How Can I Get My BPI Cash Back?

You keep having challenges on how to get cash back from BPI credit card because you haven’t seen this post. But now you are here, stay back and read to get the right info. We assure you a pleasurable use of the credit card.

How to Get Cash Back From Bpi Credit Card

You can withdraw cash from your BPI credit card, and you can also get rewarded for making purchases using the card.

This is one big secret most cardholders don’t have any idea about especially with using a BPI credit card.

Some users have ideas about these rewards and have cash but complain about withdrawing cash and rewards.

How to Get Cash Back from BPI Credit Card

You can visit an ATM that supports the BPI credit card to make easy withdrawals anytime you need cash handy.

You can redeem your earned cashback from your BPI credit card by visiting any BPI branch and asking for bank staff assistance to redeem your cashback.

Also, you can contact the 24-hour BPI Contact Center to request assistance in redeeming your cashback.

They have steady customer service representatives to guide you through the procedure over the phone.

How are Cash Back Credited?

Cash back from BPI is credited directly to your credit card statement in the following billing cycle which reduces your outstanding balance.

This means that the cashback amount is applied as a credit towards any outstanding charges or balances on your card.

It helps to reduce the total amount you owe. This makes cash-back rewards easy to get, so you can benefit from the savings on your credit card expenses.

How Much is the BPI Cash Back Limit?

The amount you can withdraw depends on your credit limit and current balance, including a daily ATM cash limit.

The cash-back limit for most BPI credit cards is Php 500 although some cards might have higher withdrawal margins.

If you are taking out a cash advance, you might also be charged as low as Php 200.

However, bank ATMs might add some charges, so make adequate inquiries before slotting your card into any machine.

How to Redeem BPI Visa Credit Cash Back

How to Get Cash Back From Bpi Credit Card

BPI offers a Php 3,000 cash back for specific BPI Visa credit cardholders who make at least Php 100,000 in transactions within a certain period

Redemption can be done via SMS or email with the last 10 digits of the customer number.

The cashback period is usually emailed or texted to them and once not done reward can’t be redeemed anymore.

How to Move Cash from a BPI Credit Card to a Savings Account

To transfer funds from your BPI credit card to your personal account, you will need the BPI App.

Once you have it, this is what to do:

1. Log in to the app and tap “Transfer” from the bottom menu.

2. Select “To own account” and choose the source account in “Transfer from” and the destination account in “Transfer to.”

3. Enter the amount and tap “Continue.”

4. Review the transaction details and tap “Confirm” to complete the transfer.

Benefits of BPI Cash Back

There are a lot of benefits all BPI credit card users enjoy which we have highlighted including:

1. By earning cash back on your purchases, you save money which helps you for other purchases.

2. The Convenience of redeeming your cash back easily through SMS or email is another benefit that isn’t regular.

3. Clients are rewarded with up to Php 3,000 cash-back offers for eligible transactions within a specific period.

4. Most BPI cash-back beneficiaries are principal cardholders of specific BPI Visa credit cards.

5. You can also use your cash back for various purposes or as additional funds and receive more bonuses.

Finally, Cashback with a BPI credit card is one way to get cash back with amazing bonuses every time you make a purchase.

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