51 Naming Ceremony Invitation Messages for Baby Boy, Girl and Twins

Babies are gifts from god. Being a parent is a life-changing experience. You cannot deny the stress involved sometimes but looking at the face of your angel can make you forget everything. In case you recently became parents of a baby boy, baby girl, or perhaps twins, accept these naming ceremony invitation messages for you and your family.

50+ Naming Ceremony Invitation Messages for Baby Boy, Girl and Twins

If you are considering inviting people to your baby’s naming ceremony, then we have a great list of naming ceremony invitation messages.

Send these invitations to your friends and family and inform them to come over and be a part of it.

Becoming a parent is among the most wonderful feelings someone can experience. Babies are sometimes tagged as the form of god.

A baby fills everyone’s life with love, happiness, joy, and some magical moments. Nevertheless, babies are cute, and innocent, and can put an instant smile on your face.

Naming ceremonies are arranged to welcome a baby into the world and to give them a name. A naming ceremony is always a unique event in a parent’s life.

If you happen to be invited to a naming ceremony tomorrow, make sure to wish them some beautiful naming ceremony quotes. 

Babies Naming Ceremony Quotes

The naming ceremony is a very special event for parents. It’s the first big occasion to celebrate their baby’s arrival into this world. Celebrate with them some of these ceremony invitation messages.

1. Congratulations on the newborn and the naming ceremony. May the almighty God protect the child in his amazing love. May the blessings of heaven be on the baby. Congratulations once again.

2. Best wishes on your naming day! May all of God’s blessings and love follow you during this special time.

3. May the sweet child have a life filled with happiness and glory. Happy naming ceremony to you.

4. I Wish Your Entire Family All The Best For This Special Naming Ceremony. May Your Child Always Be In The Shadow Of God’s Blessings.

5. May your child be blessed and protected by God’s wonderful love. Congratulations!

6. The very first responsibility parents have is choosing a name for the new baby. A name gives the child an identity that is carried throughout life.

7. Just as the name of the child implies, more blessing is now upon all your family and all of us. I am so excited to be a part of this christening ceremony. Congratulations.

8. Congratulations on your baby’s naming ceremony. I am sure you have decided on a beautiful name for your baby. Have a nice naming ceremony!

9. Happy naming ceremony to new parents. May your child make you proud.

10. Congratulations On Your Baby Boy’s Naming Ceremony. I Am Sure You Have Decided On A Beautiful Name For Your Son. Have A Nice Naming Ceremony!

Ceremony Invitation Messages for Baby Boy

If you’ve received naming ceremony invitation messages, here are some messages to share.

1. Just like the name, your child is truly a blessing to you and to us all. Congratulations!

2. People choose names for many different reasons. A name can have a symbolic meaning to the parents. Other times, it is a choice of style over substance

3. Today, I pray that (name of the baby) will continue to grow within the affection and protection of God Almighty. I pray that he brings joy, happiness, and bliss into your household. I am excited to be a part of this naming ceremony. Congratulations.

4. I’m wishing your entire family all the best on this special cradle ceremony. May your child always walk in the company of angels.

5. May your child be followed by angels in all walks of his/her life. He receives all the blessings of God. Happy Naming ceremony to your sweet baby.

6. Congratulations On This First Milestone Of Your Life. May You Experience The Joys Of Life To The Fullest!

7. May (baby’s name) grow in the tight circle of love and protection from family and God above. Congratulations!

8. Will you choose to name the child after someone you admire? Will the child be named after a loved one in the family? Some parents choose to name the new addition to the family after themselves. There are also liberal parents who find or invent a name that stands out and is unlike anything ever heard.

9. I send my best wishes to you and your family on this special day. May you never grow in lack of finance to train the baby. Congratulations.

10. Shine bright little angel and never outgrow your cuteness! May your life be filled with love and laughter. Best wishes on your naming ceremony and always.

Ceremony Invitation Messages for Baby Girl

50+ Naming Ceremony Invitation Messages for Baby Boy, Girl and Twins

In case you’ve been called up with naming ceremony invitation messages, here are some message templates to send.

1. Hope you have chosen the best name for your child and wish he/she make her name an example

2. Thank You So Much For Inviting Me To Your Baby’s Naming Ceremony. I Will Be Really Happy To Attend The Beautiful Ceremony. May God Bless Your Family.

