45+ You are an Angel Text Messages, Quotes & Poem

Surprise your lover with an angel text message that will make them feel heavenly like their head is in the clouds. These messages can be so touchy that they feel like angels themselves. It is such a beautiful feeling when you are being treated specially and with a very lovely demeanor. 

It is very fascinating because, with the right choice of words, you can boost their ego and raise their charisma. These would inevitably make them fall more in love with you.

Below is a list of our favorite angel text messages you can send to him/her.

Best Romantic Love Angel Text Message

  • When you walked past and my spirit couldn’t control her inhabitation, I knew something had gone wrong. That was something I heard but now I knew that the power of your love had hit me and nothing I could do but surrender to you.
  • Strange emotions of your love steal through my veins. Yearn crib of your passion boiling through my blood. A want of you driving me insane. Nothing I want now, but you around my flesh.
  • Out of the blue, you slipped into my heart and captured my soul. Many a silent night, I had gazed into the stars imagining the image of you and what you possess. Now, I know that all I need is this strange love of yours that weakens me to your knees.
  • Can I behold your beauty again so my heart could live in want of you? You came like a miracle and took my heart away but when I thought I have you; you fade into my emotion and all I want is to see you again so I could live for you.
  • I sensed your beguilement but I couldn’t phantom what direction it came. Hidden for the time it was, but all I could do was smell its sweet savor. You held me spellbound and when you dropped your affection; I was all a happier person. Right from the first day, I had known that this was all I wanted, your love.
  • Within the planet of my heart, you make a new horizon loom. That horizon is your love that emanates like the dawn of a new day. It shone her glory in me and made me long to be enclosed in your care.

Angel Text Message that Will Make Your Lover Feel Fly

  • This is the secret of you that I harbor within. That I will uphold your love and make it become the light that shines through my heart. That it will be the only thing I cherish till my days on earth are over.
  • I seek to resist you but when I found pleasure in your arm; I dreaded neither what I have seen nor what has befallen me. In your arm, I found a resting pillow that any soul who liveth can’t resist.
  • Off guard, the intoxicating aura of your presence drops my guard to the bottom. What an aura of air, your beauty radiates. It is a source of inspiration and undying treasure, that I shall ever long to have as my only console.
  • My love for you can not be quantified. My love for you is limitless. My love for you keeps increasing day by day. I love you so much.
  • If only you could enter my heart, you will see that my heart is filled with your love. You have taken over every part of me. So, I love you so much, my love.
  • I count myself lucky to have such a wonderful person like you around me, I will do all that I can to keep you close to my heart forever. I love you so much.
  • Please don’t hide your love for me, my love for you is real. Express your love for me for the world to see, I will also do the same. You are all that I need in my life. I love you so much, my sweetest.

Angel Text Messages for Somebody You Miss

  • I thought I was ill when I didn’t hear your voice for an hour. Now I know that the cause of my illness is the thought of missing you.
  • How could your absence freeze my heart to surrender? I never knew I was missing you till you left. Please come back quick before loneliness gets a better part of me.
  • Is there any word like am missing you? If YES, then I am missing you for real.
  • If missing you means going insane and loving you means becoming sane. Then loving you makes me sane and missing you makes me want to go insane.
  • Missing you is one word I cannot explain. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you and each time I miss you this way, I know how my heart feels. I wish I could explain it, I miss you.
  • Missing you so dearly but I am not afraid because I have made a place for you to stay and I know where I have made it, nothing can take you away – that is my heart.
  • Loving you makes me happy. And missing you makes me miserable. May you always be here with me so that my happiness shall forever be complete.

Amazing Love Messages from the Heart

  • My screen saver, I have made your love the center point of my heart where a picture of you is saved and nothing will ever delete it from my heart.
  • The choice was mine to make you my number one and ever since I made you; I have no doubt nor regret over it.
  • You have proved to me that your love is the number one. For that, I will always be your number one now and always.
  • I needed no second thought to know that your love is real. Right from the first day I saw you. I have made up my mind to love you forever.
  • I have made up my mind to love you and spend the rest of my life with you.
  • When I saw the smile on your face and the joy in your eyes, then my heart was satisfied knowing that you are the only one made for me.
  • Each time I see you, I know that this journey of ours in love has found a perfect peace that will keep us as one.
  • For sure, the best moment in my life will ever be the day I found you.
  • You came to me like an angel and turned my world with your love around. Now my heart will ever capture that blissful moment we met.
  • Fate played a wonderful trick on me and gave you me. Now I am the best soul around all because fate decided to send you me.


If you’ve discovered the one, convey your specific feelings of love to her by sending her these valuable angel text message.

You are my everything and my life’s love. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you by my side, and I will always cherish and admire you. 

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