.

By 1983, Sheetz had expanded to 100 stores. As the company developed, the stores introduced their own line of coffee and bakery products.

The chain is still family-owned and founded in its original city of Altoona, Pennsylvania. There are over 600 locations across six states on the eastern side of the country.

Sheetz takes PayPal via Samsung Pay at all locations, both at the pump and in-store.

19. RaceTrac


RaceTrac started as Carl Bolch Trackside Stations in 1934.

When Carl Bolch bought Oil Well Company, they began expanding through multiple states in the south.

In the ‘70s, the firm introduced the first self-serve gas stations in Alabama and Georgia. In 1979, they embraced the name RaceTrac.

They then began Metroplex Energy, a subsidiary of RaceTrac that delivers bulk fuel to their gas stations.

In 2004, the firm introduced fresh food to its convenience stores.

Throughout the early 2010s, RaceTrac began growing its convenience store models, adding frozen yogurt machines, indoor and outdoor seating, and free Wi-Fi.

More than 550 locations function throughout Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas.

PayPal is accepted through Samsung Pay in almost all convenience store sites.

20. 76 Gasoline

76 Gasoline

In 1932, Union Oil launched 76 gasoline.

The name was about the US Declaration of Independence being signed in 1776, as well as the octane rating of gasoline at the time.

They are known for their symbol, which is an orange ball with “76” written on it in blue.

In 2001, the firm was purchased by Phillips and became part of the ConocoPhillips company.

The firm split in 2012, and now 76 is owned solely by Phillips 66.

There are just over 2,000 sites throughout the country, mainly in the South and on the West Coast.

The firm is a partner with Google Pay, so to pay with PayPal, you’ll need to link your PayPal account to your digital wallet.

Linking PayPal to Digital Wallets

Linking PayPal to Digital Wallets

It’s not presently possible to link PayPal to your digital wallet on iOS devices.

However, Samsung Pay and Google Pay have made it likely for Android users.

To be able to pay with PayPal at these gas stations and many other companies, you’ll need to add your PayPal information to the wallet first. This is a simple procedure.

1. Google Pay

To add PayPal to Google Pay, launch the Google Pay app.

Click the card button at the top of the screen.

Click “Add a Payment Method.”

Then, tap “add PayPal.”

Enter your information, including the email address associated with your PayPal account.

Acknowledge the terms and conditions, and you’re all set.

There are two methods to make PayPal your default payment method in Google Pay.

First, you can easily long-press the PayPal card and move it to the top of the list of cards.

The other way is to click the PayPal card and select “Set as default” in the card details screen.

Linking these accounts will permit the two apps to share some data.

The two will share your name, billing address, email address, account type, and a few other pieces of data.

2. Samsung Pay

Linking PayPal to Samsung Pay is very comparable.

Launch the Samsung Pay app and tap “Add PayPal.”

Enter into your PayPal account, then select a top-up amount.

Top Up is a PayPal feature that permits the app to pull money in increments of $10 from your bank account.

This assists prevent your payment from being declined when you don’t have sufficient funds in your PayPal account at the time of purchase.

The app will also request you to select a backup funding instrument for your top-up (such as a bank account).

You can include up to five PayPal accounts in your Samsung Pay wallet.

To make PayPal your default payment method via Samsung Pay, select the checkbox “add to favorite cards” when linking your account.

Ensure you’re using the best method when paying for gas with PayPal. You can also pay using a PayPal debit card, cash card, or prepaid card. 

Also, if you plan to use the PayPal app itself or a mobile wallet, your options will be a bit more limited. It is advisable to check with the gas station ahead of time.

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