Does Best Buy Accept Paypal?

Does Best Buy Accept Paypal? Best Buy carries some of the best electronics available. Their staff is also extremely helpful in finding you deals and determining what kind of technology you require. But, with so many businesses accepting PayPal, is Best Buy one of them?

Does Best Buy Accept Paypal

Does Best Buy Take Paypal? Everything You Need to Know

Yes, Best Buy accepts PayPal, but the method varies depending on where you shop.

If you go shopping in person, they will accept your PayPal Cash card.

They will not accept online payments via the PayPal app.

You can use your PayPal cash card to pay at the store checkout if you link it to your PayPal account.

By selecting PayPal as the payment method at the online checkout, you can also use PayPal for Best Buy website or mobile app purchases.

Because the PayPal Cash card functions similarly to a debit card, you must ensure that your card has enough cash to cover your purchase.

This is because Best Buy does not allow customers to use multiple credit or debit cards to pay for a purchase.

You must complete the transaction with a single card.

Even with some restrictions, Best Buy accepts PayPal in some form or another.

Fortunately, Best Buy makes it simple to use PayPal on its website and mobile app.

Best Buy accepts a variety of other payment methods in addition to PayPal.

While the majority of these options are the same online and in-store, there are a few key differences to be aware of.

The checkout page on Best Buy’s website makes this very user-friendly by including a PayPal payment option as payment option.

However, because Best Buy does not yet accept PayPal in-store, this is the only way to use PayPal.

Does Best Buy Accept Paypal

Using PayPal on Best Buy’s Website

One of the first steps in using PayPal on Best Buy is to create an account with PayPal.

The procedure is simple.

They’ll need information about yourself, your billing address, and the various payment methods you want to associate with your account.

PayPal allows you to connect your credit cards, debit cards, and even your bank account.

You can begin shopping on Best Buy’s website once you have activated your account.

When you’re ready to pay for your order, add your purchases to the cart and then navigate to the checkout button on the website.

You’ll notice a few different payment options.

To pay with PayPal, look for either a yellow or grey button with the PayPal logo on it.

When you click it, you’ll be prompted to sign in to PayPal. PayPal uses this method to verify your identity.

It aids in preventing scammers from using your PayPal account to make purchases for themselves.

To make things even easier, we’ve created step-by-step guides on how to use PayPal on:



Mobile App

The steps below are intended to be simple for all customers.

But if something goes wrong or you require additional assistance, Best Buy has an active support system that includes live chat and the option to speak with an agent over the phone.

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In-Store Purchase

Because Best Buy does not accept PayPal at its store locations, you will need to apply for a PayPal Cash card.

You can use it similarly to a Mastercard at Best Buy locations.

PayPal Cash is a debit card associated with your PayPal Plus account.

While the card does not have its own bank, it does provide easy access to any US bank of your choice.

Furthermore, the card is linked to your PayPal account and has no monthly fees.

It allows users to withdraw funds from their accounts and withdraw cash from ATMs.

However, keep in mind that if the ATM is not a MoneyPass® ATM, each withdrawal will incur a $2.50 fee.

Although PayPal does not charge users to use PayPal Cash, some merchants may charge a fee to complete a transaction with this card.

Asking the cashier at the register is the best way to find out if a store charges a fee for using PayPal Cash.

When you’re certain that you have enough money to make your purchase, you can proceed to the checkout area.

The cashier will ring up your purchase and calculate your total.

You can either hand them your PayPal Cash card or swipe it yourself.

Sometimes the cashier will ask you to sign your receipt.

Debit card holders must sign their receipts to demonstrate that their signature matches the one on the back of their card.

However, if the card has a chip, some cashiers will not ask you to sign because signatures are no longer required.

You may, however, be asked to enter a PIN on the keypad, which you should have set up when you received your card or activated your account.

Paying with a PayPal Cash card is essentially the same as paying with a debit card.

Website Purchase

Step 1: Add your items to the online shopping cart

Step 2: Proceed to your shopping cart or checkout.

Best Buy makes this simple by asking if you are ready to check out every time you add something to your cart.

When you’re finished shopping, click ‘add to the cart.’

If you want to buy more, just click the ‘continue shopping button or the ‘X’ at the top of the screen.

If you exit that screen by accident, you can always return to your cart by clicking the yellow cart at the top of the screen.

Once in your cart, double-check your order to ensure that everything is correct.

You can easily remove items by clicking the remove button, or you can continue shopping and it will save your order.

Step 4: To access PayPal, click the “PayPal Checkout” box on the payment screen, which will redirect you to PayPal’s login page.

Step 5: After logging in to your account, you’ll be redirected to the Best Buy page and given the option to complete the checkout.

They permit split payments for in-store purchases, but does not accept them online.

This means that buyers can only use one payment method and cannot combine a credit card and a debit card.

Users cannot also combine a credit or debit card with a PayPal account.

Does Best Buy Accept Paypal

Best Buy Mobile App for Android | iOS

Step 1: Fill the mobile cart with your items.

Step 2: Proceed to your shopping cart or checkout. The cart option should be visible in the top right corner, as a bright yellow cart.

Step 3: Once in your cart, double-check your order to ensure everything is correct.

You can easily remove items by clicking the remove button, or you can continue shopping and it will save your order.

Step 4: At the bottom of the screen, click the yellow ‘Checkout’ button. The PayPal option will appear. Select “PayPal Checkout.”

Step 5: Log in to your PayPal account, and you’ll be redirected to Best Buy’s app to complete your purchase.


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