3. Congratulations! Your baby is as adorable as you are. May the blessings of love and protection be upon you all.

4. Parents often worry about selecting a name that will make their child feel awkward or embarrassed, and go with a conventional or popular name. Think about choosing a name that is not too difficult to spell and pronounce

5. Dear Baby, I am sending my prayer through this naming ceremony message today, your life will be filled with all the blessings, goodness, and mercy of God. Your future is blessed already because the almighty has sanctified you. You will grow to be the head in all your endeavours and the enemies will never have dominion over you.

6. I just want to say congratulations. Your baby is so beautiful. Have a wonderful naming ceremony.

7. May your child get all success in life. His/her name will shine bright. Happy naming ceremony to the lovely parents and other family members.

8. Wishing You A Naming Day! Let The New Baby Spread Smile And Happiness In Your Family. My Best Wishes Are Always With You!

9. Today is special among other days. Congratulations to your family on this naming day.

10. Look through names carefully, ponder them, and take it slow. Reading up on the origin of names and meanings makes the process more interesting.

Ceremony Invitation Message for Twins

In case you are still awaiting your naming ceremony invitation messages, still, send these messages to remind them that you care.

1. I send you a lifetime of best wishes for your naming ceremony. May you never lack anything good in life. God is with you.

2. First of all, God bless your newborn. May God protect this baby from every bad thing in this world. Congratulations on being parents and best wishes for the naming ceremony.

3. Many-many congratulations for the naming ceremony. May god protect your family and baby all through life.

4. My Warmest Congratulations On Your Son’s Naming Ceremony. I Hope This Day Be Filled With Happiness. Happy Wishes To You And Your Family!

5. I wish you a life filled with blessings and happiness. Congratulations on your naming day!

6.  I want to use this opportunity to send the baby and the family my best wishes. May you have every reason to share beautiful memories in your home. Congratulations.

7. Sending lots of wishes and love to your little baby boy. May God bless your little man. May you have a wonderful naming ceremony.

8. You have brought tremendous happiness in our life, may you outshine in every walk of your life and people remember your name for decades. Happy naming ceremony.

9. Wishing You All The Best At The Beginning Of Your New Start. I Hope This Little Man Brings You Happiness And Blessings. Congratulations! Have A Wonderful Naming Ceremony.

10. Congratulations on your baby’s naming ceremony. Thank you for inviting us to this wonderful occasion.

Ceremony Invitation Messages for Newborns

Not everyone will be invited with naming ceremony invitation messages, and if you happen to be one of such, don’t feel bad. Send these messages to remind them that you share in their happiness.

1. He is the future of today, the hope of tomorrow, the blessings in our dreams that have come true. He/ She is a wonder and a miracle from God, the ministration from heaven that is upon us. I celebrate with you today at the naming ceremony. Congratulations.

2. Treasure every moment of this day in your heart. It is the best day of your life. Enjoy it to the fullest. Best wishes for his naming ceremony.

3. Today I would know by what name I shall call your baby. I know you must have selected the best name for him, only desperate to know. Happy naming ceremony.

4. Hope You Have Chosen The Best Name For Your Child And Make It An Example Of His Name! Congratulations To You On The Naming Ceremony!

5. Blessings and love come to you on this wonderful day and for your whole life through, Baby (name).

6. Not all treasures shine, some treasure brings happiness to your life too. Congratulations on your little girl’s naming ceremony. Protect her and give her all the love of this world.

7. We will all enter his gate with thanksgiving in our hearts, we will enter the shores with praise. He has made things beautiful in his time, and we are happy this happened. Congratulations on the birth of the newborn baby.

8. May your babies become as beautiful as their names. Get lots of recognition and fame. Happy naming ceremony to babies and their parents.

9. Wishing you and your baby all the best that life can give. Congratulations!

10. We are delighted to inform you that we are naming our baby girl! We would love to have you at the Naming Ceremony! Hoping to see you at the special event of our baby.

11. No feeling comes close to holding your newborn in your arms. And the baby’s Naming Ceremony is like the icing on the cake of our fulfilling happiness! We hope to see you there, sharing the joy with us!

Sending some quotes is not gigantic. Your little care and love will surely make the parents happy. The parents will feel good upon receiving the messages.

It’s totally a new path and journey in their lives. At the beginning of any journey, we desire some good wishes. That’s the point of organizing naming ceremonies.

Both babies and parents are ready to start their new life. So as a well-wisher, you must wish them well with those naming ceremony quotes.

Sometimes you might run out of words. Sometimes you may not find the appropriate phrases to use on this happy occasion.

That’s why we have come up with all these naming ceremony invitation messages. Even if you haven’t got any invitation, but still it’s a good gesture to wish the newborn and the parents well.

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