50+ I’m Yours Forever Messages and Sayings to Use Today

How can you sum up love in a way that truly describes it? How do you put into words a sensation that is deeply rooted in your soul? Is it by sending I’m yours forever messages? It’s difficult to say, but this is the best way to truly express yourself to your partner.

50+ I'm yours Forever Messages and Sayings to Use Today

Falling in love is one of those unique emotions that is difficult to put into words. After all, love is unfathomable.

Love is that searing fire in the heart of your soul that tells you, even when it doesn’t make rational sense, that “this person’s needs are above yours.”

Love truly expresses human nature’s core ability for great and honorable deeds. So, what better way to convey your undying love for your lover than with some “I will love you forever” quotes?

What’s the best part? You can use them wherever and anywhere you choose! There is no need for a specific event, and no spectacular gesture is required.

Many times, we simply want the people we care about to tell us that they love us as well. Don’t leave your significant other in the dark about your emotions.

Our Favorite I’m Yours Forever Messages

Take action right now to knock them off their feet. We guarantee that as a result of it, your relationship will blossom into something even more lovely!

  • “Each day, I want you near. Every moment, I crave your caress. Not a second goes by that I don’t think about you. My everlasting love is yours.”
  • “I get up from bed every morning fueled by the thought that you’re mine, now and forever.”
  • “The moment you took your very first step into my life, you became my life. You’re my shining light in the night sky, my reason for keeping on. There’s nothing I could change to be happier.”
  • “You’ll know that you are really in love when you can think of spending your life with the same person forever and that makes you smile.”
  • “My favorite star when we watch the night sky together is the light shining in your eyes.”
  • “I love you now, like I always did; You’re my meaning, my goal, my reason for having some wit; Without you I’m nothing, and nothing makes sense; For only when we’re together am I happy and content. Your smile brings me joy, and your voice is a melody; You’re my happiness, hope and goal for eternity.“
  • “You opened your heart to me, and I’ll never be able to repay that enough. You gave me a purpose and a reason to smile. Being needed by you is all that I need.”
  • “I love you more than I did yesterday, and I know for a fact I’ll love you even more tomorrow.”

You are Mine, and I Am Yours Quotes

I'm yours Forever Messages
  • With your hand in mine and mine is yours is where I want to be, you are mine and I am yours, my love.
  • You are the most beautiful girl in the whole world. I want you to know I am yours and you are mine forever.
  • You and me, darling, let’s have fun and enjoy life together for you are mine and I am yours.
  • I want to love and treasure you all the rest of my life because you are mine and I am yours, my love.
  • I can’t wait any longer; I want to be next to you forever. Will you marry me? You are mine and I am yours to love.
  • When I tell you you are mine and I am yours I am not just saying, I am reminding you; I have given you all my heart.

I’m Yours Forever Messages and Quotes

I'm yours Forever Messages

My heart is all yours. And you know my heart beats for you, my genuine love. These romantic I’m yours forever messages are intended for your sweetheart. 

  • I want you and I want you forever. Nothing can make me change my mind about you because all I want is you. You are irreplaceable.
  • My undying love is for you, the angel of my life. You love me beyond reason. For that, I will stick with you forever.
  • Loving you is like feeling the bliss of eternity. I shall forever hold unto it for in you have I found the joy to love and be loved.
  • The only drug I can take is one dose of your love and I will forever be alright for the rest of my life.
  • Hug me, kiss me, love me, and make me yours forever. Never should you leave me for I can’t imagine any world without you.
  • Gently, your love guides me through many storms and now am glad that I made your love mine.
  • They say love is not loving till you give it away. I gave mine to you and now I’m enjoying the bliss of it that has blessed my days
  • The choice was mine to make you my number one and ever since I made you, I have no doubt nor regret over it.
  • Season after season, love is the fruit that satisfies the heart. Yours have satisfied me and I will ever be there to eat from the bosom of her kindness.
  • I opened my arms and the bliss of your love took control. There I saw the blessing your love showered. I love this love of yours that is so cute to be with.

I Am Yours, and You are Mine Quotes

You are my heart’s other half. I love you so much that my heart hurts. I’d do anything to have you. I’ll be content as long as you’re by my side. I am yours, and you are mine.

  • I am yours, and you are mine. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. You make me feel like I am worth it.
  • You are my type. When we are together, the days go by like seconds. When we’re apart, time stands still.
  • There is nothing that can stop us from falling in love with one another over and over again. You are in my head and my heart.
  • We’re a team, and I believe in you. I am yours, and you are mine. And together, we will bask in the glow of forever.
  • You are the reason I see the future in terms of years and not just seconds, you are the reason why I have learned to stand still; you are my strength when I am weak. You are mine and I’m yours.
  • You have given me every reason to believe in the promise of forever by letting me know that you are mine and that I am yours.
  • I am not just here for me. I am not just here to make a living. My life is in your hands. Look into my eyes. I know everything about you. You are mine, and I am yours.
  • I want you. All of you; your flaws, your mistakes, your imperfections. I don’t want perfect; I want you. All of you.
  • You’re mine. I’m yours. It’s official. Let’s make a toast to loving ourselves and each other. You and I are against the world.


Though there are many different types of love, most people seek its manifestation in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. The thrills and romance will wear off with time.

As a result, you must think of inventive ways to show your sweetheart how much you care. Sending them thoughtfully, I’m yours forever messages helps to keep the connection going and increases intimacy.

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